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Rasputin-Knight or Pawn

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posted on May, 31 2004 @ 12:18 PM
I saw an interesting show on Discovery last night on Rasputin. Discovery made it sound as if it was his mission or goal from age 16 to infultrate the Romanovs and ultimately bring them to their knees. What are your thoughts on this. I read a little tid bit on the religious sect (the Khlysty) that he joined when he was sixteen and it seems that he was more or less a pawn to the religion.

Much of the training in the cult revolved around camouflage, infiltration, and deception. The intense training could mask the true feelings in a man's eyes, making him appear as if dulled or un-interested.

A little about Rasputin:

What are your thoughts?
Oh yeah, one more thing. Check out his photo. What a wack-job.


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