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A question for Dr. Judy Wood, What if it isn't a US based system?

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posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 09:15 PM
I don't usually like to speculate but after reviewing Dr. Judy Wood's very compelling evidence on directed energy weapons being used to bring down the WTC towers on 9/11 a very disturbing thought popped in my head. What if it wasn't the US who brought down the towers? What if it was a foreign entity? Would that explain the cover-up?

Could it be it was a true attack on the US and it is being covered up by the PTB/Government because of the nature and complexity of the event in our world of modern warfare. Moreover, if it was an attack, then who are the aggressors? A foreign country or corporate entity? This is where I start to get a little nervous.

I think there is no way it could have been another country because it would have been an act of war and there is no way it would have been covered-up. I also have trouble buying that it was a US weapons test, it just doesn't sit right, why not test it like the nuke and various other weapons systems and why would we test it on our own people. Which begs the question. Who?

What if it were big-oil, or the banking cartel or, my favorite candidate, the Military Industrial Complex. Who would have the technology and reasons for perpetrating such an act. It could also be a combination. That would mean that it wasn't necessarily an "inside job" but that there are definitely people tied to both the US gov't and the corporate entities "on the inside" that may be responsible.

Now the challenge is finding the evidence. I can go on and continue to speculate but it wouldn't do any good. Without specific evidence this thought will continue to be a conspiracy theory which brings me to the reason for my post. I need help with this one ATS. Anyone with thoughts/info/facts/data that cares to contribute it is welcome.

If I am wrong, than it would be just another day, but if I am right, Than we have hope left still, but that means that our government, country, people and the world need our help to expose the truly evil, sick, greedy, ugly bastards who did this. hopefully I, nay we, can find the truth.

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 06:49 PM
On one of her youtube apperances, she makes a reference to the okc bombings. there were up to 3 bombs reported on the site, but only one of them exploded and pulvirazed the concrete for many floors, the video is still online, and there is also another video on youtube where a man is showing the supports that were destroyed and brings up more questions.

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