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Ten Tenets of Freedom

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 09:21 PM
1. Income Taxation

Repeal all taxes on income and, better yet, enact a constitutional bar to imposing income taxes. That includes taxes on wages, on capital gains, and on estates. People have the moral right to keep everything they earn and to do whatever they want with it, including saving their money and passing it on to their designated beneficiaries.

2. Free trade

Freedom entails the unfettered right of people to enter into mutually beneficial exchanges with anyone anywhere in the world. When two people enter into an exchange, each benefits, from his own individual perspective. How do we know that? Because in every trade, both parties are giving up something they value less for something they value more. Otherwise, they would not enter into the trade.

3. Welfare

Repeal it all. No reforms. No modifications. No ridding the programs of waste, fraud, and abuse. Abolish every single program in which people receive largess from the government. That includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, education grants, food stamps, small-business loans, bailouts, and every other welfare-state program.

4. Economic Regulations

Ditch them. Get rid of them all, including minimum-wage laws, price controls, rent controls, antitrust legislation, licensing laws, insider-trading laws, banking regulations, product-safety regulations, and stock regulations. In fact, the best thing would be to enact a constitutional amendment stating, “No law shall be passed respecting the regulation of commerce or abridging the free exercise thereof.”

5. Open Immigration

Every American living today takes it for granted that Americans are, by and large, free to cross borders from one state to another without governmental interference. The reason I say “by and large” is that in the Southwest and West, Americans traveling east and west are now required to submit to document checks and vehicular searches at the hands of the U.S. Border Patrol, an agency charged with stopping the flow of people illegally crossing the international border into the United States.

6. Gun Control

t would have been more appropriate to have made the Second Amendment the first amendment to the Constitution. Without the right of the citizenry to keep and bear arms, the fundamental rights enumerated in the First Amendment are worthless. When the citizenry are well-armed, government officials tend to exercise caution in infringing such fundamental rights.

7. Civil Liberties

In the aftermath of the Iranian elections, Iranian officials began rounding up dissidents, incarcerating them, charging them with crimes against the state, and threatening them with kangaroo trials and punishment. That’s the way that tyrannical governments ensure that their orders for people to shut up and stop criticizing government are enforced.

8. Drug Wars

The drug war perfectly encapsulates the loss of freedom that the American people have suffered under the paternalistic regulatory state. What could be a more perfect assault on the freedom of the individual than for the state to have the power to arrest someone and punish him for doing nothing more than selling, purchasing, possessing, or ingesting some substance that government officials don’t approve of?

9. Monetary System

The United States was founded on a monetary system based on gold coins and silver coins. The reason for that was that the Framers understood that one of the greatest threats to the freedom and well-being of the citizenry was the government’s propensity to plunder and loot people’s wealth through the excess printing of paper money.

10. Militarism

When the United States was founded, the world was shocked by an unusual feature of American life: No standing military force, no conscription, no alliances with other nations, and a steadfast refusal to get involved in foreign conflicts.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 09:24 PM
Please tell me your opinions on the deteriorating structure that was once a noble nation called America!

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 11:10 AM
i agree with most of your sentiments.

I disagree with 1 and 3.
I've paid into these programs every hour of every day i've ever worked,I'll get my damn money back if i have to take it!

Also careful how you view the past.
everyone thinks the good old days were perfect,they weren't.
you want to run to the creek for a bucket of water to wash up with every morning?

we ARE the future THEY dreamed about.
kinda sad if you think about it...

but seriously I agree with most of it


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