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Life After Death: The Secret You Need to Hear

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posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 10:25 AM
I just wish the caboose of the OP's train of thought had come earlier...

(Oh, and bees make honey)

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 07:59 PM
This is how people are going to die. To serve God, I will show you the truth behind human suffering. For God wants me to do this because it will save souls and cause him to be glorified regardless of life’s scenario’s. For I will expose the truth to you on how Satan can move on God’s good attention. This is the truth about God. He is your creator and he is also your greatest Love. He is your father and he is also your king which can also be your best Bud. Human suffering isn’t of God. God had no intentions on pain or evil coming in this world. But he had to allow it to happen to respect our decision on the freewill giving. He loved us so much that he gave us a choice not just to test us, but to show us that he Loved us regardless of the decision that we have made. And even when we disobeyed him and betrayed him, he still gave us hope and declared that he would always be there for us. Since we separated from him, it allowed evil and death to dominate the world. The evil and death that came into this world is also known as Lucifer and his fallen angels who’s sole mission is to destroy you.( Do you want to know what Lucifer Sin was? He fell in love with the wisdom and beauty God gave him, instead of the one who created him. If one falls in love with anything before God, it causes corruption and a foot hole for deceit. Because once Lucifer fell in love with himself, he became prideful. And his prideful lead to his rebellion when God tried to reason with him. Ever since then Lucifer vowed that he will never stop leading his children as far astray for him as possible.) God is so loving, when man’s choice ruined the paradise that God had intended for us. He promised us heaven, a place where no human was ever suppose to be. God went to such far of extremes to make sure that we spend life with him in his house. He sacrificed his son, The King in heaven for his own creation who became his enemy. If you don’t understand how powerful that is. Let me break it in terms which you can understand. Would a scientist who hated his creation, ever sacrifice his very own son. So that his creation can have the same exact level of perfection as him? I don’t think so. For those who suffer I will explain to you why you suffer. For those who do evil, I will tell you why you do evil. And I will prepare all of those for the inevitable which none of us can stop. Brace for shock, for the Kingdom of hell doesn’t want you to know the truth.

The truth is, some of us question God on why he allows evil to happen to us. But none of us question God ,on why he allowed Evil to happen upon himself, which he never had to experience. But none of us question God, on the importance of a question. I will tell you the importance of a question, it is folly to question the one who is the answer. Because the importance of the question is absolutely irrelevant. The questions came about, the moment we lost connection with our creator once we choice to serve ourselves rather then him. We had perfect intuition with an all knowing God who solved all our difficulties for us. And not only is he the answer, but the answer you are looking for, is that he is above the question. So you can question God, as long as you don’t question God ,and he will reveal the answer. Here is the answer on why God allows evil to happen. It is in the question, because evil is in the world. We choice evil rather than good, even when God told us what was going to happen. That we will Die that very same day. That is the answer to your question. Do you understand what that truly meant? That decision Adam & Eve which is also symbolic to every single male and female out here, is that we chose to experience Good and Evil. So since you know God, allow me to introduce you to Satan. Who is the source of all Evil….He is the captain of the damned. He is the general of human suffering. He is the president of deceit. He is the false god the Bible warns about, for he is the advisory of your soul. I am introducing him the way he likes to be known, a false since of glory and a false since of worship. But I will expose the folly in him in just a minute. Brace your self for shock once more, for what I am going to tell you will horrify you.

God all-powerful and all knowing revealed a specific message to me in a dream on what needed to get done. He caused me to meet Satan the actually devil in the Holy Bible. When I met him in person inside of my dream, I tell you the truth, I almost cracked to the pavement. He is an ordinary looking guy who is the nicest and coolest person I have ever met. We enjoyed a chicken teriyaki sandwich together in subway , having the craziest laughter I have ever experienced. I fell in love with him, until I realized who in the world I was speaking with. Then God omniscience has shown me where the Lord Jesus Christ dwells at, a young man interrupted my chicken sandwich and held me at gun point. He was going to rob me, I seen in his eyes that he wasn’t fit for the job. So I spared him, I dropped him so fast on his head and I had possession of the gun. The devil who I had shared laughs with kept quite, but I started receiving thoughts that I knew wasn’t coming from me. The thoughts said that I should kill him because this man will do it to many more. That he should be working, and that he is a menace to society. That the world is better off without him. I didn’t pull the trigger because I knew I wouldn’t be better then him neither. The moment I dropped down the gun, the devil rose up and said that he had to catch a train, and he left. That little kid became a blazing fire and told me , if I would of pulled the trigger I would have been consumed by it. The moral of the story is, that the world might need good & evil to coincide so we all can love, forgive and make it to heaven. That the greatest love can be witness when faced with the greatest evil. Satan said that most people will be laughing and wouldn’t believe what I am going to tell you. He told me the truth that he isn’t going alone, and that him and the fallen angels mission is to take as many people along with him. As you may know his greatest deception is to cause the world that he never existed. For he is the one that causes people to either forget God or do not believe in him. As the lord is my witness, this Angelic being who manifests himself in human form from time to time. Wants to paralyze me and cause me to curse God inside my head for as long as may live( Before he tries to cause me to electrify myself). Then he told me a harsh truth, that whoever reads any one of the scenarios below which I am going to tell you. It is going to eventually happen to you. And he will finish off that subway sandwich that God caused me to be distracted by, when you are in the midst of these scenerios. This is Lucifer who uses the ones closest to you , to get the Job done. If you want a better perception on my story that I Just told you, please watch The Devils Advocate starring Keanu Reeves and Robert Dinero.

*P.s . For all those who are in gangs or hate groups. For all those who are bias and all those who slander. And for all those who practice racism, I can understand you, and I encourage you to change from your ways. Because it isn’t your fault. This is the mind of Lucifer, who can manipulate your perception of reality. Causing himself to be seen in others, so you can destroy one another. Then he mocks the winning of the war with either laughter, pride and some more hatred. If you truly want to hate, if you truly want to kill. If you truly want to destroy. Please bring it to the true enemy, Lucifer and his falling Angels. For if both sides of the enemy actually repents and makes the right choices, the true evil is eventually revealed. Prayer is your greatest Ally, Because according to the Holy Bible, Vengeance belongs to the Lord.

For the atheist personnel God understands you. And he loves you, but he wants you to know that you are under Lucifer wings. If only you would mutter these words…Jesus, are you really God? And see how many Christian disciples he will send your way. If you only you ask God for help and to be aware on what he does in your ordinary life, it will one day save your soul. For the Christian backslider ( Likewise to lukewarm, or in the world disciples), be very very careful. For I will tell you the truth you are worst then a cop who ends up in prison. For the inmates under Satan’s authority isn’t going to mean mug you or harass you. They will pretend to be your best friends, until the moments God’s loving hand comes off of you. Then you will understand what true evil is.

Lucifer can not do anything without God’s permission. So since we chose Good & Evil in our freewill decision. Guess what is going to please God? What will please God is when we stay humble and loving when Good & Evil actually happens. For this is why he gave us Job, an actual and Allegoric figure who represents what to do when times of trouble approach. The whole story is symbolic on what God will do if we stay faithful to him. Evil will not remain if you stand firm in loyalty, but evil will remain if disobedience continues to happen. This is what happens when disobedience happens. God grants people thoughts and desire to fulfill his own purposes. If one rejects or blocks out his instruction, Satan steps in the picture and finds someone to fulfill the same will but in a different manner. I will give you a true life example. God grants one of The Lord Jesus Disciples who is a pastor to speak about the topic of Suicide. But since he already pre wrote what he was going to speak about, he declines, but the thought is still lingering. Since the thought is still lingering, Satan comes into the picture and makes sure that thought is fulfilled. This is the Lucifer the one that’s in the Bible, he will give that thought to someone who either lost a loved one or who is going through depression. Once they receive that thought, God can not intervene with there freewill mindset unless they pray about it. Since that person never prays, sooner or later they end up ending there own life. One may ask God, where did the intention of suicide come from? It come from putting any concern or matter above God. If you want to see this live in broad day light do this. Sit in a room full of people for one entire day. Let no one speak to one another, and I promise you. Your thinking and your thoughts, someone else will do if you overcome the uncomfortable emotion. Then you will know I don’t play games. Here is another example what really goes on in the world.

It is God’s will for Ted to die in a certain manner this day. It was God’s will to take Ted in his sleep with Carbon Dioxide leaking from his basement (Painless) so he can go to heaven where there is no more death or suffering. Since Ted wanted to serve himself, and go to a bar instead. Satan steps into the picture once again. Satan uses his fallen Angels which some of them send Ted thoughts to go to a liquor store. God gives Ted another chance to repent , by sending a Christian to share faith with Ted. But instead Ted laughs and says he already knows God. Satan steps into the picture once more. Satan just doesn’t want to destroy Ted, but wants innocent people as well. God knows Satan’s mind, so he causes Susan’s mother to tell her to stay home. Susan disobeys her mother in complete Pride ( The spirit of Satan. ) which the Bible tells her what not to do. Ted gets drunk, and enters the vehicle. Susan in her anger and disobedience leaves the house, but something tells her to stay home. Susan denies that gut feeling and continues the process. Remember I told you that it was God’s will for Ted to die that day? Well God will is going to be done regardless. Ted ends up striking Susan with the vehicle, Ted ends up being impaled by a the force of his steering wheel while Susan is disfigured because it wasn’t God’s will for her to die yet. This is the war, God tries to take people home to heaven in a gentle manner, Satan causes this process to be fulfilled in the most brutal manner. This is the constant warfare of Good & Evil which people do not realize. Why does God allow evil, pain and death to happen? God will question them back and say Why did they disobey him? If they would of obeyed him, Ted would of went quick and painless. And if Susan would of obeyed her mother, her heart would have been soft to receive Jesus Christ as here Lord and savior.

A lot of people want to know where was God when those little kids was killed by that gunman. For I tell you the truth, God was with them the entire time. God puts charge over them governed by the Archangels who spare them from suffering. Automatically they are gone, the Archangels releases the chemical '___' in the little children’s brain. They never felt a thing, but instead they get to enjoy paradise once again with there loving father. The one’s who suffer is the ones who are left behind. So why did God allow that to happen? I don’t think he did. I believe he told the school’s staff to tighten up on security, but they disobeyed him. I believe he tells the united states government to ban guns. But they disobey him. I believe he tries to reason with that man’s mind when he told him not to hate. I believe he tells people the possibility of this scenario everyday in the Holy Bible so it can be overcame in fasting and prayer. For those parents who can overcome this scenario and still love him. This is what God will do. Not only can he use them to prevent and avoid further tragedy, not only can he use them to comfort those in the very same scenario. But it grants them another opportunity to get closer to their creator where he reveals himself that much greater. Not only will they remember and see there children in glorified bodies who will never perish. But they can be considered as one of those who overcame and withstood the trial. For God feels a whole lot more pain then we do, for he is the one who creates them. A lot of people do not understand that God and the little ones are actually waiting for them. For the children passed their trial without complaint, for God hopes they too can do likewise ,so they can be blessed for everlasting. Where was God again? We should ask where was Satan? I will show you where Satan was….

Do you remember the movie The Dark night starring Heath ledger? Well while the box office ranked millions of dollars of an action film. Satan was showing you who he truly was right in front of you. Heath ledger was acting but Satan wasn’t. There is something called the 3rd eye chakra, once you focus on something for so long. It opens up their minds to spiritual powers that govern the world today. Heath ledger wanted to become joker. So he had to become joker. Joker has the mind of evil. So even though heath ledger was acting, but the mind that helped him act out evil, wasn’t joking. When the movie was over, Satan just began. He caused Heath ledger to commit suicide for glorying evil. This is called Spiritual Warfare where Good & Evil starts off with the thoughts that one receives. Bane from the dark night rises, is also Lucifer which caused that masked man to mimic his way and his actions, bringing movie into reality. Have you ever wondered why they aren’t many Christians in important or in high positions? Because it is where they focus their mind, and where they focus there mind it’s who they receive. Not everyone is a Joker. But some people have different sins to display. So depending on there sin, depends on the outcome. Depending on there position of power, determines the influence of evil they have on one person live. So if you think Satan is some red head guy with horns and a pitchfork , Your sadly mistaken. Satan is absolutely the personality behind your entertainment and worldly pursuits. Do you understand how evil Satan is. You just never know what the next person near you is laughing at. (And you thought you knew what was actually happening in the grid. Where Satan also uses finance to destroy you. Most people die in this world because you never know what they were going to try to do. For I feel bad for those who have their minds focused on their Jobs. Because they have no clue what’s waiting ahead of them. I will give you an example, that die hard worker who put his mind on his Job rather than God before the great depression.)

If you think your choices just effect your next coarse of action, there is something really wrong with you. If you thought you were some type of play boy or Joe millionaire, try getting married before knowing God and see what happens to you. Remember those 5 girls you slept with, that you boasted about with your friends. God didn’t like that, you took his darlings virginity before marrying her, which represents you guys becoming one flesh. If you don’t ask for forgiveness, then Satan has entered the room. If you think your some type of pretty boy on face book, Satan will rise up a Tom Cruise that will dominate your love affairs while you are still together. And you know how the rest unfolds …STDS, murder and a kid that isn’t even yours. The only way to overcome this Spiritual juggernaut is by constant praying and fasting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. For those who think this is some type of game. You will remember my words when it actually happens to you…….

God wants you to know before your time comes about. That death is inevitable. I pray we understand that. So for those who have wives and children, what do you think is going to happen to you? I am here to prepare, warn and help you avoid the worst case scenario. Do you remember that guy who ask you for change on that corner? God remembers, so does Satan. Do you remember that person that asked you for help? God remembers, so does Satan. Do you remember that church you walked by when you enjoying your evil? God remembers, so does Satan. If you don’t understand what I am trying to talk to you about. All of your deeds are counted and weighed which can result on how you and your loved ones will die. If you think death is the final chapter, I beg you to think the differ. For those who do not know him, the way they died is nothing compared to what there going to experience. And for those family members who do not know him, Satan steps in once again. And plants nothing but thoughts and emotion of either suicide or homicide. For those who know God, they have the victory of death and have the promise of heaven.

As Jesus Christ said all the chaos will happen when you least expect it. According to the Holy Bible people will be eating and drinking and marrying when this happens. Let me give you a small dosage of the wrath he is going to demonstrate . The true meaning on what Jesus was trying to explain, is something like this. The day you get married( The Greatest day in your life), you have no clue that 2 years from now you will have no legs. Or the day that you have kids, you find out there are going to be kidnapped brutally and they do not make it to heaven. How does this happen? Because things just don’t happen according to the will of God. Certain things happen when it wasn’t suppose to be the will of God. The will of God wanted you to hold of on your plans with your boyfriend so you can get closer to him. He sends multiple people your way to give you small encouragement and advice to stay away from a relationship. You deny him, so you know what Satan does. He introduces you to Mr. right and fulfills the desire in your heart. And at a moment when they least expect it , he takes them out of your life in a manner that will horrify you. How does God stop this? He does, but people do not know the difference when they hate and curse him when relationships do not happen your way. Do you understand how evil Satan is? He can cause desires of your heart to be fulfilled when it wasn’t God’s will. This is how he can also destroy hearts and souls. He uses your greatest memories and makes it your worst reality. How do you prevent this? You can not, that is something which will devastate you the moment you realize it. The best you have is to ask the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy through prayer and fasting. And he can also spare you from this by allowing you to prevent and avoid this. So those who are lonely and don’t have love ones in there life. Please be grateful. Because the ones who you secretly Envy, will one day hate you. And for the ones who hate, God gave us a special place called prison.

Prison is a mind captivity which is designed to lead your mental state to repentance. God forgives every last single one of those inmates no matter what they have done. Once they completely change, do you know what Satan does? He causes the general public to judge them. The moment they judge them, they themselves too will be judge and even be faced with the same exact test as them, for thinking they were better then them. If they never change or overcome, the alpha Omega will judge them according to his word. Where the next place they will be going isn’t going to have Rec time or chow time. Brother’s who hate brothers the fires of hell we do not escape neither. Do you understand or comprehend this yet? If you don’t, this is why God used the Apostle Paul as a servant of The Lord Jesus Christ. He is also an actual and Allegoric universal figure which is what God expects you to do, when one leaves their sinful passed behind to obey him.

For my Christian brothers and sister we are not spared neither. Loving God here on earth will highly be tested as well. How will this happen? Job’s scenarios is not fiction. Do you understand if Job would of Cursed GOD, he would of ended up leaving Job in his current situation. But since he worshipped him even though he took his kids, finance( Sheep) and his body. Not only did he restore this , but blessed him even more. For those Christian brothers and sisters who desire a mate and family, know what you are asking for before you receive it. Because it will one day be used against you. Remember God endures to the very end. And since Good & Evil is in the world, guess what will please him? When you can overcome Good & Evil by the blood of the lamb. Remember, I do not recall The Lord Jesus Christ having a wife nor did he have any type of family of his own. He showed the ones who never receive this, that it is possible to live a peaceful and joyful life without it before going to heaven. Do you understand how perfect heaven is? Satan didn’t want the Lord Jesus Christ to experience this even though he didn’t have the Love of people desires. So Satan caused the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ that much severe. How much Severe? I will demonstrate to you a small sample.

Forget about the physical torment which you have heard about which left his physical body being unrecognizable as a human being. But when he was hanging on the cross, he wasn’t chilling on that tree as people think he was. Spiritual Warfare occurred again, so severe upon him that The Lord Jesus Christ forget that he was even on the cross. Satan was bringing up memories of boredom, pain and lack of faith against him. With all of this happening, the Lord Jesus Christ lost touch with reality. Do you not understand that Jesus has the mind of God? And the mind of God isn’t governed by time? Well let me give you a glimpse of what truly happened to him on that cross. What seemed like 6 hours and plus, Satan can make seem like 6 years and some change. Satan’s goal was causing Jesus to forget that he was God. Do you understand how evil Satan is? If that would of happened, every single last one of us would be burning to death. With No hope of heaven. The worst is yet to come. Jesus Christ had to receive all of our Sins before God almighty left him on that cross. Do you not understand that they have always been together in a infinite reality? And once they finally separated from one another which never ever happened, Jesus also never experience what sin truly is. So think about this, your worst feeling and emotion was upon him the entire time. So do you know something about fear? How about experiencing death face to face in a life and death scenario. That’s what the Lord did with other sinful natures such as extreme, extreme unfulfilled Sexual lust and human pride( AND HE HATES PRIDE). Which caused Jesus to snap and ask Why has God forsaken him. If you think this is bad, how about when Satan comes back in the picture and PRETENDS THAT HE IS GOD. Telling him he failed his entire mission, and he should come down from that cross and come home to heaven. Do you understand how evil that is? Because Jesus knew that he wasn’t going to heaven, he wasn’t going to face the grave which lead him to Hell (Hades). Hell and the lake of fire are two different places , and Jesus going to Hades *can be* an actual and allegoric representation of Jesus spirit ministering to the ones who perished that didn’t know him. So the next time you can hate or curse God, endure 10% what he has, and see if you can still survive.

Do you think that humans are the only ones that are going to be judged? How about those Extraterrestrials that the world knows nothing about? If you think they are coming from outer space in some shiny space craft, I want you t reconsider that thought. They are already here, and they do not need no spaceship craft if they can teleport and manipulate time and matter. If you think this is some type of Joke, why Don’t you pray to God and ask him to reveal what the Bible calls the Fallen Angels. I do not want to give away what they actually do, but I tell you the truth they make Hitler and napoleon look like Bob Sagit from full house. I do not like them nor what they do, so I hope you pray to God to destroy them because they are defiantly behind human suffering and “Spiritual torment.” They also control human beings through there 3rd eye chakra. I will give you an example of what they actual do, to let you know God isn’t behind it. A female enters a club or strip joint with a mind of Sexual Lust ( Which God Commands to be pure). Since your 3rd eye chakra is connected to other human beings. As soon as she leaves that place of establishment, her mind radars someone with similar evil that these UFO beings connects them with. They do not connect them with an average person, they will find a human predator who is capable of rape and mutilation. And that guy who causes the rape and mutilation, it wasn’t even there fault. For those same beings caused an event in this person life, which was so cruel and sick that he became like this because it happened to him. The moment he “Chose” to disobey God, they granted him a whole new set of choices, which not one of them were good. This is when the Fallen Angels come into play. They themselves have a glimpse of the Will of God in peoples lives. So what they will do is, they will cause something to happen to you in the present, to start or accomplish something in the future. And it happens so settle you will cry when you realize the truth. Just by manipulating certain human emotion to occur at the wrong place at the wrong time. Where most demons are actually behind certain addictions such as drugs, alcoholism and being insane. If you think those people in the psyche ward are crazy, you are correct. But is not due to a mental illness. It is the fallen angels which are absolutely inside of peoples minds. How do I know this? I was in the building, representing the Lord Jesus Christ. These falling angels are also time travelers which they gave human beings the same exact technology which was invented by Nicholas Tesla. (I wonder what DEVCRU has to say about this)

If you think I am making things up, Amen. I will show you what the Holy Bible has to say about Teleportation.

John 6:16-21 – Now when evening came, His disciples went down to the sea, and after getting into a boat, they started to cross the sea to Capernaum. It had already become dark, and Jesus had not yet come to them. The sea began to be stirred up because a strong wind was blowing. Then, when they had rowed about three or four miles, they saw Jesus walking on the sea and drawing near to the boat; and they were frightened. But He said to them, “It is I; do not be afraid.” So they were willing to receive Him into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.
The Sea of Galilee is approximately 13 miles long and 13 miles wide.( I went to Israel as well) The disciples rowed about three or four miles across. Then the boat, Jesus, and everybody and everything in it, immediately reached the other side!

The second passage is the one most often used to support the claim of teleportation as a spiritual gift. It is found in Acts 8:39-40.

"When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away; and the eunuch no longer saw him, but went on his way rejoicing. But Philip found himself at Azotus, and as he passed through he kept preaching the gospel to all the cities until he came to Caesarea."

The third passage is in Judges 6;21
With the tip of the staff that was in his hand, the angel of the LORD touched the meat and the unleavened bread. Fire flared from the rock, consuming the meat and the bread. And the angel of the LORD disappeared.

ET’s can stop the will of God, by causing specific peoples predestination of his and give them freewill choices. How they can telepathically send you one thought, before you receive a thought from God. For instance they give a brother in Christ a thought of masturbation which all the time ends up in evil and sin ( Besides masturbation drains the life force from your very own soul. ) Those who deny those thoughts, you can receive Gods mind now. And do something wonderful as write an influential essay that can be used to deliver souls from hell. ( Why does God allow them to strike first? Because God is humble and expects you to overcome them) This is the meaning when Jesus Christ was in the desert fasting for 40 days and 40 nights fighting off Satan’s temptations. After he overcame, the Holy Angels ministered to him, so he can start his public ministry ( The Will of God ). For the Lord thy God has great mercy on those who live Holy. In the Book of Genesis 5:24 Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away. Enoch is an actual person who is also represented in The Holy Bible as a symbolic and Allegoric figure who God raptures out for pleasing him. God is trying to show us, that if you please him well enough by mastering your choices and obedience towards him. He to can deliver you from this evil creation that Satan and man has caused. He absolutely does this all the time without anyone knowing it. It isn’t by coincidence people on the news just end up missing or find up dead from some strange reasons. God can take them off the planet either in physical from or in their sleep ( The Book of Enoch). This will happen in the massive as soon as the great tribulation begins. For I tell you the truth, when the great tribulation begins you will understand what truly the game Resident evil meant. That is the Lord speaking to you. Obey him.

How do I know about this? My Navy SEAL training days and my OD spiritual walk with God has revealed all of this revelation. I tell you the truth they grounded and floored me multiple times when one comes to acknowledgment of the truth. Have you ever wondered why something evil happens when something good happens to you in life? How about this, in order to survive. The only two good things which are good in this life is Gods Holy Spirit and the Word of God. All else in his eyes are the same and I concur on that. When they least expect it. For all those who want to blame God for there mistakes and poor choices. It isn’t God who is responsible for that, it is Satan who God allows it to happen. Why? Because since Adam & Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, it allowed the human body/brain to be wired for damnation. So no matter what you do in life, remember what you are truly waiting for… death to arrive. Your lack of obedience or worship towards him will cause this event to become more extreme. When God Will needs to be done. It will be done. If you disobey him, no matter what happens he will some way get his will done. For instance if God will is to take you child home( heaven) if you obey him. He will spare them for great suffering and agony. So God can do something like cause you to turn you’re AC on, and have your child pass away from breathing in some type of fumes. A gentle way of taking away what God used for his own purposes in your life. But if you disobey him, that’s when Satan steps into the picture. Satan has to obey and serve the will of God in your life as well. He is allowed two choices. If he goes with the original plan, Satan will control the out coarse of action. For instance our Loving God, wants to take us out of this evil world with minimal suffering and pain. Satan does the opposite. So that first example I gave you with the AC is a joke to him. What Satan will do is, he will have gas fumes leak from your house and have your children be scotched in heat. If you aren’t in the house with them, Satan isn’t finished with your trial. He will try his hardest to have one of the parents kill themselves or cause a divorce , for lack of obedience to God Almighty. If they would of obeyed God, God would of defiantly guarded their hearts and their minds. Satan second alternative is to control there life and death experience in how he see‘s fit. Let me give you another example on how this work in this evil grid. People die in multiples, Satan also keeps people alive to influence other to be killed or dammed.

All it takes is one disobedience from one of God’s people, or the obedience to one of Satan people. ( Spiritual Warfare.) So God has to be God and allow humans to govern themselves with the freewill he has given them. Once someone makes a choice, if he intervenes it will most likely change their choices. If you change one person choices , you change the entire world. Do you understand that it was absolutely God trying to stop this from happening? Do you know how many people he gave the spirit of prophecy where most Christians do not believe in? All it would of took was one loyal Christian disciple to do what the Lord has told them to do. If they would of found that Serial Killer about a couple of months before hand, shared faith with them . None of this tragic events would of happened. But do you understand how this works? If this would of never happened, no one would of ever know the terror that could of taken place. So people take advantage of there everyday lives, because everything seems normal. And they eventually forget to give thanks to God for things such as peace and protection. And he has to allow events like this to either wake them up, to tell them the truth on where there are at . In order to save their souls. Do you understand why the archangels battle for dreams and thoughts in the lives of people( The Book of Daniel). Give the president the thought to drop an atomic bomb on Russia, and see what happens in the world today. You no what, that’s to unrealistic. That is movie made. The truth how spiritual warfare really happens is, all it takes is just an specific look or glance from one world leader to another world leader. And then pride kicks in, then everything else . Well you know. Take a look at history.

If Someone receives a thought that comes from God. And if they reject it. It will go to another vessel who can control how the process is played out but must lead to the same outcome. When someone doesn’t receive a thought from God. Another person will. How do you know what comes from God and what comes from satan, I will give you a ruby, please read this. 2 Corinthians 10:5 ( Prayer and the word of God.)

If you really want to know who Satan really is and what he really does. Please watch the movie SEVEN with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman , for that is the actual Lucifer in the Holy Bible. Everything you need to know about him is in that movie minus the torment and hell flames which is best demonstrated in the END of the movie SILENT Hill. If you think I am joking about Hell being a real place. The Martyr’s of the Lord Jesus Christ made this scene that I just gave you seem rated pg 13. If you really want to know how Extraterrestrials get down, watch the movie “The Box”, for the box is symbolic to human choices.( You can watch this at You tube, Net Flix or Red Box) Atheist people I am sorry to say, if you don’t believe in God, the three movies I just listed above is your hope and your dreams one day. So are you ready for this to happen to you? Your being told now so when it happens, you are well prepared. For I tell you the truth brothers and sisters there is no greater honor in dying as a servant of The Lord Jesus Christ. Because regardless of what they try to do, if you believe in him, I will see you in heaven, holding it down in the name of the Lord. Please pray for me since I just told you what happens in the Grid….. Prepare for War, for fear is the greatest motivation…

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