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Pakistani people says need more drone attacks!!

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 07:46 AM

According to Dr Taj, “…after every attack the terrorists cordon off the area and no one, including the local villagers, are allowed to come even near the targeted place. The militants themselves collect the bodies, bury the dead and then issue the statement that all of them were innocent civilians.”

Dr Taj goes on to explain that the only civilians who have been killed are the family members of the militants in whose houses other terrorists have gathered. In effect, these killers are using these women and children as human shields, hoping their presence will deter drone attacks. In any case, it is impossible to make even a rough estimate of how many civilians have been killed in the drone campaign.

The writer goes on to say: “The people of Waziristan are suffering a brutal kind of occupation under the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It is in this context that they would welcome anyone, Americans, Israelis, Indians or even the devil, to rid them of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Therefore, they welcome the drone attacks. Secondly, the people feel comfortable with the drone attacks because of their precision and targeted strikes. [People prefer them to] the Pakistan Army’s attacks which always result in collateral damage.…”

Thats.....shocking to say the least. I mean they want more drone attacks? Indeed its possible because its the only weapon they can rely on if the Taliban and Al Qaeda has disarmed them under their occupation. I didn't believe the news media especially by our own that talks about rising civilian casualties when they don't have anybody on the ground to confirm for themselves that it was civilians only that were killed and not Taliban.

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