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a little dream analysis help please :)

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 09:32 AM
link, last night I had a 2-part dream: part 1. I'm sitting in front of my computer, when an entity of some kind(felt it, no visual) approaches me from the corner of my apt, near the door, with malicious intent. I sense it coming, and visualize a shield around me. Entity crashes into shield, area around me visibly shakes. I wake up.

I fall back asleep, and, now part 2: a gray cat jumps onto my bed. it looks at me, and then stares at the ceiling at something..the something is, I think, the aforementioned entity. I get the sense the cat is there as my protector. interestingly enough, it looks just like a cat that I had in high school, that died of feline leukemia. that's it.


Edit: one more piece to this, one I just noticed as I came out of the shower. at the base of my left big toe, are 3 raised lines that were not there yesterday. 3 in a row, right next to each other, looking very much like the mark you would have if a cat. For the record, I live alone,in a studio apt, and have no pets. When the cat appeared in my dream, he appeared at the base of my bed. near my feet.

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