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Moving to pforzheim

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posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 03:38 AM
hi there. my dream is finnaly coming to reality as i am collecting money to my departure from bulgaria in 4-5 months at most. i dont want to stay here more then that,i will live under the bridge if i have too. but with 1500euro i think its more then enough for me going,getting a nice place and looking for a job,without limitations->for one-two months.
i work for a german company,and theyr headquarters are located in pforzheim. it seems germany is one of the nice place to live in these crysis times,and theyr are looking for a lot of skilled workers in the IT area or im wrong? and i really liked that city.
im not coming to steal anyones job,im kinda coming as a skilled worker to fill a job.
i just cant stand the life here anymore..its misery and sadness. i want to live like the normal happy people.
so are there any members from germany or pforzheim that can give me some tips and tricks on how to survive? prices of groceryes? how are the job openings and such?
maybe on skype?

its real this time,since i got a job from 4 months im collecting money,i have never been so pissed and wanting to get out,so its an obsession for me (even with my elite job as a retouch specialist for elite clients and magazines i still get only 225euro a MONTH) and prices are the same as germany,only the apartments rents is cheaper..imagine the life

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posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 06:49 AM
First of all, you need to check the conditions that Germany applies for Bulgarian migrants. As far as I know, the labour market restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians are still in place in Germany. Which means you either have to apply for a work permit (again, you need to check for the conditions) or work as a free lancer (pay your own taxes and so). The last one is kind of tricky, cause even when you don't make any money you still need to pay medical insurance and so. Oh and medical insurance is expensive in Germany. I pay about 190 euros per month and that's about as low as it gets, unless you're a student AND under 30.

Then, if you don't already speak German, I suggest you start learning. Best thing to do would be to take an intensive course. That of course is expensive. I won't go into details, unless you're interested and ask me to.

Food is indeed cheap in Germany if you shop only at retailers such as Aldi and Lidl. Rents are cheap if you compare them to other countries from Western Europe. However, in order to get an apartment you'll need to prove your income and to have a medical insurance and an occupation (student, employed, volunteer, language school student, whatever). Unless you live with someone else who rents the apartment on their name.

Here's what I'd do if I were you: try to learn German and pass the TestDaf (an exam that will give you a certificate that you are able to speak German at an academical level). Then try to get accepted to a German University. College education is free in Germany. Work hard and in about 4 years you get a Bachelor from a German university which will open up a lot of possibilities for you. Just my advice.

Oh and move to a big city, Berlin or Hamburg, you have more options there!

Hope this helps...

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 07:23 AM
thanks for the interest of helping me! ill give you all the info i know and reasons:
*im 20 years old, i work for M+W medianetworks as a photoshop/retouch. the MOTHER company is meyle+mueller,theyr headquarters are located in pforzheim. we make models,clothes,stuff in magazines and websites look nice,not dark and ugly
clients like: wallbusch,heine,oz magazine,and now ikea.
*my manager is from germany,we talk in english.
*about me:
my high school was "theatrical arts and crafts and makeup and theatrical lights"
i understand thats hightly usefull in germany or so i heard?
*i got a bartender certificate,but i dont think i wanna,or anyone will hire me.
*i got a certificate from my job as a retouch specialist,it should REALLY come in handy for interviews or competitive companys
*i talk english very well,and im trying to learn german now,as far as i can until my departure
-> given this prioritys you think i can get a job without the lessons and passing the test for language certificate. i mean im a skilled worker.when i get in germany is when i really start to learn the language.

*im pissed and mad,i wont stay in bulgaria later then the end of july,even if i have to go and start from the scratch,live under bridges.
*my departure is forever,moving,living,working a NEW beggining
*i will be having around 1500euros

*im inteligent kinda..blabla,im not looking for fights and arguments,i would be happy to immerse my self in german life,im not a racist or something.
*how are they going to treat me since im bulgarian? how can i proof that im a nice guy and not a gypsie?

*i heard about online sites,that employers get people like me to work in germany?

*i choose pforzheim couse my company is there,when i leave,i would be passing by to ask for work
*im very high skilled in computers,i will be very usefull in any pc job. i evolute all the time with new ideas.
*i created photoshop actions for my company to fasten the workflow,they should raise my salary this week.
*im happy to work as a street cleaner in the beggining even,i will still be happy.
i just wanna live a nice life,new friends,around inteligent nice people in a nice home and contribute to the betterment of humand kinda

please if u have any info or tips for an adventurer like me do share

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 07:37 AM
bulgaria is in the european union,i think we dont need anything,just to register at the townhall when i arive. i must get out of bulgaria,i must

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 10:47 AM
Well as I said I'm not sure either, you need to check it on the website of your External Affairs ministry, or Work Ministry or something. All I can tell you is last time I checked Romanians didn't have full labour rights till 2011 on the German market, and I know for a fact that Romania and Bulgaria were accepted together with the same clauses into the EU. I'm Romanian and live in Berlin since 2007, and I can only work legally here because I'm a student.

Yes, you will definitely need to register at the city hall, but I told you, in order to register you will need medical insurance and still some proof of your occupation (work contract or something else).

Other advices... I gave you the best one, same thing I did. Try getting in a German uni and study. That's exactly what the career counsellor told me here in Germany...

Oh and about the language. At least in Berlin most Germans speak English, so you need not worry. But they have limited patience and in the end you will NEED to learn German. Also remember that for any job you'll apply you'll be competing against people who do speak German!

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 12:07 PM
thank you for the help my friend, germany it is. i guess i better start cracking that language


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