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Human Reaction to an Alien Presence

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posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 08:29 AM
The main Inspiration for this thread (some may roll their eyes now) came from the film “The day the earth stood still” the most recent version from 2008 where somewhat of an invasion took place in Manhattan.

Going from an assumption that some haven’t seen the film I’ll give a very small introduction about a specific part that's extremely interesting to me.

Right so In this film an orb like “thing” comes to earth at an alarming rate, At which point the government practically kidnaps a bunch of scientists and closes down the highway to get them to the briefing area As soon as possible.

Then they find out that as the orb like craft is about to collide with the earth it starts to slow down and eventually lands comfortably in Central Park, New York at which point the Government goes completely crazy and sends the military to Manhattan also.

A bright light appears from this Orb at which point a figure appears from it subsequently the military starts to panic and immediately shoots the figure down as soon as it gets close nearly killing it, once it’s in military control and have the figure captured in a medical facility they decide the best thing to do (not knowing its intentions) would be to interrogate it to get information from it.

Now seeing this in the film makes a degree of sense to me, not the idea of shooting down something that we have no understand of but specifically the idea that if we assume that the government actually isn’t in direct contact with any alien beings from outer space at this moment in time and IF they did decide to come to Earth without us knowing about it before hand the government would automatically panic and attempt to shoot it down without even knowing whether it’s intentions were good or bad.

That seems to me exactly something that the government would end up doing and not forgetting the attempting of an interrogation shortly after which personally I have no doubt they would do without much information about it.

Im curious as to what ATS members think about the reaction we would have to a surprise "Showing up" (Not invasion) from something not from this Earth?

Im also interested in not just a government reaction to a surprise showing up but the reaction from the public aswell.

It seems to me that we as a human race are extremely frightful of most things that we don’t understand or simply to things that are classed as an unknown,

It seems that this is the common reaction to such an event…

A UFO scare was sparked after the police were flooded with calls about a fleet of 'spaceships' invading the coast of Britain.
Thousands of people spotted the bright orange orbs off the Channel coast at Brighton.
Police and air traffic control centres were inundated by reports of the strange spectacle, the Daily Express reported.
Shocked witness James Gordon-Johnson said: "I hadn't been drinking. I was sceptical about UFOs before but this has changed my mind.

I wonder if in the future as we hear more and more about UFO’s in the skies or alien sightings etc. that we become more welcoming and gracious to a sighting or if indeed it does happen at some point in the near or far future a showing up from being’s not from Earth.

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posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 08:47 AM
The point you make is essentially a side effect of evolution.

We, as a species, haven't made it as far as we have by welcoming unknowns with open arms.

Quite the opposite in fact. We destroy anything we think might possibly be a threat and this has lead to total human dominance on this planet at the expense of many creatures.

I fear that our "better to be safe than sorry" attitude will (ironically) end up making us very very sorry. If they can travel here which is not only beyond our technical capabilities but beyond our theoretical capabilities, chances are their guns are bigger than ours.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 09:38 AM
May I just make the point that without colaberation , some of the greatest works of recent times would have been impossible . The Large Hadron Collider for instance is quite an astounding achievement of engineering (even if it is a little delicate at times) , which wouldnt not have happened if it had not been for many people comming together at the altar of science, and putting aside thier cultural differences in order that a certain result was achieved.
In the same way, if we are to advance as a species then we must learn to understand things before we act on them , or form opinions of them. Specificaly I believe that where alien interaction is concerned, that this applies many fold. Extra terrestrial intelligence is something that could barely be believed many years ago, but now we have to consider the ramifications of its probable existance. We need to accept that the xenophobic undertones of inter cultural communication on this planet, prove that we need a wake up call regarding our inability to accept inherant difference or divergance from a set of pre established (and probably outmoded ) cultural , physical , behavioural norms.
This will be completely unhelpful to us should a colaberation be either possible or required between oureselves and other races in the galaxy . And you never know when that might happen in the future!

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 09:39 AM
Hi there, Rising Against, I saw the film(s), the original and the new one, and was impressed with both. However, the point is this did happen, and it happened in 1954.

In 1953 Astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving toward the Earth. It was first believed that they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects could only be Spaceships. Project Sigma intercepted alien radio communications. When the objects reached the Earth they took up a very high orbit around the Equator. There were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown. Project Sigma, and a new project, Plato, through radio communications using the computer binary language, was able to arrange a landing that resulted in face to face contact with alien beings from another planet. Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this race of space aliens. In the meantime a race of human looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government.

This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the Equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed. They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other. This race stated that,

*we were on a path of self destruction and we must stop killing each other,

*stop polluting the Earth,

*stop raping the Earth's natural resources,

*and learn to live in harmony.

These terms were met with extreme suspicion, especially the major condition of nuclear disarmament. It was believed that meeting that condition would leave us helpless in the face of an obvious alien threat. We also had nothing in history to help with the decision. Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States. The overtures were rejected. [10]

The significant point about Cooper’s version is that the humanoid extraterrestrial race was not willing to enter into technology exchanges that might help weapons development, and instead was focused on spiritual development. Significantly, the overtures of these extraterrestrials were turned down.

Another ‘whistleblower’ who confirms that First Contact involved an extraterrestrial race being spurned for their principled stand on technology transfer is the son of the famous creator of the Lear Jet, William Lear. John Lear is a former Lockheed L-1011 Captain who flew over 150 test aircraft and held 18 world speed records, and during the late 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's was a contract pilot for the CIA. Lear developed a close relationship with CIA Director (DCI) William Colby who was in charge of covert operations in Vietnam before becoming DCI. According to Lear there had indeed been a warning from another race prior to an agreement being eventually signed, and he claimed they visited Muroc/Edward and the following occurred:

In 1954, President Eisenhower met with a representative of another alien species at Muroc Test Center, which is now called Edwards Airforce Base. This alien suggested that they could help us get rid of the Greys but Eisenhower turned down their offer because they offered no technology. [13]

Cooper’s and Lear’s idea of more than one extraterrestrial race interacting with the Eisenhower administration is supported by other whistleblowers such as former Master Sergeant Robert Dean who like Cooper, had access to top secret documents while working in the intelligence division for the Supreme Commander of a major US military command. In Dean’s 27 year distinguished military career, he served at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe where he witnessed these documents while serving under the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. Dean claimed:

The group at the time, there were just four that they knew of for certain and the Greys were one of those groups. There was a group that looked exactly like we do. There was a human group that looked so much like us that that really drove the admirals and the generals crazy because they determined that these people, and they had seen them repeatedly, they had had contact with them, there had been abductions, there had been contacts… Two other groups, there was a very large group, I say large, they were 6-8 maybe sometimes 9 feet tall and they were humanoid, but they were very pale, very white, didn't have any hair on their bodies at all. And then there was another group that had sort of a reptilian quality to them. We had encountered them, military people and police officers all over the world have run into these guys. They had vertical pupils in their eyes and their skin seemed to have a quality very much like what you find on the stomach of a lizard. So those were the four they knew of in 1964. [14]

There is some discrepancy in the testimonials as to which Air force base the spurned extraterrestrials met with President Eisenhower and/or Eisenhower administration officials. Cooper claims this occurred at Homestead Air force base in Florida, and not Edwards. [15] On the other hand Lear and Suggs suggest it occurred at Edwards. In his letter, Gerald Light pointed to intense disagreement amongst Eisenhower officials in responding to the extraterrestrials at the Edwards AFB meeting. Such intense disagreement may predictably have occurred if national security officials were responding to an extraterrestrial request to abandon the pursuit of weapons technologies. Given the intensity of the Cold War, the national security officials present may well have decided it was more prudent to seek better terms before agreeing to the extraterrestrials request. Light’s testimony implies that the meeting at Edwards did not result in an agreement, but instead resulted in intense disagreement between Eishenhower officials. Consequently, I will conclude that the Lear and Suggs version is more accurate, and that the ‘First Contact’ meeting occurred at Edwards Air force base in February 20-21, 1954.

So the moves may or may not be a thin version of what really happened in '54, but to me, our government of the time sold us human being out to these aliens, and for that, I will never forgive them. The human spiritual aspect is much more important that a world of technology, never forget that.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by autowrench

That was a fascinating read and I can't say I have ever come across it before. However I hope you can forgive me for remaining skeptical of the claims. I have once in my life seen an anomalous event that I still cannot explain but I am not so willing to attritbute aliens to the explanation.

That said I do believe in Extra Terrestrial life but the idea that aliens landed and talked with governments is something I wish to be true but I don't want to accept without any verification. The articles presented provide testimonial and a recount of events but is there any literature or documentation available that can corroborate the story?

Either way I thank you for the interesting information.


posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 11:58 AM
That was a really interesting read AutoWrench I really enjoyed it and im grateful that you provided it, Although it maybe a little bit too much to swallow right now so in my book its staying as plausible but im hopeful its true but just need a little bit more to believe it.

All the same thanks for providing it its very interesting.


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