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New World Order Takes It's Shape!!!!

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 03:36 PM
Hi, I am in college finishing up my second year. I am majoring in accounting.

2 days ago in my class we got a lecture about groups and organization like gaap and fasb etc.

My professor was warning us about 2016. That they want to have a International accounting standards implemented by 2016. He told us mainly to watch out for whats coming ahead and we would need to relearn some things by that time.

He was telling us that we are getting closer to globalization. He said that they also want to create a international tax committee that wants to create a international tax system. All this to be implemented by 2016.

Here is a article that supports that my professor isn't making this crap up.


it states some are already using a international accounting standards right now but all will be forced to by 2016.

listening to this lecture and having been a long ats member. I thought this was some interesting evidence of a One World Order.

It seems that we are going global. So thats a fact that we are going global the question now is that why are we doing this? Is it because of the builderburge or any groups wanting to enslave us?

Or are the reasons they give are legit were our economy needs to go global to compete. I have been watching over the years on how the U.S gov moves.

I notice bush allowed big companies to go into other countries or to move operations to other countries.

I am wondering what is behind that... The only think I can think of is that they are trying to make a one world economy by match making the wages. This means making a equilibrium of wages over the world. In other words if you get paid 20 bucks in the U.S to do lets say accounting then in india you will get paid 20 bucks for the same type a job... well anywhere in the world you will get paid 20 bucks. It seems they want to get flat wages all over the world. This is why they played around with our economy. India and china is going good . They are raising their wages. Where as in America our wages are going doing .This would mean they want to make a match.

So what I showed to you is clearly a fact that we are going global. Just that we need to know the true reason as to why do we need to go global. If we needed to go global then why didn't we do this a long time ago.

This is why I think that One World Order is coming. I personally think 2010 is the year which is the base of the construction of the one world order. Meaning what they signed today will help towards building a one world order.

I would love to hear what you got to say. I am nervous about hearing about this.

Now I googled for international taxes but couldn't find anything to verify what my professor told me.

I would believe him cause he isn't a bragger or anything. He is a good professor. I told him about that One World Order and he doesn't believe it he said it's hogwash stuff. So it seems he isn't saying this stuff out of thought or based off conspiracies.

I would like to know what do you think about this? Do you think this is a sign for New World Order or just a sign of change of our economy to become global.

I posted this stuff to see if anyone hears anything more about this subject or wants to look for at least that international taxes.

If this is true that we are going to a One World Order then why aren't we people fighting for our freedom now? I seen many people protest about it and say what they think and what they feel but now see any action done about it.

I wounder are we going to welcome the New World Order to our homes by 2016?

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 04:01 PM
An International tax ?

There are already several smaller versions of this, but a full out in our face global tax will certainly freak people out.

It proves that they think they own the world.

Too bad there is no way for them to keep control. There is just too many possibilities for them to have covered all the bases.

Their time is short, they probably won't make it to 2016 to implement this.

They are suffering from many internal problems too, so the problems just pile up. They are gonna be overwhelmed any time now. Just wait and watch, it will be funny.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

yes a international tax. You will have a international tax plus a federal tax and a state tax if your in the U.S

for other countries you would have a international tax and a federal tax more depending on your country.

the committee that will be formed will work with every countries tax groups for the U.S this would be the IRS.

This way you will have rules and standards world wide. You no longer can have offshore accounts and hide your money from taxes.

So this concerns me. I don't think this will fall off. They are already telling tax and accounting professionals about this that it will be implemented by 2016.

I am pretty sure they are well determined to push this that is why my professor told us about it so we can take a class on international accounting even tough our program wouldn't require us to take such a class.

So I am not sure that this will just die down.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 09:07 PM
Yes, they would like to equalize wages worldwide. However, the guy in India isn't going to be brought up to 20 bucks an hour, YOU are to be brought down to his level. Once the bloated plutocrats own 99% of everything, the remaining one percent will be spread evenly for the remaining 99% of the population, to wthe level a starving Ethiopian would consider prosperity. Enjoy!

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posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 04:16 AM
reply to post by CaptChaos

yes, I just was giving a example. The truth would be something like we will have world wide poverty but they still need to pay good enough money to make you do your job.

Like they still need accountants and other professions in order to run their empire.
You just won't enjoy your life meaning you will be a work o halic. you won't enjoy your money because you will spend it on many fees and other stuff. I don't think there would be starvation but more like we will be gini pigs running on a wheel hoping for something good to come out of it but not thinking about it because we have no time to think on our own because we will be busy working or buying food doing daily things. If you really look at it today we are always running. I been to pakistan and haven't seen people rushing to work. Yet here in America you see people on the road driving to work fast because they are going to be late.

I look at it as modern day slavery. You will not starve and live in a good home not a millionair type house just good enough that keeps you in good health and alive. The elite needs us to do there dirty hard work labor.

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 04:28 AM
I haven't found anything about the international tax.

Just wanted to say that I know for sure accounting principals are changing by 2016 it's a for sure thing. We are going global. Their can be two reasons as to why we are doing this. Ones is that our economy is getting bigger and bigger and now it's time to go global. So we will convert everything in the profession in america to a international standard. This means we will unite as one with the world. Have one world system meaning one set of rules for accounting and taxing people and engineering rules and regulation. The other possibilities is that we are going for a ONE WORLD ORDER. Have one government that is international that owns all countries and creates the rules of all countries meaning this into a new structure of government. This allows all previous laws and rules be wiped out clean. Now the question is which one is a fact or the one that will most likely be true and how will it effect our future.

The evidence I provide just shows as a fact that the accounting principles in the U.S will be a international standard meaning the international standards organization will create a new set of accounting rules and will make it global.

Now accounting is nothing but recording your companies past financial transactions. I now say why do they now want to shove most of the U.S accounting principals today on a global scale? This means they will now record any financial information international by 2016.

To me this seems fishy and looks like more control of humans around the world. Why do we need more and more control this control takes away our freedom. To me I say welcome to modern slavery where todays technology will keep you in line with what the government has in store for you.

This stuff just makes me nervous about my future.

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