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A Deciperment On Astral Projectors

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:34 PM
Astral projectors, your ghost is your soul. It never leaves this world because you are hellbound. It just awaits newly human lifetime after lifetime until total hell time which is in the end of this evil world you are for now.

Decipering leaves a clue from past higher power sign witnessings and experiences which I wont go into detail about. I'll get right to the point with this. The clue is spelled out here: Water will be removed from physical bodies of any ghost that astral projects that certainly goes to hell. The eagles (the keen sensors which put up with astral projection attacks), on the other hand, are the powerful wizards which have their own worlds elsewhere. These such souls dwelling as powerless humans here on the earth now shall be cut out of this world safely through portals that lead back to their own original worlds. But just before that certain of them shall see vengeance as the world stops to bare evidence of such massive deaths of the hellbound's left physical remains. You see, the physical bodies of astral projectors will die after a lack of water in their physical bodies occur all at once. The higher power will come as any astral projector's bodily water thief. Such shall happen even as you think not. Such shall happen when you least expect it to. No way to watch out for it. And right when it happens you will know then.

Does the deciferment mean anything to anyone else?

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:40 PM
No idea what you just wrote, no wonder this is in the gray area. I for one, "Astral Project". Now let me correctly describe what that means. It means I remain conscious when my body sleeps for brief periods of time.

This process is actually called phasing, and my focus state is now observing Cognitive reality. Cognitive reality is a completely mind-generated non-physical reality where by our consciousness resides.

It is a reality created by consciousness and is the source of all of our dreams. Be they nightmares, lucid, astral or what ever metaphor you desire to describe that particular focus state. What that state is, is pure conscious reality.

As for souls, hell, wizards and Santa Clause... I have great news. Because Cognitive reality exists as a mind-generated result of consciousness and uses thoughts to render the canvas of a Dream. Hell, Souls, Wizards and even Santa Clause can frollic around this canvas in your Cognitive reality.

However that information conveys itself, the true reality is that it exists as a thought generated illusion and the only true reality you will find there is yourself as consciousness.

Enjoy the dream, and stay thirsty my friend.

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