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religious artifacts and energies

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posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 03:35 AM
First of all, hello! and sorry if I sound somewhat confusing. This is like "never drink and drive", but "never post in other language that's not your mother tonge when you're sleepy as hell"

I was reading in another thread about a girl who recieved a couple of crucifixes for her bday, and I recalled something weird I did after the quake...
If you ask me, I really don't believe that crucifixes, rosaries or saints sculptures or pictures have some power or protect us... as itselves. Maybe, as objects they are, they got charged by energy that maybe can help us to make our faith stronger and so, but aside of that, just useles pieces of wood, metal and porcelain.
Anyway, the day of the quake, and after everything stopped, I came to my bedroom to see what happened here. All my collections on the floor, all my music cds over my bed, boxes cracked and open up... and I took my panic attack pills from my night table (because I had a big one after the quake itself, and panic attacks are like quakes themelves, you have the main one and still feel "aftershocks" for a while if you don't take the pills or get relaxed... and in a situation like that, my pills were the only solution. Try to reach your center and meditating before an 8.8º quake!)... Or that was what I think on the moment.

Lately, I put my hand on my hoodie pocket (the quake caught me in my pajamas, so i just put on a hoodie over it to pass the cold of the morning) and I founded my mom's old rosary in my pocket. It seems that I took it from my night table along with my pills without noticing. The rosary is so old it haves one "pearl" missing. I have it near to my bed because I can feel my mom near to me when having it closer. I'm definetly not catholic (I do believe in God, so strongly, but in another way) and I'm not iconoclastic as I stated before, but the energy of that piece of plastic, metal and wood does make something on me. I feel protected. Not by God but by my mom, that lives in a city 700 kms away from me. And by that time I really needed my mom close to me. I remember myself crying like a child when hugging the sustentation pillar of my flat, calling my mom (and hey, i'm 25... can you imagine how scared I was...), so the fact of sliding the rosary on my pocket doesn't sount that weird.

The question is: Do you think, fellow ATSers, that those icons means something aside of what they mean to me? God power into a chain of pearls or plaster casts?
I also have a picture of a saint on my night table, not because I think it hides some power, but because he gave us a great message, he's somehow a role model for me. I don't pray to him, but I admire him to death. He was really a great guy and he deserves to be a role model to everyone around here.

Thanks for reading, and again, I hope you can get my point... 5:35 here... but I really wanted to share this with you all. Sorry for the typos too... tomorrow I'm going to re-checl the post to fix them, I promise....

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 03:50 AM
You believe the worlds going to end and think that your mom will some how make jesus think your a good person.

or maybe im just sleepy.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 04:13 AM
These things (crucifixes, rosaries or saints sculptures or pictures or whatever) have no power. Except the power we give them. Your love for your mom, reliance on her, and knowing that the beads was hers gave it the power. For pictures and stuff it is a way of focusing when praying or meditating or such.

On the other hand most of us who believe in God also believe that God is omnipresent, so of course He is present in the pictures and stuff.

Also part of us gets embedded in the stuff we use often, thus the beads could have embedded an essence of your mom, which could also be the cause of what you experienced.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 04:26 AM
I think whater ever you believe is real for you. Also your power or the power you take from something is in your focus. I too have something of my Mothers that I like to feel close to her with.
I have a religious item called a Pinchas that is old and of Kabala teachings that I feel protection from and I am not any religion that I can name because I just plain believe in GOD but not any god clubs so to speak.
Keep what you need to feel close and protected there are no rules and no one really knows, only opinions .

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 04:34 AM
kaleshchand and Tomorrow are right

The item has power because you give it power. It's similar to the way you create your own luck.
I used to have an enchanted bracelet once, a gypsy put some sort of protection spell on it - it worked for quite a while (gave me incredible luck) until one day I was convinced it's power is gone and will become negative. It stopped working at that time and I since do not wear it anymore.

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 06:28 AM
i think both points are right in my own experience, people definately have the ability to empower objects, such as certain churches , places and objects of worship for many years will no doubt pick up the energy of those worshipping. we are all energy beings essentially, we all have magentic fields etc so it stands in good reason that our individual fields interract with all things in ways we still don't understand.
But i also feel that in this world there are relics so exceptionally old that they dont fit into the mould of jus a piece of rock etc, for example science knows that crystal is one of the best mediums of storage of large amounts information you could easily find, hell, even your own DNA holds such a vast amount of info you couldnt imagine, google these things, heres a link you can find in 30seconds for example cle/9011945/Scientists_Data_storing_bacteria_could_last_thousands_of_years

Its all about what you percieve to be possible in your own reality, hell if scratching the surface reveals these things, imagine the possibilities when you consider how many ancient crystals/artifacts exist in the world which could hold the keys to unlocking the impossible. As the late and great Arthur C. Clarke once said, there is not more in the universe than we imagine, there is more than we CAN imagine.

EDIT- link problematic here's another

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