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Merry Christmas To My Friends List

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 04:39 PM
It has been a fun year on ATS. We have had an influx of trolls, an enormous amount of hoaxers and wind up merchants but as always the cor has shone threw. A collection of people that should be rewarded but take their reward from the enjoyment of debate. So i want to thank those who i have had an enjoyable debate with, whether i agree with them or not they conducted themselves in a decent manner and i respect them. So to these people i wish a merry christmas, a great new year and i encourage others to thank people on ATs that they think need thanking. This doesn't have to be people who are only on your friends list however.

Lucid Lunacy
Stanton Dowd
Benevolent Heretic

A merry christmas to you all, a great new year and hopefully an enjoyable future on ATS.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 02:02 AM
I'll second that..even though some of my friends are no longer with us..I'll keep them on my list to remember.

x hikix
x anxietydisorder
x bodrul
x Mechanic 32
x seagull
x Shar
x asala
x enjoies05
x Stormrider
x Dr Love
x minnie
x Feral Rage
x Gemwolf
x JohnnyCanuck
x The_Truth_Seeker
x elevatedone
x yeahright
x angel_crush
x shots
x zysin5
x ConstantlyWondering
x interestedalways
x JacKatMtn
x JustMike
x HarlemHottie
x SimonGray
x Djarums
x Enrikez
x Crakeur
x niteboy82
x MountainStar
x NGC2736
x aylyan
x snowflake_obsidian
x antar
x semperfortis
x Lexion
x Springer
x dizziedame
x whatukno
x SuprDupr
x Givenmay
x AshleyD
x The Utopian Penguin
x Sonya610
x maria_stardust
x Benevolent Heretic
x UFOpsychiczebra
x Fathom
x Spike Spiegle
x benevolent tyrant
x DeadFlagBlues
x greeneyedleo
x eye open doors
x woodwytch
x SugarJ
x chissler
x NephraTari
x silverflame
x dgtempe
x Deson
x Cuhail
x Observer_X
x Excitable_Boy
x nyk537
x roswell1
x six
x HugmyRek
x Sauron
x Northern Raider
x geek101
x mikesingh
x Jess_Undefined
x ravenshadow13
x intrepid
x zazzafrazz
x chise61
x uk today
x questioningall
x Ben Niceknowinya
x SpartanKingLeonidas
x TheMythLives
x gmatt911
x fattyp
x schrodingers dog
x trivialtantrum
x Slash
x HarvestMoon
x weedwhacker
x thing fish
x blupblup
x Morbo the Annihilator
x notsosweet
x martalen
x GypsK
x LadySkadi
x purehughness
x mikerussellus
x jackflap
x whitewave
x thecrow001
x Jkd Up
x Melissa101
x Jakes51
x mblahnikluver
x loam
x ThichHeaded
x nixie_nox
x Omega85
x Ha`la`tha
x dragonsmusic
x factbeforefiction
x Signals

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 05:53 AM
Yeah right on guys

To everyone on my list, have a fantastic Christmas!

-Mario Maisto
-Al Bino
-karl 12
-uk today
-The Utopian Penguin
-schrodingers dog
-A boy in a dress

...And to all those who I've not yet added, Merry Christmas to you all too!

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