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under the sea

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posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 05:10 PM

I wanted this clip on my article, I could only get it in Spanish (Spanish Homer sounds a bit angry). The song itself is in English.

I recently listened to the two audios below and have been contemplating the reality of life under the sea.

The Witchdoctor And The Man
The Water Spirit Kingdom

Both audios are of born again believers who describe a hierarchy of spirits living under the sea.

On contemplating these accounts I realised that local Maori beliefs and testimonies fitted with what I had heard.

The Maori legends are scattered with accounts of the Patupaiarehe, translated Fairy, perhaps better translated Nephillim. Along with the Ponaturi
"Ponaturi are sometimes described as sea fairies. They had red hair and white skin, and fingers with long, evil claws. They spent their days under the sea, only coming onto land at night. Like the patupaiarehe they feared sunlight and fire."

The government actually has a very good website resource regarding these things. See

My eyes were wide open when I read this

Patupaiarehe were known to lure people, especially attractive women, to their midst. A patupaiarehe would use hypnotic magical sounds from his flute to lure a young woman to his side, and then take her back to his camp. There he would make love to her before taking her home. The spell he had cast on her meant that he could call her at any time and she would be compelled to return to him."

Another of the most amazing stories regarding the Patupaiarehe, is wise elders would tell the people harrassed by them to smear a red substance on their door, and cook food as the smell would ward them off. Sound very Biblical (,Note New Zealand has no native mammals so Lambs blood is out of the question. Also the words "sweet savour", occur 43 times in the KJV, and refer to the smell of the burnt offering. Also note the Maori had no written language).

Taniwha are well known in New Zealand (My old high schools' crest was a double headed taniwha, I walked around with one on my chest all day.) Biblically a Taniwha would be a Leviathan, or Dragon. Inland taniwha were often described as looking like giant tuatara, and were known as ngārara. The Tuatara is a unique reptile found only in New Zealand. Interestingly the tuatara has a third eye.


The movie whale rider was written by a man who claims to have a guardian taniwha. People can also shape-shift into taniwha as depicted in this picture.

Maori technology, Such as carving and fishing, is attributed to "Fairies". If a Maori (Brown) was born white or unusually pale, it was considered that their father had been a "Fairy".

Anyway, the point of this article was to share a few of the personal testimonies of Maori I have heard which may otherwise not be recorded anywhere else, and which also point to the existence of an undersea world.

[The witnesses] told their story to T. W. Downes, who based this image loosely on their description.


In 2002, the Ngāti Naho hapū in Waikato objected to construction of a highway in a particular area, because it would destroy the lair of one of their taniwha, known as Karutahi. Eventually, Transit New Zealand agreed to partially reroute the highway.


Watch News Story at

A Maori friend told me that when he was driving down that motorway on his Motorbike, before it was rerouted, he was attacked by the Taniwha. As he drove along the straight highway he felt something pulling him off the highway towards the river. He fought against it and managed to control the situation without crashing. Later he called his Grandmother who always talked about the Taniwha (,by the sound of it he had not otherwise taken her seriously). She told him that the Taniwha was confused because the Taniwha takes the souls of dead people to the underworld via that river, now with the highway going alongside the Taniwha gets confused between the dead and the living. There where an unusual amount of accidents on that straight stretch of road, and I am sure the millions of dollars spent on rerouting the highway would not have been spent otherwise.

Also when going caving with Maori I can tell you there was serious warnings against what would in western folk lore be called Sirens. The Maori accounts revolve around Giant eels that lure people in and then take them away to a different world.

I myself remember being in a cave when I was little and looking down a deep hole and feeling something powerfully luring me inside, I remember being scared of it, I felt I might be compelled to walk into it and fall in. I always brushed it off as vertigo, but it just sprang to my mind right now.

Anyway my current theory is that perhaps just as Jesus has his New Jerusalem, which I believe to be currently in existence in heaven, Principalities also have their own little utopias. Utopia in Greek means no place. Perhaps apart from the New Jerusalem their is also the "New Atlantis", "Never Never Land", "The Grand Lodge In The Sky" etc, domains in which principalities are given free reign to create a world without God. Political influences are given glimpses of these utopias’ and suddenly become obsessed with "The Plan", and try to manifest them, which only ever creates havoc.

Any pleasure derived from these utopias’, is "But for a season". In the end time "Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:", all these various evil empires will fight against each other and destroy each other. Then Jesus will descend onto the mount of olives with his New Jerusalem.

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 05:26 PM
The bible also says.

Thou shall not make images from the heavens or from under the waters.

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