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Captain America looks a lot like Johnny Storm

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 11:52 PM
Variety is reporting that actor Chris Evans is signed on to play Steve Rogers/Captain America for Marvel in The First Avenger: Captain America, and star alongside Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheadle, Edward Norton and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) for The Avengers movie.

Chris Evans' portrayal of Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the two Fantastic Four movies were pretty much the only thing I enjoyed from those movies. Since Fantastic Four is getting a merciful reboot somewhere down the road, he probably will not return to that role. I feel kind of weird about an actor being cast as different characters in the Marvel (Live-Action) Universe, what do you think?

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by MrAndy

Since Chris has experience playing a superhero in his pocket already, I think he will do good in the role. I am curious if they will have a teenage sidekick Bucky in the movie, and who will play him. (Please do not give it to Justin Bieber!)

posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 12:43 AM
Here is your Bucky!

It looks like the film will be really faithful to the Captain America origin for better or worse.

posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 01:14 AM
I'm unsure about Chris Evans, will wait and see anyways! I like him, just not sure how to imagine him as Captain America?

Can't wait for the film either way and the Avengers plus Thor

Good times!!!

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 10:34 AM


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