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When will the blame game end?

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 12:11 PM
After living on this earth for the last 44 years, just afew observations. I know I'm gonna get flamed but, lets get on with it.
It seems alot of the political problems we have today are the result of two things in general. First, blaming the previous administration. Sure problems from the previous administrtion pop up with every new administration, real and imagined. O.k., so now your the man in charge, is it really appropriate to blame everything on the previous administration? Of course they created the problem, but it's yours now, following status quo instead of changing things just results in a turn over of the problem and not a change. O.k. Bush did xyz, do you continue xyz all the while using him as an example or do you do something different. Secondly, not every one is gonna be happy with what you do, after all you're not trying to win a popularity contest. So even in the face of nay sayers, do the right thing, but with a fair hand with the majority of your constituents thoughts brought to mind. If an overwhelming majority are against something, why force it through, your already in the history books, anything else is just gravy.
Secondly blame extends outside of the government. I can't get a job because of what this group of people did to my ancestors so many yers ago. Well, explain why others of your group did manage to get ahead. Is it because they got an education, talked in an intelligent manner, dressed appropriately, and had a normal name? Maybe they didn't buy into the hype of an imaginary glamorous thug lifestyle glorified by the media and made something of themselves rather than expecting the government to take care of them and their future generations forever. Or is it because the man gave it to them?
The police hassle me all the time. Now I'm the first to admit I don't care for most police officers, but if you walk dress and talk like a gangster, do you honestly expect anything else? Is it easier to blame them for keeping you down then to admit it's you, and make a change?
I think in this world of instant gratification and blame it's no wonder we are in the shape we're in. Parents treat their kids like friends with no concept of being a parent, yet they are the first to blame everyone but themselves when lil Johnny gets into trouble, or lil Mary turns up pregnant. We have people with nothing better to do than complain and bring about lawsuits for trivial things that matter to no one but themselves in the hopes of bringing some meaning into their dim little lives. We have professional victims that are given way to much attention, and money, who make money of off the fears and supposed injustuces of others, hell it's even joked about today, but is it really funny, or are they partly to blame for the problems they advocate against? We have poli5ticians making back room deals in front of our faces and nothing is done to stop them, and since it's just status quo, it's o.k., can't blame them. The FCC has lowered it's standards to the point of being ridiculous, what children see on t.v. and here on the radio today is a travesty, don't blame me, some artist, movie company, record company, or group has sued to let it be allowed. Some groups now sue at the drop of the hat for supposed right they don't have and yet ewonder why they make no head way. Really, look at your spokes people and the actions of your members in public at rallys and such, if you have to wonder after that, you relly need to step outside and then look again.
I guess what I'm getting at, nothing is gonna change as long as everyone is trapped in this blame game vitimcrat trap. When exactly did the people of the world lose a sense of personal responsibily? Quit blaming and start doing.


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