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Pure Science and Religion actualy both wrong?

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 10:02 PM
(So we look at the simple depravity of the universe the depravity of its own reformation before it self integrates into reconceptualized partiality - would resemble the tree of luminescent singality in reformulating conceptualisation of the completion reticule of the all known regenerating ongoing react-alities of the current process of reticulating profusion of conceptuality atriums IE hyper temporal dynamic reacurring self generating latices.)*

*Would resemble the correct way to naturally say the actuality of things as they currently are all facets that actuality actually truly and ultimately is in not only your existence but the existence of everyone you can conceptually and perceptually perceive and conceive. Nothing more or less the boundaries of the limitations of science and religion they are the exact same basic belief structures that define the complexities of human social ego. Science gets one thing wrong that nothing in this universe operates on any sort of different principle from anything else in existence. The patterns that define the collection of molecules in an apple also correctly show themselves through even the most basic human outputs of any form of social communication. You cant see things from a perspective if you really think about it simply you are restricted to the same one as everyone else of your species it would never be a perspective for you it would be called a perception actually. You can only see and understand what you can conceptually identify properly but everything else would be unidentifiable. There are plenty of things that humans dont correctly identify in their existence. The reason for temperature - is not to create anything new in the universe it is to prolong the ongoing process of the original subparticualite reaction of a neutronic and reciprocating sponse in the duality mesh of actual conceptionaries. Temperature is temprocatilitic element on the periodic table. The table of elements also has what one would call eternal elements but would represent reaction process basically the elements that are given off in temporality not just acuality - oddly enough could only be seen correctly if you were out of phase with actual time would have to be stopped in time to correctly view these other naturally occurring elements. Strangely they would exist out of phase with a humans perception but also even their physiological being as well. A completely odd explanation but essence the reason for this is mostly because humans have no survival instinct that would require them to be able to identify these properties naturally even with their own eyes. I would call these other properties spectralities in space - oddly enough an idea that really wouldnt be a part of science or religion, it wouldnt be a combination of them or an absence of them really either but more or less a cohesion of select bits and parts of them into one theory that would be a completely different one that either by themselves. In no way a Scientologist view. Its an idea that really isnt ment to be taken as a fact it is meant to be taken as an actual actuality. There really no actual idea of what everything can be simply because that just not possible. Science and Religion are both completely formed in indecisiveness - The odd thing is there really is nothing when it comes to the natural formations of existence that completely applies to either. Science explains only conceptually perceivable things but religion explains all the ones that arent but both arent true. They are two belief structures that not only contradict each other but also invalidate the other.

You might ask what are you talking about another way of thought? Well actually yes - Actual reactions of everything need to be honestly explained the same way everytime - humans just dont have that ability in them at the moment an inherent flaw in their current mental attenuation range - the human brain resonates with a slightly high band pulsating frequency to control the conceptualisation packets across their single threaded reticulation strands in between brain cells. An interfering subatomic simple form of radio wave could be generated to disrupt that process for as long as the source remanded. Resonating Gamma Wave - could be using two new forms or current nuclear elements. Not electrified nickle or solid state hydrogen to break down but a chemical similar to sulfur that could be mixed with an acidic compound to not only generate a sizable ionising explosion that would incinerate flesh at the microscopic level but a gamma ray burst within the earths atmosphere - direct contact to intense gamma ray radiation would fry the synapses in your brain you would become either brain dead or gamma rays could also have another effect a complete rearranging of the process in the human brain. Would cause conception packets to be sent without the correct chemical identifiers - you know how human brain cells must first uniquely identify each sent electric signal with the correct location identifiers basicly tells which cells to assimilate the packet into something that would generate the correct systemic response. Again oddly but sadly enough humans are actually biologically unable to ever correctly understand the actual reasons their brains do any of the things they do. The actual temporal generation of pseudo code in their brains are actually slightly out of phase with them because it would be an electrically active temporality strand in actual space time not even something their instrumentation could pick up. In all actuality this signal is so out of phase with your actual perceptions that even artificially enhanced ones would be as well because they would also be out of phase compared to this signal.

So why would you ask humans cant ever figure out their own brain. Simply because they were never meant to not by the rules of the universe. Their biological level only allows them conceptual access to the necessities to survive. Humans need plants and animals for food but they dont need an element that serves them no real purpose for survival. Meaning that the correct belief system is not actually known by humans in the rules of science or religion not the way they currently are enforced to identify new information either through equations or speculation through spiritual belief. God can exist in science it would just represent a life form with the most complete composition of being.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 10:53 PM
Interesting idea !!

I've read about a theory. No, A way of live. Which also states, religion and science are both wrong.

However after reading yours i don't think they are the same.

It's written by an atheist brain surgeon.
He was intriged by patients that experienced a life after death situation.
Like a tunnel with a bright light at the end.

He started investegating and learned about ancient wisdom. He also claims, everything in the bible is true. Only his conclusions have nothing to do with religion or God.

If your interested i'll try to look it up for you.

If you're Dutch or can read Dutch, please let me know.
I don't have to translate it then.

Ciao !

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 12:03 AM
You are correct -- both science and religion are wrong -- and you even realize the reason why -- because of something in science called the Time-Frequency Uncertainty Principle.

When you talk about the signal being out of phase -- well in fact that was the original paradox of measuring time as spatial distance.

You use the name "Sonata" -- well Western music is based on measuring time as spatial distance but it doesn't have to be this way.

So in nonwestern music the "circle of fifths" is an infinite spiral of fifths with 2:3 as the Perfect Fifth equaling C to G and 3:4 as the Perfect 4th equaling G to C. In other words "A x B does not equal B x A"

You find this same noncommutative math in quantum physics but the matrices are converted to classical physics so that there's a "one to one correspondence" of letter and number or geometry and algebra.

In fact religion is ALSO based on left-brain logical axioms -- using a containment of infinity through geometry -- "I Am that I Am" is the formal definition of God and actually comes from the Pythagorean Theorem. Professor Abraham Seidenberg documented this in his "Ritual Origins of Geometry" research. So "I" is the base of the triangle as the concept of being on Earth while the hypotenuse is the eternal god as "Am" -- and the height of the triangle is the sky is "I" again.

Anyway so what's the alternative? In Taoism 2:3 is yang and 3:4 is yin. Language is left-brain dominant but when we listen to music it is right-brain dominant.

So when we listen to sound internally it resonates into ultrasound which then ionizes the electrochemicals of the lower body so that serotonin bypasses the blood brain barrier which then turns into melatonin and then into '___'.

As we listen more further ionization creates electromagnetic fields which then turns the pineal gland into a piezoelectric transducer activated through ultrasound and then we have a free energy feedback system.

This way the body turns into a spacetime travel machine by sitting in the full-lotus since it's a tetrahedron built up of 8 triangles of the ratio 2:3:4 complementary opposite harmonics.

The process of listening is eternal -- no one is listening -- consciousness is the resonance of complementary opposites. Both science and religion are based on symmetric axioms which are just a byproduct of the left-brain dominance, cutting us off from full body-mind communication.

So through science and religion humans are trapped from their true potential of natural euphoria and the ability to create light when bends spacetime and regenerates the body.

You can read my blog for more details and proof of this through testimonies and healing is from

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