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Dutch governement: risk of open war with Chavez becouse of Antills

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posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 09:21 AM
THE HAGUE - Defense takes seriously into account that our country could be at war with Venezuela in the near future because the country has a crush on 'our' Antilles.

By leftist President Hugo Chavez led neighbor including Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba, according to experts from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development a "rebellious players in vulnerable regions.

"The safety of the Kingdom and particularly the Windward Islands could be compromised", they warn the departments in this week presented Explorations, a guidance for the future Dutch defense policy.

The report states bluntly that the country "must take into account the need for military presence in the Antillean region to strengthen." Never before in our country, one official speculated official report so openly about the possibility of an armed conflict with Venezuela.

On edge

Especially a long dictatorship of Chavez's case will focus on up, so experts predict the ministry: "The situation in the region over the coming decades under pressure, partly due to the strategic location of the Antilles."

For now expect experts do not attack, but in the future they are less comfortable, "That possibility can not be totally excluded." They point out that Chavez is not only befriends questionable regimes like Iran and Cuba, but also to terrorist groups like the Colombian FARC.

For that reason, according to the ministries is essential that our country remains a significant military role to play in the Caribbean region. The Navy and Army to operate continuously from Curacao and Aruba.

source: Telegraaf
translated with google


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