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Earthquakes x HAARP x Depopulation x NWO. WTF is going on???

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 05:37 PM
After the Norway spiral I started to get some background about the Project Blue Beam and specially about the High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program (HAARP). Everybody already knows that there's massive speculation about the real purpose behind it. Officially this program is researching the ionosphere and how it affects military, civilian communications and navigation systems, but supposedly "under the radar", the HAARP would be used as an environment control's weapon by military groups committed to NWO agenda. According to many researchers and conspiracy theorists, these groups have been using the "antenna farm'' of Alaska facility, to fire up massive EMP onto ionosphere, that after got excited just fire back these pulse discharges. Ain't none expert, nor even a scientist, but I assume that the supposed HAARP-made hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, are related to the intensity of these pulses and the locality where they were fired. Everyone that knows this subject, may be concerned about the last earthquakes in 2008-09 and early 2010 and connected them with HAARP. Apparently there's no evidence that they're connected, EXCEPT, an odd aurora-like glowing light ever seen in the areas struck by quakes, few moments before they happen. The conspiracy theorists claim that the lights are the "trigger" of HAARP-quakes, but according to some geologists, this spectrum is a disturbance that happens when crystalline rocks are deformed by the slow grinding of the earth that occurs before the earthquake. These geologists allege that this spectrum is a natural warning. Then, even if HAARP isn't causing quakes, definitely its scientists know these EM disturbances, 'cos they appear in the magnetometer data. I verified the lectures in the days of 3 bad*ss quakes in 2008-09, China and Pakistan plus the last one in Haiti and everything matches.

My point is: Why the US HAARP scientists ARE NOT informing to public that a possible natural defense system against quakes, already was discovered??

Glowing lights seen in Sichuan/China, before 2008 quake

HAARP magnetometer data

However, I've been checking the global map of 2009 earthquakes and the patterns are WEIRD. If I'm saying bullsh*t, plz someone bring the light, but it seems that most of them happened in overpopulated areas...
If it was truth, we're just back to the ground zero: Is HAARP technology being used to depopulate certain areas??


Pre-quake spectrum
HAARP magnetometer
2009 seismic global map

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by ucalien

Well done, but like all these theory's they can't be proven. Unless someone from " The NWO" comes out and says something with proof. I am so sick to death of this crap!! I'm sick of not knowing fully what is going on around us, even if what you say it true (which I think could be very likely), there could be someone else using disinformation to further confuse and manipulate peoples natural curiosity for knowing the truth. Whether the truth be small or big.

I grow weary of the constant BS we are being forced to see and read and yet the true travesty of this all is the fact that facilities such HARAP exist and the people that run it, could very well be killing people by the hundreds of thousands. How long are we the majority going to be taking this crap from people who clearly have extreme control issues to say the least, and truly fight back against these monstrous factions. Maybe we the people should create our own intelligence faction. LOL may we should call it the PIA (Peoples Intelligance Agency)

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 02:15 PM
Actually.. Here is proof that they can modify the weather with these arrays directly from one of their scientists papers written recently:

"the ozone change due to this process is capable of changing the atmospheric circulation and causing significant anomalies in ground temperatures [Rozanov et al., 2005]. Most recently, these anomalies are verified by temperature records"

Here is your proof of weather manipulation.. now... what about earthquakes??

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by danman23

That's not proof of controlling the weather, why don't you quote the whole sentence where it states:

This research is largely motivated by an acute need for better understanding of the coupling between the upper atmosphere and the climate system. For instance, several studies have shown that the solar particle forcing on the coupled ion and neutral chemistry in the D region leads to formation of odd nitrogen and odd hydrogen compounds, which can reduce signicantly the ozone content in the mesosphere and stratosphere [e.g. Randall et al., 1998; SeppÄalÄa et al., 2007; Lopez-Puertas et al., 2005]. This process takes place especially inside the polar vortex, where the air mass is isolated and transported downward. According to some models, the ozone change due to this process is capable of changing the atmospheric circulation and causing signicant anomalies in ground temperatures [Rozanov et al., 2005]. Most recently, these anomalies are verifed by temperature records [SeppÄalÄa et al., 2008].

Emphasis by me.

The sun is creating the above effects, not EISCAT/HAARP.

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 12:58 AM
HAARP technology has been around since the 1970's. Geologists were given the puzzle in the 1970's. People noticed the lights above earthquake areas prior to earthquakes. Geologists had to form a hypothesis. They did not know about HAARP technology. The best they could come up with at the time was rocks in the ground were creating it. It is a rediculous hypothesis. Now looking back it is very obvious HAARP technology. You ask why it's kept secret. Because you don't have a need to know. Government runs on plausible deniability. Personal note to Top Secret, please stop breaking my modem. Yes there is no privacy from government anymore. TS is reading everything we write here.

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 01:36 AM

Originally posted by ucalien

HAARP magnetometer

We don't really know how this thing works. There may be a delayed (Hours, days, weeks?) and uncontrollable response after the HAARP signal goes out.

Excellent research BTW.

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