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Supression in Canada

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posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 07:32 AM
Africville: Expropriating Black Nova Scotians

The intellectuals like me, predisposed us not to see this small community, as a viable, or worthwhile thing. Not to see roots that is good and viable. It all breaks down to one fault. Failure to see anything of any value in the community

They were told to go away and leave. Thrown to the ground and shut off from water and a sewage system. Then they tore the city down.

"I'm surprised you don't hate white people."

"no no, we don't hate them. We want to show we know all men are equal. The lord made all men equal and he doesn't want us to hate one another."

A highway bridge was put over top of this "problem" and, according to this reporter:

"a monument was erected that as if to be a final insult, doesn't give the correct time."

Government response today:

We do not owe, anybody anything. The deal was made, signed, seal and dilivered. People took their money and left. Game over as far as I'm concerned.

Its not in the people. Its in the governments and the people who run our cities. Children of those days didn't agree with these ideals but they passed it down to each generation after another from our "fathers" or policy makers in canada because they know best and they viewed these people as of having no value or any significance.

The true story comes from the people who lived it, that was their story and makes them stronger and exposes to good people as to the flaws in our society based on our policy and law makers foolish childish offensive behavour. I do not choose to not be let run by this! People in power need to start being highly qualified people and our "experts" need change too.

What Im saying is simple. I'm not up for debate. Removal of power from everyone who chooses to go against our LAW and instead of living their own laws and do whatever the want like gangsters. Remember,

"We don't owe them anything, Game over!"

We are not living by our own laws. We need to start.

We need to increase the qualifications. Everyone backround checks. Get rid of these overgblown gangster thugs who do what they wish undermining you. You play along and that is to undermine you. Don't believe the propaganda, because the policy makers do not. That is their crutch to lean on you with to shut you up and keep you on the path to "freedom" and "truth" when you are farther away from these things than you will never know. We are all treated the same as the smallest man in our kingdom. They view all of us as objects and we hold meaning for their power.

There is only one thing. What is right and never what is wrong. Anything less is disgusting and should be shunned and abondoned the same way they have abondoned so many people who suffer to their hand. Its time to us to stand up and make this happen now, im sick of it, and so should you be. Because when something is wrong you fix it. There is effort being made to hurt people to watch them suffer. And we let it within ourselves, even when so many people don't agree with it. Thats insane.

I don't want all this stuff. I would end it now if I could. I know exactly where I stand and so should you. Unfortantatly we do nothing. All your left with is an experience, and a voice into that experience. People didn't stand up and deal with it the way it needed to be taken care of.

We need to be our own fathers father and father ourselves into the future. But if we don't care enough about our world and our society then why should we care about the future?

Nothing has changed. Policy is still the same and it follows a world wide code. Don't ever for a second think its different anywhere. If you buy into that your are the most ignorant person on the planet, to not even accept there is any problem at all.

This is the canadian way, learn it well. There is heavy discrimination in different people, colored or not, myself included. Drugs, voilence and exist to a great degree here because we continue to sweep it under a rug. Wipe out whole communties, churches

They are us, they are people, until you realise this there will never be any change. This is how we are treated. I'm sure its funny to someone that we are so supressed that we really have forgotten that we are all people living together in a community and that a few small minds have decided these poeple's fates above our own needs, and yet they tell us these are our needs. If you are not talking to my needs, then you only speak of your own.

Where is humanity.

I think it went away after christmas, but WHY. I want this now, not when people start to suffer and die and im forced to get up and do whatever I must to survive. This is not the life I choose to live. And yes I have a choice. If not, then I am nothing but a slave and jungle law persides.

We need to clean up ourselves, the people, the evironment and change.

We all do laundry and clean oursevles and our local environment. How come we allow garbage to swell up as this corruption holds onto our dear government, its laws, and what they are suppose to mean and should uphold. Nothing but the truth. Instead it has been nothing. I saw we put this into our past and move on. God knows im so tired of living in the same state generation after generation. Just frozen in time like running the treadmill or hamster wheels. Isn't that ironic?

Its no wonder they laugh at us and think we are too dumb to make desicison's. And they are experts? hah, ya experts at being dubious and deceitful. Making others suffer to their own end, such was the ways of the churce and in the dark ages. Nothing has changed. We are only enslaved in the mind to think it has. But anyone alive can see what's going on, and we need to change the way people make policy. By coming up with active solutions and ideas in the communities without any government solution, development, funds, or help whatsoever. Not a council, but a true representation of all the people's believes being reinstated.

The laws need to change in regard to many things, including and especially regarding how one evolves a career revolving around politics and policy making.

Only laying out the truth, facts, and non-withholding investigations leading into this. Lay the corruption bare.

- Backround checks, including law and police.
- Truth-public-people, hand picked experts into every field.
- Backup backround checkers seperated by every field.
- The voice of the people in the situation, thats us, to be told to speak freely about these policy issues

Hell its about time to open up that vault and write our own scripts.

[edit on 2-1-2010 by DarkCyrus]

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