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Imminent Series of Asteroid Impacts, what to do?

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posted on May, 31 2004 @ 08:12 AM
With all the speculation and strange reports of a series of asteroid impacts about to hit earth in many forums including this one. I have to wonder what we could do if the threat was REALLY REAL!

The following report is from 2002 maybe some of you have seen it I suggest you click the full report link to read the full report. note the wording from the first paragraph: "The U.S. federal government is summoning the world's top scientists to an urgent conference"

Why was it so URGENT at that time??

U.S. Summons Experts to Draft Asteroid Defense Plan

June 7, 2002

The U.S. federal government is summoning the world's top scientists to an urgent conference this summer to plan defenses against an attack that could wipe out an American city or disrupt the whole country's infrastructure.

No, it's not global terrorism.

The scientists will map ways to combat an asteroid attack, a cosmic sucker punch like the collision that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and flattened a Siberian forest in 1908.

While the world's attention is focused on the real threat of terrorism, the theoretical asteroid menace has been garnering a surprising amount of behind-the-scenes attention.

Full Report From:

Ok lets say we give into all of these reports seen in various forums and it is true and our respective governments have known about this since at least June 2002. And lets say that this could happen very soon and our governments have chosen to keep it from the public and have been able to pull that off.

Knowing what kind of weapons technologies we have, is there anything we could do about it?

Have they already tried? and just broken it up into smaller pieces?

Really I don't think we are under imminent threat of a series of asteroid impacts but if we were I'd like to see us here at ATS put our scientific heads together and come up with some scenarios that could be used to thwart such a series of impacts.

Ok lets say there are 602 meteor/asteroids headed right for us and are moving at over 20,000 MPH, the average size is 1.5 kilometer. We have 100 days to plan something what can we do?


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