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How to grow a ONE WORLD ORDER and not a NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 02:53 AM
Let’s face it folks, it is inevitable that we:
A. become globalized as our populations grows
B. well eventually (if we don’t destroy ourselves) do the same to the planets, stars and galaxies, as our knowledge expands.

The problem is our leaders do not understand how to bring this about without violence and fear. So they continue to do what works. I don’t have all the answers for many different areas must be covered that one person could not possibly do, but I have a few ideas.

The problem is people hate change, and love the same old BS as a society, individually we change but as a group it takes a long time, so if you are killed or feared into change it happens very abruptly and works very well for our handlers, stand and yell at a cow what does it do? Now tazer that cow, same reaction? Of course not but see the change!?!

What we need to teach our handlers is that we can change if they just make us do it. If they lead by example instead of from the shadows waiting to fail or to take it all for themselves. We need to teach them that we need abrupt change that doesn’t involve death and fear.

We need the handlers to update the system, complete overhaul, the reason they preach over populations is because the infrastructures built in the 50s and 70s cannot handle today’s populations, and they are not willing to use some of their over exaggerated income to ensure that we have what we need, when we need it and we already paid for it.

We need the handlers to ensure that we are safe at work and are taken care of, and respected for we are the crop they cash in on. We need them to keep us happy so we can return everyday with a sense of accomplishment which means higher pay for labour, shorter hours, better benefits, and sometimes a damn good pat on the back.

We need them to move our societies away from things that destroy our planet like oil, mining and logging. Taxes are not the way to fix anything, our taxes can already pay for the things we need if only the rulers didn’t take so much and expect to give so little.

We need to stop creating soldiers, without soldiers there are no wars, we don’t need security, a society that hides nothing and welcomes all has nothing to fear. We need not fear for our safety for some day we will die, so each day is our last.

We need our handlers to look away from religion in our multicultural societies when dealing with others and judge the character within, but rule upon the people as Sheppard’s to a flock, caring for even the weakest ones, and searching night and day for the lost. We need to teach our rulers that they must just do it, just change it, they don’t need to kill us into it or take away our rights to shove us in the directions they want. They just need to take the initiative and change it now.

We need to stop teaching our children about fairy tale creatures like Santa, and the Easter bunny and truly teach them that the holidays we all celebrate together are a human endeavour and not a consumer affair.

We need to teach our handlers that they are not above the law and we will strike them from their position without question if they are corrupt, and we must stand up and make sure it happens. We must make our handlers see that we are their future, we are their innovation we are their lively hoods, and we need to teach them empathy beyond what is needed.

We need them to know we can change without being tazed into submission, and we need them to just do it!

If anyone else has anything else they like to add to assist our leaders in creating a better future I’d like to hear so it don’t be shy to lay it on the line. We need everyone to come forward with ideas so maybe we could all each carry one of them with each of us and see if it changes the way things work around us, I know I try all the time, it’s hard to be civil in such a hectic world but if we try just a bit everyday things will change.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 03:29 AM

hear hear!

this is my idea:
instead of "monotheism," let's have UNI-theism

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 03:05 PM
Well it would appear as though none of you really care about any of this as i have laid down a format for us to discuss what we can do to help change things, it appears that the majority are fascinated with who, where, when, and why, but none here actually care about what!

Im sick of 60 page threads about what these "elites" are doing and nothing about what we are going to do, after all we have enable them to get this far.

Maybe you think nothing can be accomplished by this discussion, maybe you think there is nothing you can do, then you have given up and should cease with the NWO rhetoric, when GHWBush comes right out ten years earlier and says it on national television there is no secret agenda, there is however comsumers and distributors.

Personaly i think most of you would never give up buying new fancy # like gadgets and cars and toasters and dvd's, i think your quite happy killing people in different countries as long as you get that new iphone app, or that next great MMORPG, i think your scared to face it and would rather spend your time shouting the evil agenda aloud instead of facing it and making change.

In fact im going to bet your all scared into submission and think your doing your part here, where the majority of humans will NEVER, EVER know about an ATS or any other sites.

Prove me wrong i challenge you, never mind challenge ill be arrogant enough to say you will fail to address it all together, to step up admit you're sucked into the cycle of selfish need and cannot tell me what you can do to change it.

We all know whats happening which makes it no secret, even people removed from the topic know whats going on, its out, but your all too scared to face it, talk about it, thread about it, do what ever the hell you want about it but for human sake atleast show that you have some damn input or balls or something anyway!

Prove me wrong that not one of you gives a damn past a star and flag for your "finds" that someone else posted on this web called the net. PROVE you may have some ideas about the direction we should be taking, and not what the other side is doing.

PROVE ME WRONG............................ I TRIPLE DAWG DARE YOU!!!!

If you're not too scared to think or express it.

Hell maybe none of you really care after all, or this post would have already been adressed as a fools rant or the begining of change!

You decide!! O.o!
Edited for a P.S.

To flame me for grammer or pick apart what im trying to say is a FAIL!, to not address the issues i raise is guessed it FAIL! and you should pick another thread to be a grammer nazi or troll.

[edit on 14-2-2010 by humilisunus]

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by humilisunus

Our greatest challenge is the seeming solidity of our world. We can go to jobs, get paid, go to a store, and buy what we need. We can rent a new apartment far from the creeping collapse of the city ghetto. We can get a new job, or divorce and get a new spouse, or keep making decisions that we think makes life better. But this is palliative treatment, or making the patient feel better while the disease is terminal, and does not fix the problem. Now that the downward curve is poking out blatantly from all corners, fewer people are satisfied with "make better" and more want "fix the root of the problem." This is where our ideas begin accessibility to most thought-leaders, and this is why as the downward curve continues, more thought-leaders are considering our ideas and then repeating them in a form specific to that thought-leader. This is the beginning of change from "no one will vote for this" to "no one sane will reject this," and with every day that conversion comes closer.

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by humilisunus

Yep, it is inevitable. Either there will be world government or there will be extinction, one or the other. The arbitrary borders and hollow prejudices that keep us apart must not be allowed to prevail and are actually more dangerous than TPTB.

The question is will we have a world in which the greed of the Elite continues to drive us toward oblivion by sucking the Earth dry and enslaving us under the oppressive shadow of money OR will we come together as a species and restore this Eden of a planet to what it was meant to be? Think about how much control corporations like Monsanto have over our food, they are now patenting lifeforms left and right, altering and destroying species just to maintain control, if they wanted to they could hold the world to ransom. That's not how its supposed to be....

There is no way to ever have a perfect system but I think if we come together instead of tearing each other apart we have a good shot at creating a damn good future for this species... We just need to stop the poison the Elite are pumping into our minds and bodies and start uniting.

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