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The MEGA Personality Test Thread: Personality Tests Galore - Info & 35+ Tests

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 01:44 PM

The MEGA Personality Test Thread: Personality Tests Galore - Info & 35+ Tests

After taking the cube test, which was posted in these forums, I got to thinking and thought about all the different types of personality tests I've taken and how a lot of them have given me insight on myself, while others were complete bunk (i.e. facebook/hand-made tests).

It's my understanding that people like finding information about themselves through these types of tests, so why not put together a MEGA thread that includes not only tons of different types of tests, different versions/variations as well, and information regarding different tests about your persons/psyche.

Below you will not only find links to different tests, but you will find some information about the history of certain tests, explanations about how they work etc... if you do not see an answer to a question you may have, please don't hesitate to post in this thread and ask me or U2U me.


Now, as you all know there are many types of personality tests - remember not every test is going to be 'dead on' and actually tell you exactly who you are. These tests are designed to give you some insight, but do not take every tidbit literally, because you may just drive yourself insane (not literally!). Also, I would like to add that taking a test multiple times is not the best idea, also remember to choose your answers as quickly as possible (use your 'gut' instinct, don't think too hard!).

Before I get to the more complicated tests, let's start off with this first test which is exactly like the cube test you may have seen in the thread in these very forums, however there is an extra question added on which I think some of you may find interesting after reading the explanation - The 5 Questions Cube Test

Now I have placed this thread in this forum for a reason - the original reason was because I was going to focus on just spiritual tests, but I decided to expand (and as you can see I've expanded it very much) but here are a couple spiritual tests, I will try and add more once I find some that I see that are worth adding (if you know of any and wish to share, please post or U2U me the link and I will add it to the OP).

The name says it all "Spiritual Psychology Test," taken from the site: "There are no judgments here about whether your spiritual ideas and beliefs are correct, just whether they will allow you maximum happiness" - Spiritual Psychology Test

This test you may like, or may not, but I give it a try and see what you think (note: this test seems to focus on God FYI) -
What's Your Spiritual Type?

This is a very nicely put together spiritual test I think you will enjoy taking, so give it a try - Spirituality & Well-Being

Okay, lets now get to one of the most popular tests out there... the Jung Tests I-E S-N F-T J-P.

Jung Tests
These tests are based on the work of Carl Jung, David Kiersey, Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs. They are similar in underlying theory to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Kiersey Temperment Sorter. They measure four bipolar factors, Introversion/Extroversion, Thinking/Feeling, Intuition/Sensing, and Judging/Percieving.

Short Test (53 Questions)
Word Test (70 Words)
Word Choice Test (24 Pairs)
Jung+Enneagram (108 Question)

Next we're going to take a look at Enneagram Tests...

Enneagram Tests
The Enneagram is a nine factor personality system that is sort of a historical mutt, many different influences. The nine factors are - orderliness, helpfulness, image focus, hypersensitivity, detachment, caution, adventurousness, strength, and calmness.

Variant Test (25 Questions)
Short Test (50 Questions)
Word Test (70 Questions)
Advanced Test (131 Questions)
Enneagram + Jung Test (108 Questions)

The next set of tests are very popular, and I've seen them around ATS before, but here is a little collection for you all of the Right/Left Brain tests.

Right-Left Brain Tests (Brain Laterization)
These tests measure your right and left brain functions, indicating strengths and possible weaknesses, and whether you are more dominant in one hemisphere.

Short Test (30 Questions)
Word Test (30 Questions)
Word Choice Test (25 Questions)

Now I'm going to introduce the "Big Five Tests"

Big Five Tests
The Big Five is the most proven personality test in the academic research community presently. It is composed of 5 factors - open-mindedness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional stability, and extroversion (the factor names vary a little among authors).

Short Test (50 Questions)
Word Test (60 Words)
Word Choice Test (30 Pairs)
Big 30 Test (155 Questions)
Big 45 Test (255 Questions)

This next set of tests - The Percentile Tests - should be very insightful, and heres why!

Percentile Tests
These tests show you how your answers on statements or descriptive words/phrases compare to other people who have answered in the past, a useful/interesting test to see how you compare to others on different issues.

Short Test (50 Questions)
Word Test (50 Words)

I wanted to add this Compatibility Test in with these other tests because this one requires 2 people to complete, and it can be done with both people present, or by email (but I think it's safe to assume doing it with another person who is physically besides you would work best)

Multiuser Enneagram Test (45 Questions)

Alright, some of you are interested in intelligence tests, and I will say I always have been as well - I have taken many IQ type tests online and found them to be very accurate (however there are some that can be way off, by up to 20-30 points!) considering I know my actual IQ which was given to me by a licensed psychiatrists after taken the IQ test. Here are a couple tests you may enjoy taking, but remember these are NOT as real as taking an actual IQ test in person with a certified doctor/instructor so if you get a below average IQ score don't feel bad about yourself!

What is an IQ?
An Intelligence Quotient indicates a person's mental abilities relative to others of approximately the same age. Everyone has hundreds of specific mental abilities--some can be measured accurately and are reliable predictors of academic and financial success

Good, accurate IQ test complete with IQ Profile after completion
Classic IQ Test (40 questions)

Here are some other types of intelligence tests, other than IQ tests...
Visual Pattern Test (15 Questions)
Number Pattern Test (15 Questions)
Vocabulary Test (will take 10+ minutes to finish)

So, after sharing all of those tests with you, I still have some more to offer! These next sets of tests are more focused tests - the name of them describes exactly what you're going to be finding out. So have fun with them!

This test is designed to tell you how much of a perfectionist you are (if at all) - Are you a perfectionist?

Are you accident prone? (46 Questions)

Are you an egoist or an altruist? (30 Questions)

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? (81 Questions)

Are you hostile or docile? (59 Questions)

Are you in charge of your life? (47 Questions)

Are you optimistic? (47 Questions)

I have many more tests I can add to this list, but for now I think this list is long enough to keep you all busy for some time, wouldn't you say? Ha!

Anyway, if you want more tests, or are looking for specific tests please let me know! I will add to this list ASAP if anyone asks, so feel free to post or U2U me like I've said above.

I hope you all enjoy this thread, I put a lot of time putting all of this together. I have taken many of them myself and it's amazing to see how closely they relate to how you personally feel within. Enj

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

Just wanted to add this link (OP is literally maxed out of room):

Personality Types Information & Explanations

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 03:27 PM
I just took the IQ test... Do I really have to pay on the page, or is that sample my real IQ?

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Phlynx

I'm going to remove that test, I accidentally put the wrong test in the list of links. My bad
I was dealing with a lot of links, but rest assured the rest of them are all free. Once again, please forgive me for that mistake.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by Phlynx

I fixed the link, here it is for you though so you can try this one out (don't hate me if it's not to your liking!)

Free IQ Test

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 06:50 PM
I've just done the short Jung test.
These wher my results.

Jung Test Results

Introverted (I) 67.86% Extroverted (E) 32.14%
Intuitive (N) 62.5% Sensing (S) 37.5%
Thinking (T) 55.88% Feeling (F) 44.12%
Perceiving (P) 67.65% Judging (J) 32.35%

Your type is: INTP
Accuracy: - 5 high 4 3 2 1 low

INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.

Accuracy: - 5 high 4 3 2 1 low

It really makes sense to me and others around me. But... Wow 3,3% That isn't much huh.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

Thanks for sharing your results. I did mine as well, I did both the short and long versions and got the same results - which shows me they are pretty accurate. Not to mention they matched up with my personality (in my eyes) fairly well so I have to say personally that they're great tests.

I hope everyone gets good use out of these links!

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 07:09 PM
Thanks for the thread!

I know myself pretty well and these thing usually confirm that to me but they are fun! I may pick a few out to do but i've done a few of them allready!

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

INFP ;p I am your touchy feely neighbor.

INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.

Though I normally get INFP or INFJ on these tests. I split evenly between Judging and Perceiving.

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by antonia

I've taken them over and over again throughout a few years and I have usually gotten EFNJ. Usually the type of person that's a leader; career wise they can pretty much do anything.

ENFJ pretty much describes me pretty well... I'm pretty emotional but well put together. I enjoy having purpose in my life, and getting attention, as well as need attention to feel 'wanted' so in a nutshell maybe I lack some security in my life, ha. But I don't always feel like that, sometimes I'm much different depending on who I'm dating, what friends I'm with etc... but overall ENFJ describes me almost the the "T."

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 08:16 PM

Introverted (I) 68.42% Extroverted (E) 31.58%
Intuitive (N) 55.56% Sensing (S) 44.44%
Feeling (F) 55.26% Thinking (T) 44.74%
Judging (J) 60.61% Perceiving (P) 39.39%

INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.

Enneagram Test Results

The Enneagram is a personality system which divides the entire human personality into nine behavioral tendencies, this is your score on each...

Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||||||| 63%
Type 3 Image Awareness |||||||||| 33%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||||||| 70%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||| 70%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||| 30%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||| 40%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||| 36%

type score type behavior motivation
6 23 I must be secure and safe to be happy.
4 21 I must avoid painful feelings to be happy.
5 21 I must be knowledgable and independent to be happy.
1 20 I must be perfect and good to be happy.
2 19 I must be helpful and caring to be happy.

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 08:29 PM
I took the IQ test from your second post and I got a 122. I usually get over a 140 but as soon as I started the test everyone in my house started talking.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

I end up with "J" at the end often. Problem is, I'm not organized in the material sense but, I am generally always on time, I get my stuff done on time and I do things in order. I do tend to feel a great amount of guilt for my physical disorganization so, I tend to see it as a passing thing I'll fix.

I do tend to think this one is a better descriptor. Shockingly enough I study classical vocal performance in college and happen to be an avid opera listener. I found it funny that opera singer is in the list of things INFJ's prefer to do.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 08:46 PM
Everytime I have taken the Jung test I have gotten Architect or Mastermind, and on one case I tied them.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 08:58 PM
great thread.

Introverted (I) 71.88% Extroverted (E) 28.13%
Sensing (S) 58.14% Intuitive (N) 41.86%
Thinking (T) 68.42% Feeling (F) 31.58%
Judging (J) 76.47% Perceiving (P) 23.53%


ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.

Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||| 46%
Type 3 Image Awareness |||||| 26%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||||| 56%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||| 33%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||| 56%

type score type behavior motivation
1 26 I must be perfect and good to be happy.
5 26 I must be knowledgable and independent to be happy.
6 26 I must be secure and safe to be happy.
8 20 I must be strong and in control to be happy

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by Misoir
I took the IQ test from your second post and I got a 122. I usually get over a 140 but as soon as I started the test everyone in my house started talking.

Have you ever had a real IQ test, given by a psychiatrist? Because online IQ tests are not really totally correct. I've gotten one done by a doc. when I was younger and I got around a 130, although I believe it's possible I've gone up a view points since then since I've gotten more analytical since that last test. Usually though your IQ stays about the same through out your life - however I do remember reading if you drink (I think) 3 alcoholic beverages a day, for a certain amount of weeks you will loose a certain number of IQ points over time. I'm sure thats something that can be changed though if you stop abusing alcohol.

Anyway, like I said I got 130+/- from my real IQ test, and online I've gotten anywhere from 120-160. It seems half the time it's lower than my actual score, and half the time it's much above my actual score. So they really aren't that accurate - but if you're looking for a ballpark number then the online IQ tests will work.

I also believe there are certified online IQ tests which you can pay for, which are the closest to taking the real thing in person... can't attest to how accurate those are though, never tried one before.

reply to post by antonia

I get what you're saying. Sometimes when I take those tests I feel different then I did days before, or months or years, so I don't know what to choose. Like I said in the OP, try and stick to your first answer and use your 'gut instinct' because that's usually the correct answer - even when it comes to intelligence tests as well. If you have to second guess your answer you're not only wasting time (if it's a timed test) but you're also questioning yourself and then you get confused and may feel the need to redo the whole question again and possibly get it wrong.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 10:08 PM
My Wife thinks I'm a perfectionist..
I dont think so..

Overall results

According to this test, you appear to be a healthy perfectionist. The goals you set for yourself and others are generally quite reasonable. By setting the bar high but still within reach, you allow yourself and others a sense of pride after a job well done. You are well-aware that although striving for absolute perfection may seem like a noble goal, it is one that neither you, nor anyone else, will ever be able to achieve.

so I proved my point, i know what perfection is,, but it aint me....[or her-lol]

and on a side note I thought 172 was kinda high for an I.Q. test result..HMMM [I must be underpaid]

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by antonia

I took the test again (I haven't taken this exact one, the one you're all taking) and ha, to no surprise look what I got!

Jung Test Results

Extroverted (E) 71.43% Introverted (I) 28.57%
Intuitive (N) 54.29% Sensing (S) 45.71%
Feeling (F) 52.63% Thinking (T) 47.37%
Judging (J) 51.61% Perceiving (P) 48.39%

Your type is: ENFJ

ENFJ - "Persuader". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be. 2.5% of total population.

Hmm so the persuader, which I seem to be (and honestly I've taken so many of these and gotten ENFJ it is definitely true), is a person who is only 2.5% of the population... good to know! I honestly am happy with being an ENFJ (not because of that last sentence) because it really shows who I am very well.

Although I will say the explanations on the similarminds website aren't the best descriptions. The one for ENFJ doesn't seem to fit in with a lot of the other descriptions I've read... like for example the careers for an ENFJ are usually things like a CEO of a company and other high level jobs, however on similarminds it lists thing like news anchor and film critic... It does list the usual suspects to a point though like counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist and teacher (since 'we' like to be leaders).

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

You'r IQ is of little importance. The IQ only gives a score to a small part of being human. Look at an idiot savant. I bet you his or her IQ will be of the scale.
But the rest of being human is crap.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 11:46 PM
introverted (I) 58.82% Extroverted (E) 41.18%
Intuitive (N) 54.76% Sensing (S) 45.24%
Thinking (T) 58.33% Feeling (F) 41.67%
Perceiving (P) 57.89% Judging (J) 42.11%

INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.

I gave it a 4 for accuracy

Oh,good thread,very enjoyable.

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