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posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 07:53 AM

Our Universe.

Matter: Existence as we see it, we perceive matter as either energy or mass on multiple magnitudes of scale.

0 Point (Big Bang): The state at which the mass/energy ratio of matter is 0/1. Matter transitions from mass to energy as it is forced away from 0 point by the “Big Bang” until the mass/energy ratio of matter is 1/0. It then collapses triggering another “Big Bang”.

Space: The hypothetical elastic membrane that makes up the entire area that matter occupies. Space is full of laws that govern and organize matter’s transition.

Time: The perspective of scale matter has and the distortion of space it produces. Time is longer with less energy more mass, and distortion is stretched. Time is shorter with more energy less mass, and distortion is squeezed.

The universe is infinite, but consistent.

Universe: The combination of matter, space, and time.
It takes this shape: [ ∞ or 8 ] ( two ellipses meeting at a common single point.)

The point at which the two ellipses meet is the “Big Bang”. This is the 0 point (when the mass/energy ratio is 0/1 or where all matter is pure energy).
At the center of each of the ellipses is a 0 point as well, except these 0 points belong to separate "Universes".

So at the beginning of our transition is a “Big Bang”, at the end there will be a “Big Bang”, and the whole time at the center is a “Big Bang”.

Imagine this is a single ellipse [ 0 ] (one full transition of energy to mass to energy, or half of the universe cycle).

Matter and Space along the inner surface of the elliptical ring contract making it seem smaller in scale and tighter in space, therefore Matter and Space along the outer surface seems larger and stretched. This is because that matter is being blasted with forces and energy from another universe’s “big bang”!


So it is a system, the narrow or ‘0’ point of this [∞] passes through one of the center openings of this [∞] creating an indirect ‘0’ point and a focus of energy “BIG BANG” that pulls the matter of its partner back around so it can return the favor.

A pushes B because B pushes C, and C pushes A

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 08:32 AM
Lol how many time have I thought ahah I got it!, but soon more questions come. Nah but anyways thats a great post, I too think there is special significance of the infinity symbol. The symbol itself has been around for a very long time. I think you may enjoy the physics of one Dewy B Larson.

The thing that gets me about infinity is that one can only ever know a slight divergence from zero knowledge, with a finite mind. Just when one thinks they probed to the beginning or the furthest most strange concept imaginable, you realize there is infinity more. Infinity ways of starting a universe for example, infinity types of universe to make, infinity types of which universe is only one of. Infinity types of types of which universe or existance is only one of..... lol Makes the multiverse theory seems like a little spec, not in just in spatial terms but concept terms for eg there are infinity laws of physics for infinity universes.

The only thing I seem to know about infinity is that its unity. All is one.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 10:05 AM
Yes but you left out something, well you have some of it in your hypothesis but it is misappropriated. What you are ignoring is gravity. Get that one in there and you have a unified field theory and you win!!

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 10:23 AM

Originally posted by damwel
Yes but you left out something, well you have some of it in your hypothesis but it is misappropriated. What you are ignoring is gravity. Get that one in there and you have a unified field theory and you win!!

thats the beauty, with a big bang at the center of every universe, the only force is the universes own necessity to return all matter from mass to energy and energy to mass, like a pendulum, or better yet like hydraulics, when one universe is in a complete mass state the time and space strectched and wants to squeeze the mass into energy so that time/space can relax, but the "big bang" expands it again, and so it wants to squeeze the matter once again. The most expanded point of space/time in one universe is flush against the most contracted point of another universe.

Like putting a really small rubberband around your arm and then flexing, you feel the rubberband and the rubberband stretches because it "feels" you

There is no gravity or other forces, just elasticity.

and the universe is made up of the universe, the closer to a bang you get the more broken down the universe becomes, because of the distortion of time near 0 point.

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