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The Real Truth About Ghosts

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posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:11 AM
Have you ever wondered why ghosts only appear at night? The idea behind a ghost is that someone who has passed away has not fully passed away yet and is stuck in purgatory. Not hell or heaven but they simply have a feeling that they did not accomplish something they actually wanted to while they where here.

Well, what if i told you that ghosts are not just people who have passed away, but also people who are still alive right now!?

Have u ever had a dream that felt as if you where living the life of somebody else? But, it felt so real that you thought it was you.

My friend, for instance, had a dream he was a soldier in the vietnamese war. He got hit with a grenade and then woke up. He said it was really scary but he himself thought that he was playing out something that happened in his past life.

I personally believe that your body is a vessel and you are a spiritual entity living inside of it. I think when you die your spirit leaves the body and then potentially reincarnates into another body. However, within the spirit world there are traces of kenetic energy left behind by your spirit due to tramatic experiences.

To some it up:
You experience your life. When you die, your life flashes before your eyes. This is your spirit leaving its traces of kenetic energy behind objects that you held dear. This is where EMF sensors go wild around random objects.

So, what is a ghost? I dont think a ghost is a spirit trapped. When you are dreaming, you are basically astral projecting(your soul leaving your body and entering the higher dimensinos of life). However, your body is sort of floating down a river. You have very little control, at least in the beginning. Locked within your head are your past memories. Your actual soul remembers everything that happened to you in the past. So when you dream, you can sometimes enter a scene from the past that your body vividly remembers. Similar to my friend remembering the vietnam war.

Well, regardless of what is going on, your astral body is a living entity. It is "somewhere", and if it remembers something vivid in a given location, it will go there and experience it. Your astral body is, however, connected to your physical body. Any feelings and emotions you feel your astral body will try to respond. It is a type of stimuli for your astral soul. This is when you see paranormal activity. It is someones astral body projecting out into the real world through kenetic human-astral interaction.

Yes, ghosts are not dead people who cannot move on. They are living people re-enacting their past lives and/or events. This is why ghosts are most often seen at night, because that is when the person attached to his past experience comes back to re-enact his past life. And that is why the EMF radiation is so powerful in those locations, because that is a place-holder for your soul to know where to go to visit your past experiences.

Also, you're astral soul can pick up much more chatter than your physical body. This leads your soul to find places that are more quieter, darker or "eerie." These places have less annoyances for your astral soul.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:25 AM
Ask a mod to close this thread, and to move your other active one to paranormal, 2 threads may have a mOD come haunt you in the wee hours of the night


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