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Confusion and Choice

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posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:52 PM
Today I found myself asking 'What is Confusion?'

Some of you might say well why is he asking this, confusion is what it is!

Let me start by saying what the symptons of confusion are.

- stress
- unstable mind
- panic
- anxiety
- depression
- illness
- fear
- and possibly loneliness

Some of you may already notice that these are very common symptons and often medicine is prescibed to allieviate the pain caused by what seems to be the state of confusion.

It seems the mind does not like states of flux and uncertainty that much is true. It seems such states come about in a very interesting situation and that is in the presence of choice, and an abundance of it. The secondary element of confusion seems to be conflict of truths based on education, conditioning, experience and expectation.

So given that for the most part we have something called free will coupled with the desire for more and more choice it seems that an anomoly inadvertantly presents itself. And that is that greater choice = greater confusion!

That's what has got to me. Why is it that more choice can be a bad thing! That doesn't make sense. I'm confused!

So in the presence of choice what are the two things that gets you out of a state of confusion? Well surely it has to be instinct. You maybe have heard people tell you to do the right thing! That is using your instinct and knowledge to make a judgement call.

So in this world of confusion and choice it seems it is instinct that primarilly keeps the above symtons at bay and leads to clarity of mind.

Now in my opinion we are a confused race, and from what I have seen our instinct is continuously being erroded and we are told more and more what to do and how to think.

My point is therefore this. In a world of confusion shouldn't we be protecting, nurturing and promoting our instinct?

I'd like to hear your opinion?

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:58 PM
choice is confusing because you do not have a clear sight yet.
But to grow you need doubt. Doubt makes you improve yourself.
It is security and protecting this that takes away equality to all,
that's why doubt is the motor for equality.
Where people protect security they grow false peace, and
ignore their own selves, because where the other lives an unequal life
worse then you, you allow life to attack yourself.

thats why ignorance is bad, and ignorance is rest, and false peace.
Doubt is love, honesty and will make you grow truth, which is found
by seeing what is not true first, it means truth is logic, and logic
found by doubt. It means Life is earned by doubt.
Because there you do it for the all, instea dof doing it for the self,
that does not exsist where there is not equality, because if you
ignore another or an issue, you ignore the reality of yourself.

But growth needs rest, the rythm of live,
going up the mountain, going down, when you are down, rested out,
you climb again to avoid false peace, because there
you waste yourself to nothing.

doubt is our motor to erase doubt in the end.

posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

Confusion is caused by all of the false choices thrust before us every day.

Ads tell us we need to buy the next big thing in order for our lives to be complete (usually junk we don't really need).

Then there are politicians giving us a false choice between NWO candidate R or NWO candidate D when we really have no choice whatsoever.

Top it all off with the MSM flooding us with useless information that only shows one side of the story while pretending to be unbiased, and it's no wonder we're all confused.

Intuition is difficult to discern with the majority of the people having been taught from birth to rely on facts and science in order to make their decisions. Most have learned to ignore intuition and need to relearn to listen when "something intangible" keeps telling them something is just not right.

Listening to intuition requires an act of faith in a society which sees faith as an anachronism from our superstisious past.


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