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I have a great feeling! (updated again)

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posted on May, 26 2004 @ 09:37 PM
EDIT: Scroll down for a really huge post (not the one in this message, but my next reply), which is the first of a few in a series. Discussion/Comments/Questions welcome.
Programs/Beliefs/Subjectivity/Judgements/Ego not welcome, and ignored.

Yes that's right. Despite the overwhelming amount of lies that all our politicians throw at us daily. Despite the constant warnings about the end of the world via a cataclysm. Despite the fact that our lives are based on wishful thinking and self-perpetuated illusions. Despite the fact that the human races knows NOTHING about the workings of their own universe, knows NOTHING about the existance of anything beyond their own earthly lives, knows NOTHING about the future, and covers up, forgets, and ignores the past, despite ALL our daily struggles through life as we overcome little by little the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual turmoil.. despite ALL THAT and much much more...

I'd like to share with you all some really good news that I believe will truly impact you to the depth of your souls and back:
I switched to Geico and saved a LOT of money on my car insurance!


On a serious note...

This world is a mostly negative place! The more you begin to see the truth about your life and the lives of others around you, the more you begin to see the truth of how our world operates, the more you begin to see the negative nature of it. When we're kids, everything seems blissful! We haven't a care in the world, our parents love us, Santa is real, and everybody seems happy and has only the best intentions at heart, especially in relation to you! When we begin to grow up, we begin to see the "not so happy" parts, and very often, we go back to SLEEP and pretend it isn't true, when a certain part of us keeps nagging at us, that longing feeling that "somethin ain't right, but can't put my finger on it" all our lives. We pretend our politicians have our best interests at heart, we pretend that Religions have all the answers and all we need to do is BELIEVE without any actual work on our part, we pretend that we have someone watching over us and protecting us from harm, we pretend that nothing really BAD will happen to us in the near future, bad stuff only happens to those other people on TV, and we pretend that whatever country we happen to live in, is of course the best country in the world! And each time life sends us a shock to try to shake us awake, we only bury our head further in the warm sand and believe only that which we WISH to see, we live in our own box, our own box of illusion, as we REFUSE to face reality, REFUSE to see the world for what it is - because we're all self serving beings and we aim at pleasing self, and reality isn't very self-pleasing when it's not what we want it to be. However...

A lie can be maintained only so long, before the truth makes itself known whether we're READY or not. For most people, it takes some sort of tragedy, either personal tragedy or on a large scale, to shake them up enough to begin to SEE what was right in front of their noses. When your daughter/son/wife/husband/mother/sister/brother/father is taken by the government to an unknown location, for an unknown period of time, without any charges or access to any legal representation, because of suspicion of "terrorism", this might be enough. For others, it's when 9/11 version #2 happens near their town. For others, it's when they hit the financial bottom in their lives, when they are out on the street, no money, no car, no family, no place to live, when they are suddenly hit with the immediate threat of death.

There are many possible ways to shake someone awake, but rest assured, EVENTUALLY we all wake up whether we like it or not. Reality resurfaces no matter what, and those furthest away from it will be in the most pain. So what is the point here?

All there is, is lessons. We're not here on this Earth to have as much fun as we possibly can before we croak, although that is the mission of most people. We're here to learn, to learn about ourselves and our reality, and all layers of both. I predict that after the initial shocks of what is soon to happen, after the initial horrors and turmoils, after the initial chaos and emotional release, the majority of humanity will finally begin to wake up, and only a few truly lost souls who categorically refuse to give up their own illusions, who shut out the world and ignore reality as it hits them, will still remain asleep. What turmoils am I speaking of? Those with eyes to see have been following the signs, have been collecting the clues, and by now are READY and understand precisely what I'm talking about.

The political scene in this world is a game, a farce, a stage show, designed for public consumption, carefully planned and executed often with flawless success! 9/11 is a prime example. It's now been almost 3 years, and election time is approaching. The puppets in the white house are anxiously planning their next theatrical performance, don't ya know?

There are also countless reports of comets flying by and impacting around the world, which are mostly ignored by the mainstream media. Of course, the mainstream media never forgets to take movies like "Day After Tomorrow" and point out for us that this sort of thing happens only once in a kazillion bajillion fofillion years, or pick any large integer. Don't you know, they always use the terms "experts say.." or "scientists conclude.." etc, and that mysterious group of know-it-alls is ALWAYS mentioned, and what their expert opinion is! The goal: Make sure you stay asleep, and if you're even a little confused about what you might've seen on some alternative news site, like that maybe Iraq doesn't have WMD's after all? Maybe Al Qaeda doesn't even exist? Maybe comets are falling on Earth with far greater frequency each year? Maybe earthquakes/freak storms/weird weather anomalies are increasing exponentially around the world and setting records almost daily? Well, just in case any of THAT made you a lil confused, they always have a pacifier ready, always some "medicine" to put you RIGHT back to sleep, because the experts say it is all silly conspiracies, and only a lunatic, an idiot, a mentally sick person would ever consider any of these things! And golly gee wiz you're not a lunatic are you? So of course you cannot believe such nonsense! Zzzzzz... Zzzz.....

I predict that our civilization won't survive the next couple of years, great changes will happen, and after ALL these changes, after religions disappear, governments fall, natural disasters happen, and many other things.. after ALL this, humanity will start anew, with a more realistic outlook on.. well.. reality.

And you know what? Many thousands of years from now, humans will once again be SLEEPING, once again under full control of those whose name I shall not mention at this moment, when the stories of our current upcoming calamities are the new religions LEGENDS and MYTHS, when our current civilization is regarded as we regard Atlantis today, this will repeat. It's a cycle people! Humanity repeats its own existance over and over, in a time loop!

You see, races don't evolve, beings do. Those of us who evolve move on to a higher state of existance, we don't stick around! Humans were designed a certain way, and they will remain a certain way. This world is like a grade, and the GRADE doesn't graduate, the individual STUDENTS graduate. When we GRADUATE we move on to a higher grade, and our previous grade is filled anew with new students, who just graduated from the lower-than-humans grade. This is an eternal process.

All there is, is lessons. We shall have a great summer indeed, full of terrorism and a possible lockdown of our country as it goes to Martial Law. And we're due for some major cometary impacts, but not yet! So I suggest you grab a front row seat, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the greatest show of your life: The ending of one grand cycle, and the beginning of the next. The Mayans had a limited understanding in this regard, but they couldn't be allowed to go on... they knew too much, too soon, and when a sheep knows too much, the shepherd shoots the sheep so other sheep do not learn what this outcast sheep has learned. Wait till you guys meet your masters! Oh it shall be a joyous reunion indeed, and most terrible reunion at the same time.


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posted on May, 26 2004 @ 09:53 PM
Excellent post, lilblam. I enjoyed it. What you say resonates with me. Today, I was thinking for some reason, or had the feeling, that humanity is on a cycle, in terms of our civilizations. Humanity has existed before, where they had technology to travel like we do today, they probably even had Flying Saucers to travel to Mars!

I understand that humanity is on a cycle, we've existed before, we will fall again, then it'll start all over again, where we have no technology like today.

I also want to say that I am having dreams while I sleep that my reality is only looking more and more like an illusion. There is no difference from my night dreams and what I see during the day while I'm "awake". There is more to reality that I'm becoming attuned to. It could be because of planetary alignments, or it just might be the effort on my part to expand my own mind and understanding.

posted on May, 27 2004 @ 11:18 PM
Yes, things are getter better, not worse. 2005 may be a difficult year, but past that I see clear sailing until 2012.

Take cover in 2012, though!

posted on May, 27 2004 @ 11:36 PM
I have always believed the Ragnarok stories. That at the end of this time there will be a cataclismic reorganisation of the world and that this will change humanity and humanity's priorities. I believe that after 'Ragnarok' will come a time of rebirth. Actually, I'm looking forward to it - assuming I survive of course.

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 12:27 AM
just so long as i can survive 2012

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 01:22 AM
Interesting post. I suppose that humanity is on a cycle is a good possibility.
Will be fun/scary/exciting to watch the coming years. Yeah.

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 01:35 AM
Hey nice post! it kind of calmed me down after reading numerous doomsday predictions. It has got me wondering if there is anything one must do in order to graduate and continue onto the next grade? such as preparing mentally and spiritually?

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 03:50 AM
All you need to know IS inside you.

Get in touch with your inner self for guidance.....through meditation, or prayer...WHATEVER feels like the best route for your soul.

Seek wisdom from WITHIN...not outside of yourself.

Even Jesus said the kingdom of God is within......

"Use the FORCE Luke"!!

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 04:02 AM
Hi lilblam!!

Well said my friend!

I am old enough to have lived through several predictions and prophecies of the the end of the world - I was entering my teenage years (or there abouts) during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the height of the Cold War. Scary times, where nuclear war seemed very likely, if not an absolute certainty. So, that made one very reflective - today *could* be the last day, etc.

But I think that "negative" thoughts and emotions *could* give rise to "self-fulfilling" prophecies ie if people look for the worst, then they will find it?

I had a debate sometime ago in these forums where I set out some of my thesis/ thoughts on this matter (this is not a "plug" for myself!

What we need now is to think positively and use our mental energies, psyche and karma to find solutions to our problems, rather than embrace the prophets of doom, IMO.

Thanx again for the spiritual "lift" this morning!

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 04:21 AM
I have posted on the anti thread to this one, I Have a Bad Feeling

I said there that I feel something is in the air, like it's charged with some sort of negative energy. I have, for many years, tried to attain Enlightenment through the calming of the soul, and the natural flowing of energy through myself. I have not always succeeded in this manner, but I have tried. I guess it's wrong to say I've been having a "Bad Feeling", because there are no "Bad" or "Good" feelings, only feelings. EAch thing must be approached wth the same rationality, and the same starting point, no matter it's degree of urgency, or lack thereof. You have reminded me of this, and I thank you.

Edit: added the link to that other thread

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 12:50 AM
How does one graduate to the next "grade"? Simple: learn all the lessons of this one. And they're not THAT hard really, no, otherwise you'd not be here, would you? No one is where they don't belong! You're all more than adequately prepared to learn any and all lessons of this grade, NO ONE alive is not capable of this, else they wouldn't BE here! All that exists, is that way for a reason - otherwise it wouldn't BE what it is. Think about it please - our planet is in this state for a REASON, and that reason goes beyond our current understanding, though our collective choices are heavily factored in. Yes, ultimately, everything is CHOICE, because if we did not ALLOW this world to turn into what it is, it wouldn't be this way no matter HOW MUCH "aliens" or "God" or "you-name-it" would want it to be, we are the final frontier for this world's condition! Collectively mankind allowed this to happen, but not without provocation from "outside" forces, who benefit from this! Here's some food for critical thought for thouse who are open minded enough, and courageous enough to temporarily hold back their beliefs and just THINK without reservation, just THINK - let ALL your assumptions and beliefs that have been inspired upon you by THIS world take a back seat (I know, what I'm asking for is nearly impossible to accomplish, but try?), FOR THE MOMENT at least. Feel free to resume believing/assuming as you please after you read this next piece, but I warn you: If you truly open your mind and think about this, and UNDERSTAND IT, you might never be able to return. If you don't understand, it's because you have prejudices in your mind, and it takes much effort/time to clear out your prejudices/assumptions/beliefs, though in the long run, this is the ***ONLY*** way truth will be found, there is no other alternative!

Parts of what I'm going to say I have mentioned in my previous posts on this forum, but I'm going to now put the different clues/pieces of the puzzle together for you guys, as I have done so for myself, and as others have done for ME and for each other - and hopefully this will spark something inside each of you that will help you overcome your fears to go beyond your "box of assumptions" - that very same box that has been programmed/conditioned into your mind by PARENTS/FRIENDS/RELATIVES/TEACHERS/ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY/everything else since birth, and same box that you all desperately hold on to when faced with uncertainties and the unknown - well DROP IT! The most obvious example of that box is religion: HOW MANY are afraid of stepping back from their religious beliefs, afraid to LOGICALLY THINK outside of those beliefs, for fear that they will somehow be PUNISHED for even THINKING outside the religious doctrines (be honest with yourself, this is for you to answer to yourself, not to me). Well, if you're not religious, that fear may not control you as much, although YOUR OWN fears are based in OTHER ASSUMPTIONS that you have been conditioned with, and there are PLENTY of them, so don't think yourself outside beliefs completely! But those who ARE religious, those will have the MOST difficulty understanding what I am about to say, but it is STILL not impossible - MENTAL EFFORT is all that it takes, and if you truly UNDERSTAND what I will say, plan to send a letter of resignation to your Pastor, for you won't be seeing him anytime soon!

Please keep in mind that although it takes effort, patience, and open mindedness to understand some things, learning is truly FUN. Therefore, if you're NOT having fun reading this, or doing anything else you do in life for that matter, I recommend that you stop and think about why that is, why you're doing it at all, and what's at the ROOT of this "grim" outlook. EVERYTHING in existance is FUN when seen from the proper perspective, and it is our perspective that we can CHANGE, as we can ONLY change ourselves, never another, or the entire world for that matter. That's one lesson that humanity is yet to learn.

Having said that...

What is chaos from one point of view, is order from a higher perspective, and so it is for ALL things. Some people look at nature and see perfect order, organisation. Others see chaos, randomness. The less knowledge you have, the more chaotic the world seems. The MORE knowledge you have, the more control you see, the more awareness of the natural order of things you begin to have. Don't get me wrong, wherever there is FREE WILL, the chaotic and unpredictable factor of CHOICE will always be present. However, the more knowledge/awareness you have, the more you are aware of the fact that most of our choices are FORCED choices, they are non-choices. Most of our choices are not based on much thought, although we tell ourselves that they are - things like: Whether to buy a car, whether to buy a house, whether to celebrate christmas, whether to wear certain clothes, whether to listen to certain music, whether to walk in a certain MANNER, to TALK in a certain manner, whether to go to school and which school to go to, which sorts of people to associate with, etc. If examined, a pattern of "non-choices" begins to appear, or more accurately "forced choices". Most of the time, we "fall into" these things. This can be more accurately described as "programmed" to do these things. We tell ourselves "I live my life as I choose", but this is a self-calming lie among many that we tell ourselves, because the "choice" does NOT exist! Think about it! No really, THINK about it, because we're even conditioned to NOT THINK and BRUSH THINGS OFF if they don't fit with our pre-programmed BELIEFS and ASSUMPTIONS. It's easy to brush this off, but perhaps it's time we all stopped and TRULY thought about ourselves, who WE are, and what sort of REALITY we TRULY live in - perhaps it's time we stopped being controlled by our emotions/habits/programs/beliefs and CONTROL THEM instead? Know thyself people, and you shall know your own reality and others!

Humans are ALL, without exception, SERVICE TO SELF beings. Yes we are, the very act of eating is already service to self, along with 99.9% of everything else we do (more on this later). With this comes a body-centric orientation, where we concentrate on preserving and pleasing the body, the self, the thing we assume makes us who we are. In the scope of infinity, which is how long everything exists and will forever exist all at the same time (more on that later), how long are our physical lives? 60 years? 70 years? 80 years? 120 years? This, obviously, is NOTHING then! So the question is, why are we so preoccupied in self-preservation, at maintaining this flimsy, EXTREMELY BRIEF, transient existance? What drives us to seek POWER/MONEY/ATTACHMENTS/PLEASURE, and to TAKE as much as we possibly CAN, in our really short lives? I know what most of you are thinking at the moment, "Not true, I give a lot to others too! I give money to charity, I give things to my friends/family etc, so it's not like I only TAKE!". I'm going to try to say this as gently as possible, so as not to alert the EGO, because if I alert your EGO, this is when any and all mental activity instantly STOPS and the non-thinking programmed machine takes over COMPLETELY, and we don't want that, at least not during this reading! Let's now take a 1 or 2 obvious examples of what you call "GIVING" and see if it is truly what we tell ourselves it is, because we already know that we tell ourselves a LOT of self-calming lies, lies that make us think we're something that we're truly not, because being SELF-SERVING, SELF-CENTERED, SELF-PLEASING BEINGS (control your ego at this moment PLEASE, I KNOW it doesn't like being called all that), we do NOT take pleasure in objective reality as it TRULY IS! Let's take "giving money to charity, one that sponsors little homeless kids in Africa" for example.

Whenever you do something, it is wise to always examine your motivation for doing so - your TRUE motivation, not what you tell yourself to make that nagging voice in your head shut up (Like "I'm doing a good deed here! I'm a good, giving, loving person! Yay me!" This is one of those lies we tell ourselves.. more on that later). What do you think are the motivations to give to charity? Let's take some obvious ones first.

1) It is a GOOD thing to do, it is simply GOOD!

Mike here: Do you realise that NO ONE ever does something that they think is inherently evil, and think themselves as being evil? Everyone always thinks that whatever they do is for the GOOD of.. whatever. This makes good/bad subjective because everyone has their OWN idea for what is good and what is bad or evil. There IS no universal definition, it is SUBJECTIVE which means in your MIND. I understand that this is elementary for some of you, but not for all of you, ESPECIALLY the religious people - they will have the most trouble with this, because their RELIGION defines what is good to them (or they think their heart does), and it's hard to escape that programming, really hard. Understand that HITLER, in his HEART, thought that all that he did was GOOD for the world, GOOD for everyone - he TRULY DID! And he was CHRISTIAN! It doesn't matter that you DISAGREE and think it was REALLY BAD, because there is no such thing as objectively bad - and that's the whole point. The HEART is not a reliable tool for determining good/evil - everyone's heart says DIFFERENT THINGS, whether you like it or not! Good and evil therefore, are absolutely SUBJECTIVE, which means once again, they are transitory and have no consistent meaning, they do NOT exist! Now that this is out of the way, let's move on. What's another reason for giving money to charity?

2) The money helps those kids, or whoever the charity happens to sponsor! It makes their lives BETTER!

Maybe, maybe not! Remember what I said about "chaotic nature of the universe" due to FREE WILL / CHOICE? First, the obvious: You don't really know where the money goes, and who perhaps pockets it - but let's say you DO know by tracking it, and it goes to the kid. Remember the old saying, "Money doesn't lead to happiness"?. How do you know that the kid it goes to wanted it, wanted the "stuff" he got from it? How do you know he wasn't satisfied with his existance? Because if you were him you wouldn't be? That's because you grew up PROGRAMMED to see money as the "BE ALL END ALL", and CONDITIONED to HAVE and WANT many many things, that we objectively do not need at all! Money for us is usually the "one thing that makes you happy, the thing that gives you STUFF, and STUFF makes you happy!". Do you think 200 years ago people were unhappy because they didn't have CELL PHONES? How about 1000 years ago? Yes, cell phones make long distance communication simple, but were they UNHAPPY that they couldn't talk to someone in CHINA for 10 cents a minute? Did they care?? Now, what if I took YOUR cellphone, and you could never have one again, would you be unhappy? Do you see now? What's the difference between YOU and someone 1000 years ago? Why would YOU be so damn upset, and they didn't care at all? Remember, during this entire writing, you were to leave all assumptions and "brushing things off" at the door! Now please THINK with me here.

As you can see, your programming is what defines HAPPINESS for you, and whatever you were conditioned to believe leads to happiness, will make you happy - which is the SAME for good and evil for that matter. Therefore, you cannot imagine how OTHERS can be happy WITHOUT THIS, you were not programmed to UNDERSTAND this, and it will take effort and some mental gymnastics to SEE that HAPPINESS is ALSO subjective - you can be HAPPY whenever you damn well PLEASE! We all think "If only I had this or that... I'd be happy" or "If only I could do this.." or "If only my life was different.. I was skinnier... I was prettier... I had more MONEY... I had a better house... I was married... I wasn't married... I had a better job... better nose... and the list goes on for infinity...". As you can see, we are PROGRAMMED to see happiness OUTSIDE OURSELVES, because otherwise, how would those ELITES make money off of us and control us? They cant't if we realise that happiness ONLY comes from within, and you can be happy AT ANY MOMENT YOU WANT, WITHOUT any OUTSIDE prerequisites, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! This is an extremely important lesson for humans to yet learn, but as you can see from this world, the "powers that be" are spending a LOT of effort to prevent us from LEARNING this and seeing this, among other things. PLEASE stop, and read the last 2 paragraphs again, if you have ANY misunderstanding or confusion AT ALL, because you should not - we didn't get to the difficult parts yet, we're still covering the basics/preliminaries!

Let's look at another reason for giving money to charity, and get this "good deed" over with..

3) Because it makes me feel good to see all those kids happy, to see them well-fed, well-educated, clothed, and with access to medicine!

Well, there you have it folks, and this is true any way you spin it, and this is also where your EGOS will have the MOST problem - if you want to think about this rationally and truly understand your TRUE self objectively, keep the ego down, give it a bone or something, pacify it temporarily! You see, you ARE doing this to make yourself feel good, because if giving to charity made you feel BAD, you would NOT do it! Why do I say that? Because it makes you feel so BAD when these kids do not have the "Things you deem as GOOD to have for any human being". This is because your conditioning/programming says: Everyone should be happy! And then, this same programming, tells you what is the REQUIREMENT for happiness! Remember, we are service to SELF beings, we're self-centered, and therefore, when we see OTHERS in what we PERCEIVE as "bad situation" from our point of view, we feel BAD ourselves, and in order to make ourselves feel good, in order to make us STOP feeling the GUILT of seeing another "in trouble" (according to our definition of what "in trouble" means, just as we've been conditioned to understand this), we GIVE things to others, hoping this will also make them happy, and NOT even realising that happiness is subjective, that they could've been happier than YOU before you gave them anything! Do you know that the highest suicide rate in the world is SINGLE, RICH, white men? Not poor black men. Not homeless chinese! SINGLE, RICH, white men. If THIS doesn't tell you something, then I suggest you wake up, and open your eyes. Why do you think hollywood marriages never work out, and that most celebrities/rich people are either on drugs or heavily medicated with anti-depressants? Must be because they're so damn happy with having all that money, that it friggin hurts! Yes that's it, they're so happy it hurts. Mhm..

Now we come back to this phrase again: Free will. When you GIVE when you've not been ASKED, then you make a JUDGEMENT and decide what is GOOD for the other person, you decide for THEM what they truly want (without consulting them of course, because you KNOW better!), YOU make yourself their judge, and appoint yourself as the one responsible for their happiness - you convince yourself that it is a GOOD thing to do (GOOD being subjective, but you can't let a little thing like subjectivity prevent you from self-praise can you!), and as long as it's GOOD, you cannot possibly be doing anything "wrong".

In reality, you VIOLATE their free will by GIVING when not asked, and the ONLY intention you can have when you GIVE without being ASKED is self-serving - it can only serve YOU to do this, either by eliminating your guilt that you have something they do not, and therefore are "better off" - or because you think THEY NEED whatever it is you give them, which is also SUBJECTIVE because nobody NEEDS anything, and if you THINK they do, you're subservient to your programming, which dictates YOUR needs! You think YOUR needs are also other people's needs, and your programming doesn't allow you to think otherwise - once again, if you wish to UNDERSTAND and SEE this, put in the mental effort, keep ALL of your beliefs and assumptions AWAY. Otherwise, your programming will tell you exactly what to do when you read this: Your ego/emotions/conditioning will NOT be talked to in this manner, you're much too good and much too important to yourself to be told that you were living a lie, no siree bob you will have none of this! See? Reading this without doing the prerequisites won't do you ANY "good", and by this GOOD I mean you won't learn anything - except maybe that I'm an idiot, because your ego loves subjectivity, it loves self-praise and putting others who talk of things you weren't PROGRAMMED to understand, DOWN. Kick the program, take charge of yourself, if only for a few moments.

Having said that.. again...

The point was, we only give when it benefits us, whether emotionally or otherwise. In other words, we still TAKE, and this means, we practically NEVER, if at all, actually GIVE! That's an extremely difficult thing for humans to do, who are designed to be service to self! This is not YOUR problem, this is EVERYONE's problem! We are beings that TAKE, and while doing so, convince us that we're actually giving! As long as we're convinced of this, we don't CARE for the truth! Remember, we live to FEEL GOOD, NOT to understand objective reality as it is, and if objective reality isn't what we want it to be, we'll lie and create an illusion for ourselves, and reside within, as we have. Perhaps it is now time to RETHINK this illusion. Yup, all this means all that I'm writing here, is not to GIVE, but rather to TAKE - I try to present certain concepts that I haven't been asked for, in HOPES that some people will wake up and begin to see, and help others. I understand that most will not, and will regard all if not most of this as nonsense. However, it will please ME, my self-serving SELF, if someone DOES see the truth of these statements, and DOES begin to LOOK objectively at THEMSELVES and tries to understand who they are, and therefore, begins to understand many other things about our universe, our reality, and other humans. Yup, I have vested "interest" in giving this message due to my desire to awaken people, who have NOT asked to be awakened (desire is in itself a service to self attribute)! However, perhaps some of you DID ask, and WILL see this message, and WILL awaken because of it, and THAT is why I was inspired to write it in the first place. Like I said, our awareness prevents us from seeing certain things in our reality that exist and are seen from a higher perspective. One thing is clear: no one's free will is violated, because you have to make the CHOICE to read this message, I didn't impose it on anyone.

More to follow soon, where I'll discuss the nature of our universe, and will logically demonstrate the following points:

1) Not only do aliens exist, but they are AWARE of our planet and have always been aware of it. BY saying this, I am saying, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for it to be any other way, and if this wasn't true, it would create a contradiction which by its very nature cannot exist, and does NOT exist. Therefore, that is true, and I will demonstrate soon, as it's 1:33 am now.

2) That time doesn't exist, and this leads into understanding of our universe at a fundemental level, which also leads into #1 above. This means that, before you can understand #1, you must first understand this #2, which I'll explain soon - and when you understand, you will SEE beyond a shadow of a SINGLE DOUBT, that this is indeed true, and CANNOT POSSIBLY be any other way, which means - it's NOT! Let your ego rest for now, I haven't said anything yet, I'm only preparing this, and will post it tomorrow. I also realise that some of you may already UNDERSTAND it, but considering that it is only a previous FEW, I am offering it to ALL who wish to read it.

Once again, your ego is screaming things like "Oh you think you're smarter than everyone else?" now, and I suggest you give your ego a big kick in the head. Why? Because smart is relative, and I'm a genius when compared to some, and I know NOTHING when compared to others. That "smarter than everyone else" routine is ego-based, and it is of course relative, and most of all.. that is absolutely NOT true. If your ego cannot accept that some people have more knowledge than you, which is inevitably TRUE whether you like it or not, then tell your ego to go away for now, or I cannot respond (read next paragraph).

Time is running short, we're at the brink of some big events, and with that in mind, I'm posting this. If I was ever going to present my findings on ATS, to present what I've learned and understood, that time is now. I will NOT argue with anyone over any of this, I'll only DISCUSS in a calm, rational manner. Remember, I will not talk to your EGO (And we BOTH will know when it's your ego, unless one of us is lying to himself, then one of us won't know), I will not talk to your PROGRAMMED NON-THINKING SELF (we'll BOTH know when it's a PROGRAM responding, not YOU. Unless of course one of us isn't vigilant and paying attention to his own programs, then yup only one of us will know this), and I will not talk to your BELIEFS/ASSUMPTIONS (because the minute I hear things like "You're going to hell for this" or "Good definitely exists! I feel it in my heart!" or "I'm NOT programmed!" then we'll both know that it's the "denial program" running, which denies all that doesn't conform to your assumptions/beliefs. Pay attention to those please!) If you are unable to contain any of the 3 aforementioned things, please try, or do not expect me to reply. Thank you in advance!

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 12:57 AM
Why do you always tie religion into your posts? This is starting to drive me nuts. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. STOP IT!

Oh well, it helps me when I'm bored to read this stuff.

Also, may I ask why you think big events have to happen soon?

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 01:10 AM

Originally posted by Shugo
Why do you always tie religion into your posts? This is starting to drive me nuts. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. STOP IT!

Oh well, it helps me when I'm bored to read this stuff.

What part of you feels it needs to put up a "defense" when I mention religion in whatever I say? You say it as if it almost hurts you

Religion, being such a huge part of this world, is very pervasive. So if you get "offended" each time someone doesn't speak very "highly" of it, perhaps you should deal with that program, and see why you're so upset over this. If you won't, you'll be upset each and every time someone disagrees with your beliefs, and this can be much more often than just posts on ATS!

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 01:18 AM
Oh no... I just realize it, well majority of your posts do, that's all. I'm not trying to defend anything at this moment.

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by Shugo
Oh no... I just realize it, well majority of your posts do, that's all. I'm not trying to defend anything at this moment.

Because majority of my time is spent thinking about things, which are in one way or another related to religion, even if not directly

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 07:37 AM
Thankyou for taking the time to write that post lilblam, I'm eagerly awaiting the next one

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:09 AM
And the world will keep spinning and the human race will keep multiplying, and life will keep on going on.

As you get older and wiser, your views in humanity and the world will change, I have to give you credit you are on the path of self discovery if we had more pople like you the world will not be in this mess we are know.
Remember throught history we had been in bigger mess before and the world and the human race had survive, sad to say not always the wiser.

keep writing like that is refreshing.

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 10:27 AM
Hey Lilblam!

As you know, I've read a few of your posts/threads and chatted to you via U2U a few times... Some of the concepts you talk about are *very* difficult to understand (for me at least), but I just wanted to say that the posts in this thread were easier to follow and very informative. I understand a little better some of the things we spoke about.

I will try to read some of your previous posts/threads ("back-issues?
) to see what other nuggets I can find!

Btw, do you have an email list... service.... thingy...? Y'know; to get this kind of info in my inbox (that'd be a bit cool!)

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by marg6043
Remember throught history we had been in bigger mess before and the world and the human race had survive, sad to say not always the wiser.

Hi Marg

Yup I know we (humans) have been in real "rough" spots before. However, this time around, it is truly a unique "rough spot", and the chances of survival are truly slim to none. Not because I'm a pessimist, because I try as hard as I can to be a realist - to see what IS, to follow the signs and see where it's all leading, not to rely on my wishful thinking that says "everything will be alright, it'll all work out!". In the end, yes everything is "alright", but "alright" has many many meanings too, it's also subjective. And I understand the desire to think that no harm will come to the human race, or your self personally, the hope that we we won't destroy each other or won't be destroyed by some astronomical phenomena or something else. However, if we are to face the "music", we must look reality in the face, look OURSELVES in the face, and seek only the truth, not what we tell ourselves to calm ourselves down! Otherwise, we just continue living in our own little world of illusion, ignoring what IS, and setting ourselves up for a huge fall: the shock when reality inevitably HITS you like a club on the head, or worse.

The human race has been "almost" destroyed a "few" times before, or at best scattered and took thousands of years to rebuild and establish civilization (the dark ages anyone?). This time, however, there are more factors that will play into this, and sadly, it might be just the kick needed to completely remove us off the map. There are cycles, and then there are cycles within cycles, large and small. Like biorhythms, sometimes the planet has a "triple bad day" when a bunch of cycles intersect all around the same time, and each one of those cycles brings some form of CHANGE to the planet. We're approaching that day, when HUGE change is coming. You can either panic, or rejoice. Let's see who would panic, and who would rejoice. If you panic, you either don't realise the state of control, ignorance, lies, and illusions that permeate the entire human race, OR you have vested interest in MAINTAINING this. If you rejoice, then you realise what is truly happening on the planet, and you see this as something that can shake humans awake, and you also have NO vested interest to continue ANY sort of control on anyone, period.

However, it's only a triple bad day if you're Bush, or Sharon, or any government leader, leader of secret society, or elite like a huge business owner and more. It's a triple GOOD day if you're Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, and any other service to others candidate, who seeks to spread only TRUTH and TRUE freedom, not slavery under guise of freedom. Why? Because after destruction, after the turmoil, CHANGE will inevitably follow. I wouldn't judge it as "good" or "bad", it is simply CHANGE, that is all! If you hope that humanity will go on like this forever, that's just wishful thinking, and you yourself understand that's unrealistic, and untrue!

No worries though, we're all going to die eventually anyway, and NO ONE ever knows WHEN they will die, and most people plan to live far longer than they actually live. The bottom line is, if the conditions are right, any and all civilizations, no matter how "powerful" they think they are, fall, and most often don't come back. MOST people in those civilizations think it will never happen, and if it will, probably NOT in their life times! Our "team of experts" always assures us that "Things like that don't happen in (pick a huge integer) years, so we're safe for a long long time!!". Those same experts also tell us that "ET's, even if they exist, cannot possibly be here, because we'd know about it then of course. Since there was no formal introduction, they're not here yet, and if you think they are, admit yourself to a psychiatric ward please, you're a basket case!".

And of course, we're conditioned to BELIEVE when we hear something coming from "scientists" or "experts", because of course, they're smarter than us, and this makes them more probable to be right, which usually (in our heads) means they are right! Some of us are beginning to QUESTION who those "experts" are, and why the hell are they suddenly experts on EVERYTHING, from astronomy to astrology, from aliens to God, from cataclysms to every bloody thing else (prime example, those on ATS!). Yet others, by now realise that it's just our Controllers' way of programming us, into accepting what they want us to know, and nothing else! Anyone who actually learns to THINK, not within the bounds that have been created for them, but REALLY THINK, becomes a threat! Yes, in case of martial law, they are the first to burn in a concentration camp, because they might influence others to awaken and SEE, and it may spread like wildfire until the elite have no more control over the populace, and what a cold day in hell this would be for them!

Potentially even more depressing, is not that ALL the signs are screaming "UH OH", but because there are some extremely powerful and influencial groups that are WORKING at changing the planet, into their needs. This political fiasco that we see playing out is a carefully planned spectacle. When you see it as that, you can see right through the little puppet head of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, and the rest of the power rangers gang. Why puppets? Because although they have plans of their own, they're too busy executing these little schemes to even see that THEY themselves are part of someone else's plan, that THEY are being toyed with and manipulated into doing precisely what someone else needs done. Some are aware of course, because any and all of those people are potentially bought and payed for. They are the ones who can be bought with money, and promises of world power etc. Power corrupts. Absolute power doesn't exist, but the HOPE to achieve it already corrupts absolutely, or close to it.

So either way you look at it, we're headed for some huge changes, and a LOT of turmoil. Whether it be politically induced, astronomically, geologically, or any other things that are now escalating into a big "intersection of cycles". Hang on to your hats, for this too shall pass.

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 07:09 PM
I understand a lot of what you say. This is because I've only recently, perhaps after I got the internet and my own spiritual inclination, started to learn about reality and the bigger picture. Like the matrix movie, when it first came out in 1999, I didn't understand the significance of it. After much learning on my own, outside of the formal indoctrination process of the educational system, I began to see realities far off what the 'Powers That Be' don't want me to see. Things like spirituality, inner awareness, altering perceptions, etc. When I went back to the matrix movies, I had a new awareness that symbolized what really is happening. I am awake, more than I was before, at least. Your posts serve to enlighten more about myself--keep up the good work.

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