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Photos of dead 'black widow' Moscow bombers and helper.

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 12:23 PM

THESE chilling images of the dead "black widow" Moscow bombers were revealed yesterday - as it was claimed that 21 MORE may be ready to strike. The Muslim women's suicide attacks killed 39 on the Russian capital's metro on Monday. Investigators said they may have been among 30 women who trained as suicide bombers in Turkey.

[Note: Photos were not included in the post as not to offend anyone not wishing to see them-you'll have to go to the story link].


Looking at their faces makes you think, about a lot. Like how bad they must have thought their lives were-maybe. Or their loved one had gotten killed etc by the Russians etc. On and on. Sad when you really think about it. Someone's mother, lover, wife, aunt etc.

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