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Wouldn't Solar Energy kill us?

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posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 07:01 AM
I was reading about Solar Energy when this just hit me, if we developed solar energy as one of the main sources of energy wouldn't that end up killing us?

Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in most plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. Its name is derived from the Greek χλωρός (chloros "green") and φύλλον (phyllon "leaf"). Chlorophyll absorbs light most strongly in the blue and red but poorly in the green portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, hence the green colour of chlorophyll-containing tissues such as plant leaves. Chlorophyll was first isolated by Joseph Bienaimé Caventou and Pierre Joseph Pelletier in 1817.

Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis, which allows plants to obtain energy from light.

Chlorophyll molecules are specifically arranged in and around pigment protein complexes called photosystems which are embedded in the thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts. In these complexes, chlorophyll serves two primary functions. The function of the vast majority of chlorophyll (up to several hundred molecules per photosystem) is to absorb light and transfer that light energy by resonance energy transfer to a specific chlorophyll pair in the reaction center of the photosystems. Because of chlorophyll’s selectivity regarding the wavelength of light it absorbs, areas of a leaf containing the molecule will appear green.

So after reading that you probably get my point. If we establish alot if not most of our energy on solar energy we would kill all plant life and inevitably kill ourselves. So why are environmentalists touting this so much, don't they understand what would happen if there were millions of these things? I smell a conspiracy!

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posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 07:03 AM
Short answer- No

Long answer...nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

(sorry, I've been drinking, and that's all you'regetting out of me)

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 07:27 AM
I'm having problems understanding how you got from "plants contain chlorophyll" to "solar panels will kill us all"

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by Acidtastic

Acidtastic, I have to agree with your very in-depth and scientific analysis. No and Noooooo.

To the OP: To claim a conspiracy is giving conspiracy theorists a bad name.

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 07:30 AM
reply to post by Wallachian

The OP is claiming that we will use up all the solar energy and not leave any left for the vegetarians.

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 07:46 AM
Weeell, solar panels only absorb and convert solar radiation that reaches them incidentally. They don't "steal" it from the plants.

Unless you built solar panels on top of plants, which would block the radiation from reaching the plants.

But as far as I know, no one plans to cover the rain forests with solar panels.

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 08:08 AM
I really hope the OP doesnt think solar cells use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into energy...

I just am not sure of what hes getting at...

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posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 08:11 AM
"Chlorophyll?!? More Like Bore-o-phyll!...."

but it doesnt work like that. the only plants that will suffer are the plants that are growing on your roof and behind the solar panels. Believe me, there is enough sunlight for everyone. The solar energy output from the sun is enough to power everything (all homes, business and transports) for virtually infinity. But until they find a way to tax sunlight expect to not see its usage.

I suppose you could design panels that only absorb the green spectrum of light, which the plants cant absorb, hence their green color, but that would make the panel even more inefficient.

As long as your looking stuff up on wiki, take a look at these and youll understand why it wont effect plants


Solar energy

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posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 08:34 AM
Thie site might give you an idea of just how much energy comes from the sun.

Solar enrgy hitting the planet

if the above websits calculations are correct then I thinks its pretty safe to assume the plants will be ok.

We could collect even more energy from the sun if we could build a Dyson's Sphere

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 08:49 AM

I was wondering why my garden does not grow well. Now I know why.
That house down the street with the solar panels is sucking all that sunlight away from my house like a big vacuum cleaner!

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posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 08:51 AM
Just because I opened a site offering solar and wind options to cut energy costs people are coming out of the wood work to keep me from makling any sales.
Solar uses the suns radiation just like ALL living things on the planet and unless you actually use it to block the suns radiation it may slow growth of items growing behind but not stop it .
Her's an experiment for you Take a piece of cardboard and cut up a piece in your back yard angle the cardboard to cover the piece you cut up the grass or weeds or whatever will regrow in the areas blocked usually blue in color now take the piece of cardboard and move it to another area of the yard the blue wlii turn green wthin a few days
Now what will kill every thing is the radar cannon or it's called the microwve energy trans-cieving system if it doesnt hit the reciever correctly can start a house fire, burn a path in your lawn, also the satellies are owned by the power companies so you not saving money.
I know that the wind doesnt allways blow and the sun doesnt allways shine but solar will not interfer with the growth or harm the planet


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