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Palin Tells Constitution-Loving Tea Partiers: We Don't Need A President Who Is A 'Constitutional Law

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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 05:27 AM

Palin Tells Constitution-Loving Tea Partiers: We Don't Need A President Who Is A 'Constitutional Law Professor'

The Tea Party movement loves to express its affection for the Constitution. The Los Angeles Times writes, “Adherence to what supporters deem to be a strict interpretation of constitutional principles is a key tenet of the tea party movement.” Yesterday’s Tea Party rally in Searchlight, NV, for instance, was filled with imagery of the Constitution. Protesters carried signs that read “I honor the Constitution” and “What about the Constitution don’t you understand?” Rally attendee Norman Halfpenny, a 77-year old retired Marine Corps veteran, said, “We need to get our Constitu
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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 05:27 AM
Well someone else put this into perspective. To put it bluntly, palin is retarded. To put it correctly, we can deduct from this that republicans are just as stupid as the democracts they swear to oppose in all ways.

The *Snip* are showing their true colors as they act just like the democrats, and we now have further proof that they are not conservatives either.

Because Sarah Palin is an elected official and does not care about the constitution, she is just as bad as the democrats that are trashing the constitution.

But this brings up another important question. What was this ditzy bimbo doing at a tea party rally? Why would the tea party organizers let her get up on the stage?
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 05:40 AM

Originally posted by Happyfeet
Why would the tea party organizers let her get up on the stage?

I heard she has some good tips for brewing Assam and knows the difference between Lady Grey and Earl Grey.

The big question is though; is 'Masala Chai' a genuine tea?


posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 11:26 AM
Sarah Palin is just another face, albeit a nice face, but she is not presidential material anymore than Obama. In fact, to replace Obama with Palin would do nothing to the system that could care less about who the leaders are as long as the leaders that are chosen, obey the hidden corporate masters and do what they demand with no deviation from the New World Order agenda for a Global Government and a International Constitution.

Palin is sad to say, not presidential material and if she were, she would have not campaigned for McCain as she recently did in McCain's home state. McCain has shown the nation that he wants to pass legislation to permanently detain Americans without any rights and as such, if Sarah Palin had been a real American, she would have called McCain out on the carpet and called him what he is.

Palin could have propelled her career and shown some back bone, but instead she supported McCain in his campaign and that to me tells me she is nothing but a paid political robot that will do whatever she is told because after all, she acts like an airhead and if you don't know what that means, look it up.

While the Constitution means a lot to most decent Americans, it is evident that the Constitution means nothing to McCain or for that matter even Sarah Palin herself. If Palin claims she supports the Constitution, she should have called McCain the traitor that he and his actions make him.

Palin's unwillingness to see McCain or the Republicans for the problem to the nation that they are, says to me that Palin will go along to get along and we don't need that kind of president. We already have one and he doesn't represent the people he states he represents and if you will recall, Obama was a Constitutional professor that so far has shown us that the Constitution is nothing but a piece of paper that Obama might as well wrap a fish in as to make anyone believe that he understands and supports what the Constitution represents.

Obama's actions prove he does not support the Constitution and neither does McCain. Palin, by going along, in effect is stating she too, does not truly support the Constitution of the United States.

McCain is not a conservative no matter how much he claims he is, but I know for a fact and so do others that McCain is a traitor to this nation for submitting legislation that would take away our rights, provide us no rights, and who would support torture and placing Americans in prisons for anything the Federal Govt. considers belligerent and not in support of current administration policies and or a global agenda. McCain is proof positive that both Republicans and Democrats are pursuing the same agenda to destroy and enslave America by deceit and deception.

The agenda is to destroy America, undermine the family, destroy Capitalism, destroy freedom of speech, destroy privacy rights and render all Americans slaves in a nation looked upon as a "Prison Nation" for each and every human being under the life and death control of evil elitist who could care less what is important to us or to the benefit of the nation. Our elected representatives represent themselves and no one else. Palin is showing us that side of her and I wont ignore what I am seeing or hearing.

Anyway, Palin should go back to Alaska, but to be honest even if she did, what remains in the Republican pool of future hopefuls looks so dismal and so much of what we have already suffered from already, that I have taken on a twitch in my face just to think about the future of both parties and what that means to me and you. To us. To We the People. We're the ones that need a real leader to step up, but Palin is not that person and neither is McCain.

This makes me realize that the Republicans have (NO ONE) of honesty, integrity and of any moral character that would make a decent POTUS. Neither do the Democrats and that is the real dilemma we face in America. More of the same business as usual politician is not going to cut it and most would agree.

Thanks for the posting.

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