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Are we the Game?

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posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 01:52 PM
I am sorry if this is in the wrong area.
I would just like to share a thought i had.
The game can only be won by reaching a higher level.
However the only way you get there is global peace and harmony. The entire planet as one instead of segregated countries and continents and able to all achieve universal goals.
Or are we all on a losing low note?Global domination.
A life thats full of the same, more killing and wars, more criminals more, more, more of the same. The pursuit in the greed of Global Domination will ultimatley end this planet and everything that lies upon her, through war. Wars are getting more technically advanced, the more advanced they are the less we understand. The weapons that are here now, take away the guilt and the emotions that would normally be felt by the man pulling the trigger, he could be miles away. These are the weapons that are dangerous for us as a species because pulling the trigger requires no emotions. Foot soldiers will "feel" what they do, they will think about what they have had to do because he was there in person, physically and spiritually whereas someone sitting at a missile silo needs only press the trigger. The quest for global dominance will be a never ending battle that will only ever end when there is no one left to fight. The technology we have today, i cant see much of anything been left after another war if there is one. But what i will say is this, i believe that everything going on at the moment could be signs of a possible world war capable of an ELE. The technology that is so advanced could infact be mankinds downfall. Are we proving that we are not capable mentally and physically to advance? Could the quest for Global Domination end in global destruction? or will everyone come together as a species and move on and live like i think we were meant to.?

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