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Disturbing Alternate Universe "Dream"

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posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:23 AM
So last night, I lucidly dreamed as i always do... except this one really got my attention. It was, beyond disturbing.

In my dream, I was aware that what I was experiencing was real, we all have those kinds of dreams. Yet, in another dimension. Since I always am aware when I am dreaming, that I am in a very real other place- I never gave it much thought of it actually being an alternate universe until last night. Now, I am convinced that last night, while I dreamed- I experienced my other selfs life in an altnernate reality.

I dreamed last night of my alternate self dying- of Cancer. Ugh it was soooo terrible to experience. Let me attempt to retell it how I remember it.

I remember sitting in a bus looking at a hospital, thinking about flying to California to visit with my best friend Robin before I have to "go in" to the hospital. The next thing I remember is I am aware I Have had a tracheotomy and had difficulty keeping it open for air. I remember feeling it with my fingers and how it hurt my throat.

The next thing I remembered- was sitting in a hospital room- very dim and bleak- think communist Russia - and choking while looking at myself in the mirror- saying to myself- "Well now- you went and got yourself Throat Cancer" what are you going to do now? Refuse Chemotherapy and Radiation because of all the conspiracies about it or will I actually pussy out and do it. I would pussy out and do it. I wouldnt use the alternative treatments, I was too far along. (I have always thought that in this life if i got cancer i would try anything aslong as I didnt have to do chemo or radiation) but I chose it in this life and it didnt work.

The next thing I remember is my mother being with me in my hospital room. I had no husband like I do in my current life. I had MS like I also do in this life, but I was all alone in the world. I was aplogizing to her about how she has to go through this with me, as her sister (in this life) died 3 months ago from a long battle with Lung Cancer and my mother has been devastated over this. I tell her I am sorry and that I am going to die. She says- well maybe its because of all of those cigarrettes I used to smoke- and I promptly reminded her that I quit offically 5 years earlier and only picked it up recently again because I was so stressed out. But that wasnt it- that wasnt it at all. I was just destined to be sick and die.

The last thing I remember was getting a hospital room mate that I did not like- a teenage girl. The conditions of the hospital were very poor and desolate. I remember going to the mirror again looking at myself while I asperated and white foam came out of my mouth and I died. I was alone.

I awoke with such a disturbance that I ran to my husband in the living room and hugged onto him, and told him what had happened. I was so shaked by this.

Now- how this fits in to my current life- is I have recently picked up smoking again about 5 ciggarettes a day due to my husband picking it up again- as we both quit 3 years ago and were fine. I have been planning on quitting again- and well- today- this dream has done it. I refuse to smoke another ciggarette. So I am going through nicotene withdrawl right now- but Ill do it- I always do. The thought of what I experienced in my dream- experiencing it in this life aswell- was too much for me to even bare. Hows this for a dream helping you conquer your bad habits?

I anticipate that many people will say- ah you were just dreaming. But it was more than that. It felt real like it was happening in an alternate universe. In a real alternate universe. I always thought those theories were crap but now- now I cant help but wonder.

Any one else ever experience anything like that?

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:28 AM
Seems like a dream to help you stay away from cigarettes.

When you dream your subconscious is very good at probability.

It's likely that your subconscious was reminding you if you hadn't kicked the habit; you'd likely be dying of cancer or would eventually.

After experiencing this dream, it's unlikely you'll go back to smoking.

thanks for sharing.

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posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 02:30 AM
In a dream about a 2 weeks ago, a man was trying to rob a store and shot me in the head as an example to the others. All I could do was barely lift my right arm to catch the shoulder of a guy standing next to me as I fell. I brought us both down to the ground and felt the blood gushing out of my head. But I didn't die, the dream sort of reset, and I was somewhere else. But I felt the pain of the gunshot and lost control of my body like it really happened.

I've also had a dream a while ago where I was a young teen again and that the life I'm living in this world was a dream to that other me. That some of the bad # that happened to me in this life was a warning dream to the other me, and the young me took action to not let it happen.

I also had a dream recently where I was camping with my dad and brother and was getting ready to go to sleep (in the dream). When I woke up in this life, I was freaked out for a little bit because I was expecting to wake up at the campsite and I didn't know what was going on. It took a bit to realize it was "just" a dream.

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