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Stimulating Creativity: Desktop Backgrounds

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 08:39 PM
So i was browsing the Member Art section, and there doesnt seem to be that many new posts these days. This is one of my favorite book of threads on BTS. I like to see wat other people can, or at least try to , create. And i have been trying to make Desktop Backgrounds recently. I have made on ATS background i kinda like. But, all the ones i make will be 1024x768. If u guys give me some different screen resolutions, i will try to make some that size.

But i want see some people out there posting backgrounds here. Since, the avatars stopped being made as much, this will be a good way for ppl to share creativity. I really wanna see people that are good at making avatars up in here posting some. Roswell, Im A Marty, 12m8keall2c, AshleyD, just to name a few. I am not trying to call you out. Just wanna see what u can do with something consderably larger then the Avatar size.
This is not any kind of competition to see who is good and who isnt, so dont be afraid to post. And maybe tell the resourse u used for the background. (Photoshop, Gimp,, et cetera).

I will post some of mine when i have them uploaded.

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