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Power corrrupts.

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posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 12:17 PM
Here in California the government unions have completely bankrupted the state and treat the taxpayers as their personal ATM.

Will embed the video when I find the link explaining it but here is the youtube address. (this video was in regards to a proposed rate hike of 28% on the consumer- more about that later)

This arrogant, protected entitled untouchable attitude is the same one you will find every time you go into the DMV and it escalates when you enter a government building where people have actual offices. If you are ever in Los Angeles just drop by the headquarters of the LA unified school districts (Just as an example- there is massive waste in every department) Count how many people are in their cubicles, of those how many are actually working and of those how many of them are working on something that will save money or help the children actually ‘learn’
Thanks to Governor 'Moonbeam' Jerry Brown who among his many mistakes that hurt the people allowed the government & city workers to unionize back the 'first' time he was governor.
For years there was a common perception that civil service jobs paid less than comparable private jobs in exchange for job security and pension. Well guess what…
People in the public sector jobs are paid across the country 29% better than people in private industry doing comparable work. In California the ratio is I think 37% better.
They can’t be fired, their health care is incomparable to anything you or I have access to, the get every holiday known to the world off. And their pension is 90% of their last year worked so they work massive overtime that last year and retire at 50 with 190% of their working salary.
I think that it is beyond time that we pull a Ronald Reagan/ aircraft controllers strike solution on the government sector workers and terminate them all and replace them with independent contractor companies.
A private school provides a better education than the public school system does
Privately contracted armed security guards will protect your property far better than what the city police force is motivated to do.
If you bought your water/power from a neighbor with a well/generator it would not be ‘flouridated’ or subject to tiered rates.

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posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 01:17 PM
S&F for bringing attention to yet another example of political mismanagement of the once great city of Los Angeles. I don't want to get started, because really Villaraigosa and the rest of them are mainly just political hacks riding on the backs of the hard working people.

Remember the mysterious power outages when he first came into office? That was the sound of the DWP muzzle slipping over the mouths of City Hall. The same thing happened to the Governator. Since then, everyone's been happily playing their roles while nothing gets done. The leadership in L.A. is an utter failure.

The once coveted labor unions have turned tail and took control of city coffers through soft power. And they feel they are justified because City Hall has a history of blatantly taking DWP moneys to pay for all their pet projects. So the labor unions say "hey, if they can do that then we have to take care of our own". It's like two hungry pigs fighting over a trough. Fifteen years later, and today we're all screwed. We just had a major rate hike only a few years ago. And rolling blackouts still happen every summer.

How did Villaraigosa get reelected anyway? Wait, there was an election? My oh my, things are worse here than any of us thought...

Cheers, have a nice day!

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 02:08 PM
DWP has been corrupt since the mid 1930s at least. The keep raising rates but they don't upgrade the equipment. there are houses that are still beig serviced with transformers installed in the 1920s with no upgrades. This fall they were bursting water mains all over the place shutting down major streets for days. (Imagine a giant water hammer on weak pipes they shut off the water to repair the burst and when they apply pressure again the next weak spot bursts. I got to the point where I was not even counting anymore)


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