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Ancestor of Galapagos tortoises to be resurrected from extinction

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posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 06:39 AM
Genetic engineering is a new marvel that we humans have now, and it would be good to see this species of tortoises resurrected.

We may have hope for species that may be going extinct right now because if we have their DNA and gene map then we can bring them back from extinction any time.

I hope that more species like this are resurected. And when we humans evolve maybe 1000 years from now into the future humans, then someone may resurect us just like we are now.

A tortoise hunted to extinction before Darwin ever arrived on the Galapagos could be brought back to life thanks to new genetic research.

While rummaging through genetic data from 156 Galapagos tortoises living in captivity, researchers have discovered that nine of them are descendents of Chelonoidis elephantopus, a species hunted to extinction by whalers in the 19th century, before Charles Darwin visited the islands. Now they hope to resurrect the extinct ancestors by selectively breeding their descendants

Although their genetic lineage has been diluted over time, researchers think the heritage is still strong enough to revive the extinct species after only four generations of selective breeding.


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