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"No Possibility That The Ship Sank Due To An Internal Explosion" - SK Lieutnant

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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 01:10 PM
100% ATS case...

An unidentified navy lieutenant was quoted by a local newspaper on Saturday as saying, 'There is no possibility whatsoever that the ship sank due to an internal explosion or a collision with a reef. I guarantee that.'

First reactions are now over, and what we got here? At least I havent heard any official statement from North Korea about this incident - have they deny their involvement? And still many things doesnt ad up. All of the first news was very clearly showing that explosion was due the north Koreans, witnesses talking abou heavuy firing after explosion - but then this story slowly was played down.

I dont know if this was a false flag, but sure there seems to be cover up now.

Truth is always the first victim, but I quess this will stay on topics for a long time. Mystery will become myth, cause for actions in future.


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