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Corporations bolting from the Climate Change Lobby

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posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 06:45 PM
Some major corporations, sensing the blood in the water, are running for the door to get away from the sinking ship that is the global warming crowd.

They are saying the legislation proposed in congress will do nothing to solve the problem and will increase unemployment but, I think they see that global warming is very close to being discredited in the eyes of the people and they want to get out while the gettin's good.

U.S. Corporations Quit Climate-change Lobby

Three major U.S. corporations have withdrawn from a highly influential climate-change lobbying group, and political pundits say their departure sounds the death-knell for cap-and-trade legislation in the Senate.

Over the past two weeks, two oil companies, BP America and ConocoPhillips, and Caterpillar, Inc., a large equipment manufacturer, dropped out of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (US CAP), one of the strongest advocates of cap-and-trade legislation on Capitol Hill. Withdrawal of the three corporate giants reduces US CAP membership to 28.

ConocoPhillips chairman and CEO, Jim Mulva, explained his company's decision, stating, "House climate legislation and Senate proposals to date have disadvantaged the transportation sector and its consumers, left domestic refineries unfairly penalized versus international competition, and ignored the critical role that natural gas can play in reducing GHG [green-house gas] emissions." The company says it plans to focus its energies on expanding natural-gas production and ensuring legislation does not disadvantage domestic refineries or cost U.S. jobs.

A spokesman for BP America echoed Mulva's criticism. In an interview with the Washington Post, Ronnie Chappell said US CAP had accomplished its purpose of establishing a blueprint for climate-change legislation, and it was time for his company to move on. Cappell explained, "We don't think legislation pending in the House or Senate conforms with that blueprint. A disproportionate share of the cost burden falls on the transportation sector and consumers." He predicted current Senate proposals, if passed, will cause refineries to close, thereby increasing U.S. dependence on imports and driving up unemployment rates.

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posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 07:04 PM
Thank you for pointing this out! I was lucky enough a few years ago when the whole man made global warming thing was getting going in the MSM to be at a university where the many of the climatologists on the campus came out right away and held a conference where they came right out and stated that there was no real proof of the concept and that it was really a political tool. (University of Arizona). I sat in on one of their global warming "debunking" meetings and really got to hear things from the scientists mouthes. One thing that really stuck and is easily looked up/googled is the fact that the largest greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, making up about 97% of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, is water vapor! He went on to say where's all the people trying to cap and trade clouds!? Lol. He also said that since the beginning of time the human race has contributed about .05% at worst, of the total CO2 which is quickly scrubbed by the plant life! It really was an eye opener for me.

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