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No Negative Harvests Please!

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 02:37 AM
The Self Inflicted New World Order

The NWO is a lot of things, to a lot of people. Not many people see something positive when they look at it. Well, not unless "you're one the them", whoever "they" is.

Recently in my life, it was suffered unto me, that there was a very real possibility that I was looking at the world, properly, only a small fraction of the time.

After reading countless books, articles, interviews, and comic books, I began to sense a serious lack of conversational abilities in my circle of friends. I began to see myself as an enlightened individual. I never figured that it might have been because I was only really finding commonality with people who were 10 years and more sometimes, younger than I was. I was satisfied to be intellectually enlightened comparitively speaking, but couldn't figure out why I couldn't make forward moves against the Illuminati at the same time.

Then Lady GaGa sacrificed herself onstage so that (fill in your relevant and current belief on what the performance said/did for you). It blew my f'ing minds to say the least. Here, I thought things were getting obvious, and I had never heard of this Lady GaGa person, I had for the most part killed my television watching ability, and hadn't owned a radio in years. No advertising was my position, thank in part to Bill Hicks, thanks in part to my brother, and there were other factors that helped making me who and what I am today.

So after the VMA sacrifice ritual, and completely obvious Masonic over and undertones, I started a whirlwind activity search, and came up somehow, with the illuminatimatrix.wordpress website. This website, I thought as I began to read, revealed the whole gig!
The language system, and the number system of the covert and evil Illuminati! No more Satan thought I as the pieces began to unravel, and instead I was filled with an overwhelming urge to love all things.

And it's still right there, on the internet, waiting to be read by anyone who thinks there is a New World Order, waiting to take over everyone and anyone on the spot and institute a total slave state, for the rest of human history making.

In case you've never heard of the website, it's:

Dialectical tug-of-war!

Please! understand, this is not an understanding of Illuminati Light Bearer Egregarian Fruit Bavarian Salad here. There is no Illuminati with power, unless it is a part of our very own power. This is just the simple matter of fact behind atomic particle(theories-facts). If there is a God, he controls Satan, and the Illuminati, so, why worry? If there's no God, that means, we're all totally one already, and there's no need to resist the overwhelming love force of the All-One-Ness-of-Being, so, no problems there. If you're an atheist, well, #, I guess you are out of luck, and should arm yourself to the teeth.

All the Jew-bashers! Every culture has idiots who just hate. That's no reason to parrot their hatred. The few Israeli's who give the rest a bad name, are not your enemy. They are your neighbors. Just like the Muslims. And the Hindu! If there is a God, then, we are ALL his chosen people, for we all share this world.

The evil Jewish Cabal you think is real, should have already Hailed Satan for the last time, but here we are, able to talk openly about evil Jews! Don't you think their God, who does or doesn't have some say in this matter, want to stop you from being able to say the things you say about his impending kingdom on earth?

If the Jews are the Chosen people, why are they the smallest population on the planet? If a Christian God was unpleased by their acts, you would think he would act himself upon the misdeeds of his own creation, or is this a "God, Phew! There when you need Him, gone when you don't" kinda relationship most people are having?

We're here with each other NOW! That's the name of the game. How do we live with each other? How can we call what we do "progress" until we have learned better, how to live with those we deem different than ourselves?

And then there's the cost of this negative outlook to "God's" master plan. To deem it negative is to deprive yourself of what you are born to do. Make the most of the situation you are dealt in the Game of Life, and hope and wonder that it will have some meaning when the "ride" is over.


There is no fighting the trinity of "L". It starts with one simple choice. Think about your ever shifting now, and at some point ask yourself, is this how I want my NOW to look? If the answer is no, you have some serious questions to ask yourself when turning the blue beam inwards. Decide that starting with this NOW, you are going to build on all the NOWs that are going to occur between you and your parting from the 3 dimensional experience of life.

Mine is about a girl. I can sit here and moan and groan about how she doesn't feel the same for me, as I do for her, or I can take it one NOW at a time. Slowly and with great effort, I will replace the thoughts of her, with thoughts of what still might become. Maybe not with her, but with the endless amounts of possibilities that are open to me, everytime I walk out my front door and present myself to all the "reflections of the one".

We are very similar, as humans, not as apart from the whole as we would like to think, given the nature of the 3d illusory experience we share. Guess what? FOr whatever reasons, the NOW dictates that there be almost 7 billion of us. Connected on one level, but on another level, so intentionally different, for such a specific purpose. It's so we all get to go to the place that waits for us, when this journey ends. I don't know what, or where that is, but if it makes my NOW seem more optimistic than I was, 13 NOWS ago, than i've achieved something in the way of "taking back the power of self programming".

Tramua based mind control, is only really effective, because we subject ourselves to it, again and again, as we gravitate more and more towards those things we perceive will make us happy in our lies.

Life is meant to be lived, so live it. Seek out new paths of information, but, for the most part, the fear paradigm has to start with us. We are the ones who say loudest of all that "they" use fear against us, yet it is with fearful over and undertones, that we bring our message to the masses!

Love conquers all, and, love under will!


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