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Hey You! Let's Write a Conspiracy Novel!

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posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 06:34 AM
Mods: feel free to move this post wherever is appropriate.

ATS has such a wealth of talent, and I feel its a shame that these talents do not often go 'mainstream.' Thus I am announcing the following contest to help me with a real life project. It should be a lot of fun.... initial Submissions begin immediately and if everything goes according to plan should be closed around April 15th to make way for part 2.

WANTED: Talented co-author for work this summer (May 15-August 15.)

NEEDED: Writing chops, a passion for learning, dedication, and a love of alternative history/conspiracies.

MISSION: Complete a collaborative work of historical fiction regarding a well known historical conspiracy theory.

INFO: This work will need to be approximately 200 pages long to tell the story correctly. Creative input will be a must, but the project turns on taking an already well known theory and spicing it up through fiction.

Will require research on both of our ends, including an extensive (but entertaining) non-fiction/fiction reading list. Highly prefer, someone who would be dedicated to finish a rough draft in 3 months.

LOGISTICS: Post here your best work (or smaller section of a work) of third person prose. Espionage, conspiracy and historical elements are a plus but not needed. Links to outside blogs, etc, are just dandy. Try to keep any submission between 5-10 pages.

Feel free to post here first with a simple "I'm in" or clarification questions to bump this thread and give others a chance to participate.

Top 3 finalists will receive a public congratulations and a private message detailing the next step (outlining the specific project/one more round of either writing or questions to gauge final interest). If anybody is interested and qualified by the end of the process we will begin work in mid-May.

All work between us, regarding the specific project will be confidential. When the work is finalized and released, no one will have to know about its origins on this beautiful, beautiful forum. Ready?


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