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strange happenings in Ireland.

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posted on May, 25 2004 @ 04:17 PM
Heres something spooky that happened to a friend of mine. (This is the same friend that had the U.F.O sighting in London which Ive writtern about.)
Here's her story in her own words... " When I was 9 years old the family moved to Limerick City in Ireland. We bought a house with a shop attached, (for any-one reading this that knows Limerick city, 26 Catherine street.)
We were the first outside family in a long time to have purchased the property from the previous owners, the Mooney family. The house still contained all the original features and victorian furniture. In a wardrobe in one of the top floor bedrooms, we discovered victorian mourning clothes, the same clothes worn by people in old photographs hung on the wall.
After some time members of my family started to experience various strange happenings, cold spots, whistling noises and old fiddle music and the sound of dancing coming from the top floor.
One particular evening I was sitting with my mother, nan and aunt. My cousin was serving in the shop with my brother. Suddenely there were sounds of furious footsteps running down the stairs towards the front door.
My brother grabbed a stick and ran towards the hallway thinking it was an intruder, only to discover there was nobody there at all.
Strange stories were attached to the house going way back but no-one in the neighbourhood would confirm them. Some apparantly were writtern in the local newspapers, Im assuming the dates would be early 1900's or 1920's. One story goes that an officer in the British army lived there married to an American lady. She was responsible for the design of the bathroom, which had beautiful stained glass and an Edwardian style interior. She was reported missing without a trace.
The bathroom had a cold spot outside the door which my brother experienced one morning. Also a high pitched whistling noise went through his ears each time he passed the door.
Other things were happening. Locks were discovered open in the morning after being secured at night. A figure of an old man seen by my sister rocking in a chair. Kitchen shelves falling simultaneously off the wall, just missing my baby brother in his pram nearby.
Neadless to say we only lived there for a year before returning back to England!
On a final note, one of the rooms in the basement of the house had blood stains on the wall. We were told that at one time pigs were slaughtered down there. In the coal cellar we found blood stained mattresses. Again we were told that during the IRA uprising, wounded soldiers were hidden down there. Which all adds up to quite a gruesome atmosphere!
I have always wondered if any further occupants have experienced any paranormal activities in the house and would love to find out."

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 04:42 PM
fascinating story
but i always wondered why people moving into a house would keep blood stained mattresses and previous owner's belongings for anything more than the first night in the house.

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 04:43 PM
Houses take on a life of thier own sometimes. I mentioned this in another thread yesterday. About tearing down the prison in Iraq, I said I think its a good idea because not only did both Saddam and the US do bad things there, but over time, these things seem to leave an essence in the place that will cause other bad things to happen. Almost like a psychic imprint.

I lived in an appartment building like that once. My wife and I used to joke about it being haunted cause you could just feel something odd about it. We repainted the entire inside of the building for the landlord to get a few months of free rent, and when we were doing the basement, in the back were these old strange stalls and things that almost looked like little prison cells. The thought came to me that these could of been slave pens or something along those lines. The building was built in the late 1800's and although slavery wasnt around, people still lynched and did some brutal things....anyways..

We moved out and 2 months later 3 people were murdered in the place. Then about a year later, 2 more were killed there. Then shortly after, it burnt down. I am SURE that place was almost alive. the feeling you got sometimes was outright spooky, especially in the basement. They rebuilt the place, and it burned down again.

I think they gave up at that point and totally leveled it. I still have a few objects from that appartment building that we found while working on it. One was a whip, and one was a large silver serving tray thing with a cover on it. from around 1930 that was ingraved with a nuns name, and was in recognition of 40 years of service to a hospital in the town. Thats where I found the whip too right next to the tray in a corner of the attic where it had been obvious no one had been in many years.

maybe she was a creepy nun.

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