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Child kidnapping numbers 2008

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:13 AM
The MSM is always filling the heads of sucker parents so that the parents will fork out more money on security for their children to help make Wall Street richer. How do they do this? Well they make the unsuspecting parents think that if they don't let their children do anything without a leash on(mentally) or even scarier(physically). This is the reality of our country that their is a bad man waiting for you every time you leave the house without a parent/guardian. Now I do agree that there are alot of 'abductions' each year and it is still a brow raising number it is not nearly as bad as you would actually imagine. Here are the 'abduction' numbers.

0 - 14 years old ~61,944,831
Children kidnapped ~797,500
Children kidnapped per capita ~77/100,000 children
Every day ~2,185
Per capita everyday ~0.2/100,000 children
Percentage ~1.2%

So that says throught a child's lifetime from 0 - 18 there will be 14,355,000 children kidnapped in their childhood. While even this seems like a horrifying number it still isn't because typically the population 14 and under does change slowly every year as they add more children because of more people. That means under 14 there will be about 5,000,000 people leaving this group every year and will be replaced by about 5,500,000 more children. So to summarize the MSM is just lying to everybody to try and scare parents into buying stupid security things for their children instead of letting them be kids with precautions.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:27 AM
I was speaking to some parents the other day and I said I can just imagine in a short while adverts like the ones you see for pets but with children as the feature:

"You love your child, you'd do anything for your child.... then why has your dog got a micro chip and not your precious child?.... get Kiddichip now and be safe in the knowledge you will always find your darling children... order today and get a free GPRS tracking unit!"

The fear they drum into the parents in the UK would no doubt have droves of them lined up baring arms of their children for the chips.... Just like they do for so called 'killer diseases'.

People look at me like I am a terrible mother when I tell them my children have had measles, whooping cough etc and that I rather they had the diseases and not the vax... FEAR for child safety is a money spinner.

I'm not trying to make little of the atrocities that DO happen... as an ex police officer I am only too aware of the real 'bad' out there.

Edited to add that they already have mobile phone tracking systems for parents to install on childrens phones here.

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 11:00 AM
this is exactly why we need to thin the herd. I dont even like being around kids so these monsters should be used as swine food. and I'll eat the first plate of bacon!


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