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UFO abducted children

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 07:13 AM
of all the abduction cases, it seems that the scariest and most frightening are the cases of children is one such case...


Four small children were taken aboard a UFO and shown the wonders of the universe on a three-day journey into space, civilian an military authorities report. "Adults lie. Teenagers lie. Butu children this age are incapable of lying, at least like this," said Roderigo Ortiz, special investigator with the police department in Concorde, Argentina. "From all appearances, they did spend time on a starship

The actually traveled into space and saw the sights like ordinary tourists. "At one oint they thought God was taking them to heaven as He - whatever "He" was - stood behind the controls of the craft." Newspaper reports of the amazing drama identified the children as 8-year-old Maria Molero, her sister Emma, 6, and brothers Jorge, 5 and Carlos, 3. According to the children and a half dozen eye-witnesses, a 75-foot saucer-shaped craft swooped over the field they were playing in on August 9, 1992 and sucked them into the craft after hitting them with a burst of bright blue light. "A great golden ship took us up in the sky and it was driven by God - I know it was God. "He wore golden robes and had long silver hair and was siny all over," said Maria Molero, the oldest of the kidnapped kids. "He was a nice man and told us to call him Laiar. He showed us the moon and other places in the sky and said they were the stars." The other children confirmed her account and said they were scared "for just a little while. He scraped our faces with a little stick and stuck us with a needle but he didn't hurt us at all," said Jorge Molero. "I liked the bedrooms because all the beds were soft and way up high," added Emma Molero. Little Carlos Molero, the youngest, said: "There were a million buttons and lights. The man looked funny because he had a big head and two big yellow eyes. He is our friend." Because of the difficulties of interviewing children, authorities have yet to determine everything that happened during their three days aboard the spaceship. It does appear that they underwent some sort of medical testing, however, because needle marks and scraped were still visible on their cheeks after they got home, officials said. A military spokesman would neither confirm nor deny press reports that a UFO was picked up on radar the day the children were abducted and the night they returned. "We are investigating and the facts will be made public when they are known," he said. "The children are being interviwed now. we hope to have some solid information soon," the spokesman said. UFO researcher Armando Azparen hsa not spoken to the chidren personally because the military has refused to answer his requests for an interview.

so, i thinked where i heard of children abductions? oh...The Tall Whites, of course!

No. He said that weather information was never classified. As a weather observer he was never part of a classified project where security oaths were taken. The orders given to Charlie were classified, but nothing he did was ever to be classified. That was a decision taken by a committee including the tall whites and others in the Pentagon. The idea was that Charlie would be free to interact with the tall whites without being continually briefed. He said that the American generals would do anything to get technology transfers. Generals would permit tall whites to kill service men if they were offended, threatened or harmed.

here ALIEN DRAWINGS made by children who saw them

thank you very much for replys

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 07:36 AM
I'll be the first then!

I think the thing about kids being incapable to lie is rubbish. At the age of 8 I think the eldest could be capable to imagine things and tell them to the younger kids.
Afterall I was walking home once when I got attached to by a kid of about 11 who told me all these amazing stories of his phone having a self-destruct button and going on an aeroplane to France, just to come straight back again coz he wanted to see the world

I still have no idea who that kid was, I think it was just dark and he was scared to walk home on his own so he came to the least threatening looking person present.

That said, although the kids could make it up, they are probably less likely to than adults and their accounts could be a little bit more substantial.
But I still wouldn't rule out it being made up just because they're kids. They could've been told to do it, or just thought they were playing a harmless game, or dreaming or something.

That's still one hell of a story though. There's definetely something weird about aliens taking and testing on kids. But I think thats just coz everyones more protective over kids than adults in general.

Thanks for sharing!

Flagged coz I'd like to see what other people think.

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 10:48 PM
Well all the marks look awfully similar on each kid and the Photoshop technology in those days wasn't too great. There certainly could be something interesting here.

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 10:53 PM
Very Interesting!!!! I have heard that children are sometimes the target of alien abductions more so that adults. That would account for the roughly 800,000 children in the US that seemingly vanish into thin air each year. Was just reading up on some Dulce articles, where it was reported that thousands of abducted kids were held in cages deep beneath the earth's surface for genetic experimentation and torture. Sounds like something out of a scary resident evil movie, hope its not true!

Interesting find OP

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