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A Call To Arms: Fighting With What They Cannot Take From Us

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 01:57 AM
Fighting Back With What We Have: Our Minds

Hello all,

I have been a lurker on here for a quite a while, joined not too long ago, and have made a few posts, but nothing like this.

It's nothing complex, no giant conspiracy, and nothing that involves us going to other sources to find the answers. (Well, maybe.)

What I am about to propose is solely dependent on our own input, and takes the effort of the community.

Before I make my proposal though, I will say this:

We do not know what the future of our world/America holds, but we do know that being prepared for anything is most definitely not foolish.

THAT is what I propose.

I propose we come together to prepare ourselves in the case we are forced to be independent.

The 'if' scenario where the internet is shut down (Of course so the govt can use it in a time of H1N1 'peril'), and where our monetary system becomes very fragile (more so than it already is.)

I'm not here to make personal claims, or spout my beliefs though, so I'll cut to the chase.

I propose we come together to make a small "short and sweet" starting guide to being independent from the federal government.

Basically a guide to the first week after the SHTF, so as to side-step the fear-mongering that can incapacitate us all when we need to act quickly and effectively.

In a nutshell, planning our thinking now so that we don't have to think should things get really bad, and we are in shock.

Something short that says: "Ok, S***s going down, you might not be completely ready, so here's what you do in the first seven days.
1. Weaponize yourself in whatever way possible.
-examples of around the house effective items/techniques
2. Start a food/water source
-effective technique(s) for starting a quick garden
3. Essential items you could need in the near/far future should things continue as they are."

The reason I propose this is that I realized today, if the s*** really does hit the fan, I most likely will be frozen because of the racing thoughts of "what the **** am I going to do?"

I realized this was so because I have never lived through such an experience, so therefore cannot possibly be fully prepared for it.

I am guessing none of you have either, and so therefore, few of you are as prepared as you could be (just like myself.)

So lets put together a readily accessible, small, and easy to download guide for all ATS members to print out should [insert your favorite NWO figurehead] decides to screw us all.

This way, we no longer have to worry about leaning on them, because we will be leaning on ourselves.

"Stickin' it to the man" with what we got, each other, and our collective knowledge.

Lets not let them think we need them, and that we fear them, because as long as we help one another as a community, and pool our knowledge, there will be no fear, and there will be no need for those that wish to remain at the 'top.'

Lets help each other now before we can no longer access this site, for any one of the multitude of reasons.

So to get it started, I propose we just use the three simple categories I listed above:

1. A list of ways you can easily and effectively protect yourself, and your 'castle' with things around your house.

2. A list of proven effective techniques and practices that make for accessible food/water.

3. A list of things you should start collecting for the near/far future should the state of things continue.

So in a nutshell:

Lets create a checklist for the first seven days after the turd hits the blades.

Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far, and please S&F this if you believe it's as important as I do.

Keep on rollin.

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