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Part 2: 240 Astral Projection/OoBE Questions Answered!

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posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 07:51 PM
Here is a link to the download (it's a .pdf) and here is a direct link to the .pdf itself.

As I did last time I'm going to post some of the questions in this OP so you guys can get an idea of what it's all about, I'm sure many of you who read the first 240 (or however many you read) will like these ones just as much. I think these are definitely some very helpful Q&A that are asked/wondered about a lot and no one ever really gets a definitive answer - well here you go. But remember everything in life, including astral projection, is viewed by your own perspective. In no way am I saying everything in these Q&A are 100% correct, but they could be. Nevertheless it's good information.

Here are the first 10 (which starts at 151 and so forth):

151. How can someone get into the astral plane but not die?
The phenomenon of getting out of your body and into the astral plane without dying is called
Astral Projection.
You do it every night when you are asleep, but you are unconscious of it. When you do it
consciously, you are Astral Projecting. Your body will be asleep, not dead, and you will be in the
astral plane.
When you are Astral Projecting, you are always connected to your physical body using an
energy code called the Silver Cord. This cord never breaks except during the time of death.
152. What are the physical risks whilst Astral Projecting?
There are no physical risks involved with Astral Projection. You physical body will be perfectly
relaxed and sleeping while your astral body will be exploring and learning.
People with a weak heart or other major ailments should not avoid projecting.
153. I have a really busy schedule and I am unable to take out time to practice Astral
Projection. Also, when I reach home at night, I am too tired to practice. Any tips for me?
If you really want to Astral Project, you must set aside some time for practice. You can try to
spare some time in the mornings or during weekends.
If even that is not possible, you can try Astral Projecting through Lucid Dreams. This will not
require any additional time from you, and you can do it at night after you sleep.
154. I used to be able to project easily, but my life is now in such stress I do not seem to
be able to relax enough to project. Is there anything I can do? Are there any special
techniques that I could apply?
You need to overcome stress and take it easy.
What is putting you under stress? If possible, eliminate the stressful situation from your life.
There are a number of stress-relief techniques out there. I would suggest daily mediation, Yoga,
and Pranayama or deep breathing exercises
155. Whenever I try to relax, I fall asleep. How can I prevent this?
Are you very tired when you try to relax? If so, try it out when you are feeling fresh, wide-awake,
and energetic.
You might try practicing in the morning, soon after getting up.
156. When I Astral Project, I guess I will be “astrally awake” throughout the night. Will
this make me tired from lack of sleep?
Your physical body needs the sleep, not your astral body. So, you will not feel tired. What’s
more, you won’t have any lack of sleep.
Remember that your physical body is blissfully sleeping when your astral body is exploring the
astral realms outside it.
157. Can stress prevent me from Astral Projecting?
Yes, it can.
Stress prevents you from relaxing completely. And in order to Astral Project, you need to relax
completely so that your mind remains awake when your physical body goes to sleep.
158. After complete relaxation, I can reach the stage where my body is 100% asleep but
my mind is 100% awake. What should I do now? What should be my next step?
Leave your body! Try any technique that works for you.
Some people focus on their third eye; and this leads to an Astral Projection. Some people
imagine themselves light and floating toward the ceiling. You can try a technique that you are
comfortable with and get out!
159. I once practiced, and felt as if my entire body was electrocuted. I totally freaked out!
What was that?
You had reached the vibrational stage - one of the symptoms of successful Astral Projection.
If you had stayed calm and observed what was happening objectively without freaking out, you
might have had a successful Astral Projection.
Try again, and next time you reach that stage, don’t panic and just know that you are very close
to success!
160. I often get intense vibrations throughout my body. But I cannot go beyond that
If you reach the vibration stage, the hard part is done.
You just need to exercise a strong will power and visualize yourself floating up.
If you feel it is fear that’s preventing you, check out my previous answers on how to overcome
fear. And get done with it!
Trust me, you are very close to a successful, conscious Astral Projection!
161. How do I begin to feel the vibrations?
Before getting into the vibration stage, you need to relax your body completely.
Are you able to relax completely and reach the stage of sleep paralysis? You will then begin to
vibrate, shortly after which you will Astral Project.
-Abhishek Agarwal

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 10:18 AM
I have a question, are muscle spasms normal before an OOBE? Thanks.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by jonnyc55
I have a question, are muscle spasms normal before an OOBE? Thanks.

I would also like to know.
I get those while trying tp project.


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