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The Most Important Person In Your Life?

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posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 11:24 AM
Typically I dont like to talk about anyone in my past life because most of my past is negative. I was thinking of something this morning and figured i would give it a shot.

Anyway This person I knew growing up recently died, his name is Raymond Saunders. you can see some about him

Anyway.. He was this guy who would come into the local high school and get kids to hang out with him and get to know god, but he didnt slam it on you it would be more of a "whats up did you ever hear of this jesus guy?" type thing. He spend a long time trying to recruit me into is group of thugs because I always thought it would be a waste of time and what not. Anyway 1 day after many many weeks of wearing me down I finally said wtf why not. I soon came to find out hanging out wit a reverend was a pretty cool thing.

It was cool he took time to see if i would go and hang out wit him and other kids, I was typically Anti social growing up but it was cool. He let us do typical things that kids in the city dont typically do.. Skiing, water skiing, para sailing, camping and so on. But on a good side he always treated everyone as a good person, no matter how bad they were. he had an ability to make people just people when he was around them not just some clicke they were in.. you know prep, metal head, jock, so on..

He also had us do community things like clean up the town and plant gardens and so on so we can feel like we accomplished something that didnt make our town suck as bad.

Anyway he gave his whole life to help other people.. A person who ran Young Life alot of times they would be in dire straits to where most people would have given up but he kept with it.

I guess I am only writing this because I think its the right thing to do and also the coolest person I have ever met.

Is there anyone that you think is the most important person to you?


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