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illuminati-order dot com [HOAX]

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 12:00 AM
link is a sham.

It is operated by a husband and wife team, Rick and Tawnie Shipley, who are residents of Tallahassee, Florida. It was begun by them as their attempt to develop a "Libertarian" IO after the death of Solomon Tulbure, whose posts on his site "One World Order" had inspired Rick, Tawnie, "Dharma," "methos" and the other founders of the site.

They created or were given a rough degree system, and fleshed it out using their own concepts into 7 lesson levels, which they then offered as an email correspondence course, accompanied by access to additional, "hidden" forums on their site. To enter, one filled out an application (which apparently was, although Rick claimed not to have known, adopted directly from the CoS), which was then kept on file by Rick and Tawnie. Following this, a "mentor" was appointed who would "guide" you by asking a series of questions about each level's lesson material. The lessons began beningly enough with a short essay by Ayn Rand, whom I dispise, personally. Later lessons included a book about MLM (mulit-level marketing) as well as basic training in use of PGP (pretty good privacy, an email encryption program). The seventh level lesson was a "personal project" which was meant to be approved by the council of 5 GM's, ie. Rick, Tawnie, Dharma and methos.

Avoid this site at all costs. It is a sham and perpetrates no worthwhile information. It claims to be IO, but has absolutely no ties, nor claims to any, to Weishaupt's original order. It is a farce and, although it is free to join, is only another means of collecting personal information on perspective interested parties investigating the IO. Personally, I believe the original members may have been influenced into creating their site and version of the IO at the suggestion of NIlsson Aime, an agent of the OTO.

- Jon

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