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Possible Possession?

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 10:49 AM
Ok this is interesting to me and I'm sure others will have no interest in it whatsoever. I was asked to come in and speak to a family that I've known very well over the past 30 years. So I am intimately familliar with mmost of their lives. I've never served them in a paranormal investigation but on the counseling side I've served several. The mother asked to come and speak to her 35 year old son. Here's what has transpired.

I arrived at the house and set down with the mother privately. She was visiting her son. And he's been having problems. Financial and otherwise. A little familial background. The mother was married to a sociopath. 32 Years ago the father had been beating her since they'd been married(5 years) and she underwent horrible emotional abuse as well. He continued this behavior on the child long after their divorce in 78. The mother remarried but shortly before was raped by the father. She became pregnant, not wanting to put any additional children through this she decided to have an abortion. The father never found out.

The child lived with the mother and the new husband. The father broken into the house, held them at gunpoint, assaulted everyone and threatened to kill them all. He was coaxed out by his boss. The mother who worked for the same company as the father was convinced not to pursue the matter any further legally because the father was about to get a huge promotion. She agreed. The son spent weekends with his father but under pressure. For whatever reason he freaked out whenever he had to go to his dad's but was forced to.

The abuse of the son, emotional and physical continued until he was 20. The emotional continues to this day. Your useless, stupid etc... The son never slept at night, always staying awake until dawn. For fear of the monsters. Probably representing his father. The father had the child draw scenes from a horror movie when the child was 13 and snuck them into his school bag. The depressed child was unaware of these pictures, but near the same time ran away. To the woods. During his 72 hour absence the child's locker at school was checked and the pictures were there. The child came back. The pictures in the locker were discovered and the mother was convinced by the father that the child should live with him full time because the child was going to harm her. She agreed.

During this timeframe, the child began to exhibit certain psychic abilities. It began with experiencing the supernatural, seeing ghosts, objects levitating, red eyes in the dark, empathic abilities. This child also possessed an IQ far above the norm, 158. His SATs at age 13 were 1370, prior to adding the essay portion. The childs paranormal events manifested as everything from poltergeist activity, to apparitions, etc... It was witnessed by all including his father whom I've also spoken to.

The child in his own eyes has been a failure, a victim of low self esteem. After failing out of college he joined the DEA. Worked on a SRT for several years. He fired on and killed 7 people during that time. He married and had a son. Wife left him because she said she couldn't cope with his lack of emotion and the paranormal phenomenon. She left the child with him due to their uncanny resembelance and the bond they shared. After finding a new line of work that didn't involve killing criminals he enjoyed prosperity. But was plagued by the paranormal, his son confirmed many things as well. 3 men in hooded black robes hovering over his bed. The child now a man was by all acoounts a wonderful and loving father. He remarried and had more children. After more success, his life began to fall apart 6 months ago. Lost his job, stopped exhibiting emotion. Cheated on his wife. Started self medicating. His mother for whatever her reason divulged to him in the midst of all this that she was raped by his father and aborted what would have been his potential sibling. She told him about the pictures. And he went very very dark.

I'll limit my observations to my talks with him. This young man, now 35 resonates with darkness. After spending about 36 hours in his home, just me, no other investigators, I experienced apparittions, shadow people, poltergeist activity, and oppression possibly possession. One thing he expressed to me was that one constant throughout his life has been a robed dark figure that assaults him.

He is emptionless. I've known him for quite some time and he is scary. Just completely devoid of emotion. Very paranoid, and suffering from various physical ailments. While sitting in his bedroom, the room gave me an unpleasant, no a fearful feeling. Similar to my time in Kenya at the missions. Shadows darting, noises and objects moving. He's totally oblivious, or appears to be. He spoke to me about an act of vengance for the good of humanity. I will leave it at that. I spurned the notion and tried to point him in a positive direction. But he seems not there. His disposition changed briefly and he said he's fighting the darkness inside of him. Then returned to his emotionless state. The easiest wat to describe his demeanor was the movie Equillibrium. I swear he could have flatlined a polygraph.

I was visiting as a friend of the family not as a medical professional or a paranormal investigator. I don't think he's at the point of carrying out the act itself. And I'm not sure if it's a case of possession or if his psychic abilities are manifesting themselves because of his emotional turmoil. He is currently seeing a counsler 5 days a week.

My concern is that this may be a demonic attack on what would be construed as a powerful individual. In the psychic sense as well as his former occupation. I'm at a loss as his psychologist as to whether this is a purely psychological phenomen, a supernatural phenomenon or some combination. Either way it's quite scary. I've never encountered an individual like this even in Catholic sanctioned excorcisms. He meets the criteria for opression but not possession and he appears to be past the point of opression. A prayer of deliverance from their local priest was performed and the priest also blessed the house, but no changes so far.

Anyone with any ideas regarding the maner would be encouraged to post them.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by DrJay1975

Since when have medical proffessionals started soliciting possession or anything harbouring paranormal. I think , the whole episode such as you describe is your own fabrication and can be classed poppycock.
Clearly it looks to me a case of split personality not to mention the 2 bits worth opinions on cutting edge physics on different threads. Reminds me of other scam medical proffessionals like steven greer and the other joker who hosts PESWiki. Why are medical doctors out to debunk zero point energy?
Maybe your current episode with this family has somthing to do with zero point energy. Lol ghosts. but I do have a sneaky suspision that TPTB are using medical quacks to smoke out people tinkering with zero point energy. But I dont thinks ya'll can scare even a kitty.
You sir should be repoted to the FBI.


posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 08:01 AM
I cant understand why this thread is not getting more interest. I find it a pretty interesting story.

I am intrigued to hear more.

As to the comments of 'poppycock' - I do not find it unusual that a medical professional can 'think outside the box' of their normal training and experience.

My own doctor (although a product of the mainstream and working as part of the NHS) is a firm believer in homeopathy.

If we are to find medical professionals who think outside the box, then ATS is perhaps the best place to find them.

Be interested in hearing more. How is the case progressing?


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