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The search for UFO's seems to have stopped!

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 04:04 AM
Well certainly on here it has...

I've never seen so many repeated threads as of late, personally I think it's lazy and / or just people wanting to see their name in virtual print. How hard is it to type in Pyramid Moscow into the search bar before doing a 2 line Youtube link.

I notice on the New Topic maker there's no mention of checking to see if it's been discussed before, maybe there should be in big bold letters.

Why does it annoy me, well obvious reasons really, I have to wade through the murk and mire already without the hassle of looking at posts claiming to be exclusive, brand new, never before seen, 2010 positive proof......You get the idea..

None of them are even close to what the claim to be...

I have no issue if the poster has something relevant to ADD to a story, that is great but just blind posting on a page already filled with the same post content is sloppy, lazy and ignorant. For me it's on par with people making extraordinary claims about themselves or their position and then refusing to put up the proof, if that's you then just don't bother it's frustrating and infers instant distrust of your claims as it should, just keep your delusions to yourself or prove the story.

Sigh....I suppose I'm just a tad burnt out from reading and answering the multitude of false posts, repeat posts and the really really obvious either fakes or Chinese lanterns, by now everyone should be aware of what a Chinese lantern looks like and how it behaves. If you see something drifting slowly in the sky that's got an orange glow and it flickers in the centre then you know what, it's not a Predator scout ship descending to hunt you (although in some cases and daft stories I wish it was) it's a good old Chinese lantern probably with a few mates floating around awaiting bash some poor cows head in or set fire to somewhere.

So, if you are new here and reading this then I thank you for reading it and hope you will take the nice advice and make yourself a welcome popular poster with decent research, if you have queries regarding a previous thread then either add them to it (it will bump it back up so will be noticed) or if you have to make a new thread then try and hunt out if it's been answered before to save yourself the work.

Oh well, back to pitch fork duty looking for those members of the Galactic Federation on here, I'll give you Klaatu is coming to see me with my right boot!


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