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The Sun and the comets that bombard it! SOHO.

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posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 02:19 PM
I was just looking around to see cool videos from the sun and I stumbled upon this:

Comets grazing our Sun

Most of these comets come within "an arm's reach" of our Sun.

It amazes me the reaction when the two actually enter the corona!
(Its the first video from June 2, 1998)
The flare that erupts is ENORMOUS.

Take some time out and watch a few of these. I'm sure most will appreciate them.

I just figured I'd share some cool videos from a cool site.
Plus you can watch Venus orbiting the sun as of right now!
Venus is the bright light HERE.
(its on the gallery and archive pages, updated daily)

I would embed the videos, but its much easier to link the page.

(taking time everyday to keep our minds off conspiracies!)


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