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"Two Minute Hate"

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posted on May, 25 2004 @ 06:02 PM
It often occurs to me, after reading 1984, that we have a form of 2 minute hate as well. Not necessarily the government doing it, but mostly talk show hosts it seems.

A caller will call in, say something against the talk show host or against the government, and the conservative talk show host, will in turn go crazy.

Just today i heard a guy (local, i forget his name) ranting and raving about Islam. "They are gonna put a burka (sp?) on your wife! on your daughter! on your niece! Are you gonna let that happen?" "No!" "We must stop this evil-ness" --- something to that extent. Now, it got some people fired up about Islam, hating it, just like in the book 1984.

Now i thought it was really stupid because, obviously, Muslims want to convert us, and part of their culture/religion is wearing a burka(sp?). Thats like yelling about a christian wanting someone to read a Bible. It really makes no sense, just riles the so called "Patriotic people of America" into an emotional frenzy backing George Bush.

Just my take on some things, thought this might be good for my first post here.



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