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Ann Eller (Allen Hynek's reported assistant) is senile

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posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 01:42 AM
Hey all,
I originate from a small town in the middle of nowhere (Ellisras) in South Africa. This is where I am once again living. We live on a farm. Farming with exotic antelope. We do have (very expensive capped) broadband here. I previously used to live for 10 years in cilivilized European Union where, in its heyday, I worked in the Fixed Income & Trading environment. I also became a EU citizen.

I am not a believer in UFO's, rather I think that the evidence strongly points to the phenomenon being a reality. I also don't think that disclosure would ever happen. Why would it ? If the earth has had life for 100's of millions of years, why would space aliens reveal themselves in our lifetime ? Time might be a concept that is not part of them space aliens 's reality. They might have been around visiting 100's of millions of years ago, or they might be waiting for humans to advance to their level. If we ever get there.

I just listened to an interview with Ann Eller, who was apparently, Allen Hynek's assistant. This was on
I think this lady, how sweet and gentle she may may be, was talking a lot of rubbish. Space Brother crap.
Read my comment about the interview here:

What do you guys think ?

Here is my comment about the interview if you care to read...

I think the guest (Anne Eller) from 25 Feb 2010's show can be classified as as bordering crayzee. The statements she was makijg about 2012 (end of the world stuff).. where does she get this ?
Where is her SCIENTIFICALLY, peer reviewed proof ? Planet Nibiru visible ?
Where's the pictures on the Nasa (or any other mainstream science) website ? She nicely avoided Jesse's question if planet was also visible to mainstream scientists, rather she pointed to some Zeta something website. Getting her info from Zeta-reticulans ? Can I also have phone call or some way to contatct the ET's ?

Siting a questionable website as a source for proof, what a joke ! When you asked about what to tell people who have kids and families, she came up with some pathetic answer that people controlling the world has their underground shelter. Offcourse, when asked what if nothing happens, she had a nice "get out of jail free" card: She said that would be wonderfull ! I bet NOTHING is going to happen in 2012.

What I am relative sure about is the following: The earth will still be here 300 million years. Humans may not. The earth may have an totally changed ecology as well.

Without any proof, how on earth would Eller be able to convince mainstream ? Her story sounds like a fable from the Bible. At least there was a Romans and Israelites. Anne Eller, Space Brother (will save us), I'm afraid you sound like rubbish.

Where is your scientifically verifiable proof ?


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